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Interview with

Mrs. Bong Lam
General Manager


First of all, could you tell us about who owns Karl Gross Logistics Vietnam and how you are organized?

Karl Gross Logistics Viet Nam is the joint venture of Karl Gross Internationale Spedifion GmBH (83%) and myself (17%). I set up a limited company and Karl Gross bought the shares. On paper, I am the one who manages the company independently and takes responsibility for complying with the laws, rules, and regulations in Viet Nam.

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Do you have experience in handling project cargoes in and out of Vietnam?  Could you provide us with some examples of cargoes that you have handled?

Yes, I have such experience. We have handled the import of whole production cargo for projects such as automobile factory, mine, brewery factory, and  steel factory. We export cranes, steel parts by break bulk, trailers by ro/ro…

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There are many ports in Vietnam.  Could you tell our readers which ports are mainly used for containers and project cargo in your country?  Since Vietnam is a very long country, kindly elaborate on the main ports used from North to South.

For the South: Cat Lai is the main port for container vessels and still some others for container vessels like VICT, ICD Phươc Long, Cát Lái, SPITC, Hiệp Phước, Tân Thuận, There are some port for project cargo: Lotus, Phu My, CMIT, TCIT…

For central Viet Nam we have Qui Nhon port and Da Nang port.

For the North: Hoang Dieu port is for project cargo and Lach Huyen, Tan Vu, Dinh Vu, Green Port are for container shipments.

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Is customs clearance in Vietnam difficult?  Are there any specific rules or particular rule of thumb that you could tell our readers to take note of before they start exporting to Vietnam?

In general, it’s not difficult. Basically, we need to follow the rules for sure but there is still some flexibility which we can help us do customs declaration smoothly. Exporters need to check the HS code, import and duty in advance carefully. Sometimes, the customs asks us to amend the value of the cargo based on their knowledge. For this we need the one who has experience to discuss things with the customs official to prove the value we submitted is corrected.

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How is the COVID-19 situation right now in your country?

We are living in peace with COVID-19. Everything is back to normal, and now we are enjoying our lives after a long time of being in lockdown because of COVID.

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How to get in touch with you?

Please call me directly at my personal phone call via WhatsApp: +84 903034178 or email: t.bong@karlgross.vn
Website: https://www.karlgross.de/en/

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