Week #13 – 2022

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In this edition: NATCO Angola | Internationale Spedition Schneckenreither – Ansfelden, Austria | FREIGHTeCOM Yacht Transport >>>

Week #13 | 31st March 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 31st of March, the last day of the month, and Project Cargo Weekly is here again.

Last week, I spent time traveling, visiting both Qatar and Dubai. This week, I have returned to my home in Stockholm.  Next week, I am off to Denmark, Australia and Kuwait for 9 days in order to continue to clear the backlog of visits due to the Corona pandemic — from which we are now slowly recovering and at least most parts of the world are opening up except for the place where it all started… China. 

The Chinese leadership is seemingly clinging to the zero tolerance policy against COVID. Whilst zero tolerance is good in dealing with crime, corruption and such, it is beginning to look more like a “not losing face” policy now more than anything else. I spoke to a few Chinese contacts both inside China and overseas. Whilst they loath to say anything that resembles criticism lest they be labelled “unpatriotic”, it is clear that to many, the restrictions in place and the enforced lockdown with adverse consequences (such as death in some cases due to non-treatment in time) must be reversed.  A virus has no borders and cannot be locked down, no matter what kind of political system you cling to. Proper vaccines, common sense, and gradual opening up whilst letting people go about their lives should be the proper way and seems to be so in most parts of the world.

The war is still on-going in Ukraine, and we are still experiencing tragedy on a daily basis. As we mentioned before, normal people are bearing the brunt of the disaster, and so it seems to be with every conflict, upheaval, war or crisis:  the average person just trying to make a normal life for his or her family will pay the price for incompetence at the top.

This morning, I was onboard a ship in the port of Stockholm / Norvik arriving to discharge a load of cable drums. Among the crew onboard were seafarers from both Russia and the Ukraine. So yes, many are unwittingly caught by the war in the Ukraine even at their international workplaces.  

It was a fantastic day in port as you can see from this photo album, and we thank DSV: the well-known global project freight forwarder; TSA: the local shipping agent; and Hutchison Stockholm / Norvik: the global port operator for this opportunity.

Without further ado and or additional comments on the rather tense and volatile political situation prevailing currently, I now turn to what is in store from a shipping point of view for you this week.

We start off visiting Africa and the country of Angola to be precise. An oil-rich country where the hamburger used to be the world’s most expensive (see The Big Mac Index) but also an interesting place for project cargo logistics. The company NATCO ANGOLA tells us more. 

We then visit the country of mountains, beautiful nature, Mozartkugeln but also stubborn politicians, and it is Austria. The large trucking and project forwarding company SCHNECKENREITHER tells us about their business.  

We finally let you off the hook with a video interview with a specialist involved in yachts and boats — and only yachts and boats. One might say that he would have many Russian-owned yachts to transport soon as they seem to be arrested in most jurisdictions of the world. FREIGHTeCOM based in Paris, France has an interesting story to tell as yachts are transported to and from some of the most wonderful places worldwide accessible whilst workboats, of course, are found everywhere.We of course provide you with shipping news, trade intelligence and wise words.  We also included our featured video and picture of the week. We remind you as always to download our Mobile App with a drink in hand and enjoy our 2021 Yearbook.

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


NATCO Angola – Part Of ILS International Group


Interview with

Mr. Carlos Magalhaes


First off, Carlos, can you elaborate a bit on the history of NATCO in Angola? How long have you been active in this mineral-rich country, and what is your set-up locally right now?

Natco Lda is an Angolan company based in Luanda. Founded in 2003, we started in the beginning deeply committed to the supply business of the Transorga Group, providing logistics services to the mining industry dealing mainly with the import customs brokerage, trucking and delivery of all the machineries and spare parts to mining projects.

At this moment in time, the company was part of the Natco Group Freight Forwarders which was established successively in the 80’s and 90’s with subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia. Using that as leverage, the company has gained experience and extensive knowledge in the field of diversified transportation logistics and support as well as customs clearance in Angola over the last decades.

From there, we developed relationships in our country, gaining customers, acting as an independent provider of international logistics in the service of any client, locally and internationally, having evolved into a company mainly oriented to providing services in Angola. Today, we are part of ILS International Group.

Internationale Spedition Schneckenreither – Ansfelden, Austria


Interview with

Mr. Christian Fazekas
Partner Management


Christian, could you tell our readers a bit about the history of Schneckenreither?

As with so many family-owned businesses, it started with humble beginnings in 1960 with one truck in Ansfelden which is geographically more or less in the middle of Austria. Over the years it expanded and is now run by the 2nd generation. Schneckenreither currently has 500+ employees, a fleet of 170 of their own trucks, 115 000 sq. meters of covered warehouse space, and 14 locations in Austria. Our owners are still involved, and we have the advantage of a quick decision-making process from the top.

Video Interview
FREIGHTeCOM – Yacht Transport – Paris, France

FREIGHTeCOM Interview with PCW

Henry-Philippe Montazel, President & CEO at FREIGHTeCOM was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

PCW-Shipping News

United O7 Americas Company Launch

Editor’s Note:
Yes indeed, a marriage taking place formally now between 2 players in the heavylift and MPP segment, UHL and Ocean7 – certainly will be a major contributor to moving cargoes around the world in future.

United Heavy Lift welcomes OCEAN7 Projects as a partner in the UHL Americas, Inc. branch office in Houston, Texas. With Ocean7 joining the Houston branch, the office is renamed United O7 Americas as of 01 March 2022. Both UHL and Ocean7 specialize in the transportation of heavy lift, project and general cargo.

Toepfer Multipurpose Shipping Index (TMI) Result for April

Editor’s Note:
Latest forecast from renowned Toepfer Transport evidencing and forecasting the market trends in shipping – seems also in 2022 the only way is UP!

TMI result: USD 8,092
y-o-y change: + 17.92 pct
m-o-m change: + 7.61 pct
3-yr CAGR: + 4.04 pct

The demand for cargo space is booming and so are the cargo enquiries for the next months. Large operators try to keep the tonnage they have and to add up more, causing only very few vessels to appear on the spot market. Small operators who did not secure tonnage in the recent weaker times, have to pay high premiums to secure the ships they need to fulfill their obligations.

Ocean Carriers Respond to Senate Markup of Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Editor’s Note:
Latest from World Shipping Council consisting mainly of a group of container liner shipping companies.

The American people are looking for solutions to supply chain congestion resulting from the impacts of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022, S.3580, which was marked up today by the Senate Commerce Committee, addresses none of the root causes of the U.S. landside congestion.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Acquires ALS

Editor’s Note:
WWL, which is Scandinavian owned and heavily into RORO now also follows the other leaders of the pack, ie., offering one-stop shops by buying into freight forwarders. Time still will show whether they actually CAN be forwarders too or not….

Wallenius Wilhelmsen acquires ALS, the European non-asset specialist logistics provider offering solutions for oversized, abnormal, exceptional and heavy lift cargo shipments by road, rail, air and sea.

With the full acquisition of ALS, Wallenius Wilhelmsen builds a strong asset-light capability to expand and complement its asset-based services and offer full door-to-door solutions for customers. It is an important step towards becoming a true “One-stop-shop.”

“This decision is well founded. We have been in a partnership with ALS for ten years already,” says Michael Hynekamp, COO Logistics at Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Wallenius Wilhelmsen acquired 60 per cent of ALS back in 2012.


Construction of Messer Air Separation plant in McGregor in the Pipeline

Plans are underway for the construction of a US$ 50M Messer Air Separation plant in McGregor, Texas. The facility will be built on an 85-acre site located along Bluebonnet Parkway within a 9,600-acre industrial park that is also home to the SpaceX rocket-testing facility.

Out of the 85 acre-site, 35 acres will be owned by the project’s developer, the German-based Messer Group, while the remaining 50 acres will be leased to the same company when needed.

The first Messers’ facility to be powered by own solar farm in the US

Acwa Power Inks Power Purchase Agreement for 700 MW Ar Rass Solar PV Project In Saudi Arabia

ACWA Power, a leading developer, investor and operator of power generation, desalinated water and green hydrogen plants, and the Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC), the principal buyer, today signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) to develop the 700 MW Ar Rass solar photovoltaic independent power plant (IPP) in Saudi Arabia’s Al Qassim province. The agreement was signed in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Minister of Energy of Saudi Arabia.

Eclipse Automation’s Right Move to Establish Its Overseas Manufacturing Facility in Malaysia

Eclipse Automation Inc, a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the life sciences, energy, transportation, consumer electronics, and industrial industries, announced its first manufacturing facility in Asia to be based in Pulau Pinang. A groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility was held at Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang. The facility is set to serve its major customers across Asia Pacific and other regions and factory construction is expected to commence within the first quarter of 2022 with commercial operations
targeted to begin in 2023.

Large Manufacturing Facility in Enmore to Create 500 Jobs

A Large investment into a manufacturing facility through the joint venture Guysons/K+B Industries (GK+B) will see the creation of some 500 news jobs along the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) over the next five years.

The facility will be constructed on 55 acres of land at Enmore, ECD. Guysons Engineering was established in 1992 and today is now a leading engineering and machine shop while K+B is a US-based company founded in
1974 that is involved in state-of-the-art production of machinery and equipment for the oil and gas industry.

PCW-Featured Video

Arriving Fremantle, WA, Australia onboard CMA CGM Georgia

Editor’s Note:
As I shall be in Perth & Fremantle, Australia between 9-14 of April and the place is indeed very far away I share with you here a video clip that I took 3 years ago when I arrived there by ship from Port Kelang / Westport.

Arriving Fremantle, WA, Australia onboard CMA CGM Georgia
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
A great picture showing the value of networking between:
Ms. Meryka Groenewald from C. Steinweg, South Africa
Mr. Ali Raza from COSCO Breakbulk, U.A.E.
Mr. Murali from MBM Logistics, U.A.E.
and myself Bo H Drewsen, Editor in Chief of PCW and Chairman of CLC Projects Group
It is so much better meeting them all face-to-face in a nice restaurant instead on a zoom call.
Go away corona!!!

Though the hippopotamus has no stinger in his tail, a wise man would rather be sat on by a bee.
Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.