Week #31 – 2022

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Week #31 | 4th of August 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 4th of August, and after quite a long holiday during the month of July, it is now time to slowly get started again.

It is always difficult to get in gear again, and sometimes I get a feeling that you need a holiday after the holiday to rest up… Having said that, I must admit that I did enjoy it this year. For me it was a simple and traditional holiday, bundling the whole family into our car.


5 people, lots of luggage and 3 bicycles on the back of the car before we set off for Denmark and my hometown of Grenaa.  My parents have lived there for 25 years. They are now old and on my father’s part quite frail. None-the-less, they were, of course, happy to have us around.  We got an apartment in Grenaa so that we didn’t “overstay” our welcome, and so we could be on our own as we all know family is great but in smaller doses at a time right ?  ?

We drove 500 km across Sweden to the port city of Halmstad and from there 4 1/2 hrs direct to Grenaa. The ferry is more of a freighter ferry and thus pretty boring, but at least being on the high seas is always a pleasure.  Here are a few pictures from the trip across the sea of Kattegat and Grenaa to give you an idea.

We left on the 3rd of July and returned on the 28th to Stockholm. The highlight of the trip this year (for me at least) was attending my oldest son’s wedding which took place in Tuscany. With some 40 degrees from early morning during the 3 days, it was a challenge to keep hydrated – even with both water and wine. Yet, it was a fantastic and romantic event, and I gotta admit that I did shed a tear during the ceremony and also later on during my speech. I suppose it will come to us all when you see your first born being “sent off” so to speak. With him and his wife both now living in New York, we, of course, also had time to speak in detail as one should.  The venue was incredible, see here if you ever plan a wedding and want it to be romantic and in wonderful scenery with great food, wine and overall ambience and here are a few “neutral” pictures from the event / venue.

For me, I had better check if they also do divorces… ?

For my children (at least the younger 3 of them) I believe their highlight during the trip was the visit to LEGOLAND, always a place worth visiting! It is one of the best innovations for kids (and adults) ever – and squarely beats giving your kids iPads and mobile phones.  Here are a few pictures from our LEGOLAND 2022 trip.

Strange coincidence – my father actually worked for a while at LEGO. I think it was 1969-1970 but the pay was so lousy back then that he had to go back out sailing on the high seas to earn a decent income.  Not that LEGO nowadays cannot afford to pay decent salaries, but perhaps way back then it was different… ? As we all know, “more wants more”, right ?  

A never-ending story and speaking of which, I managed to finish a good book about that very thing, focusing on the tax havens of the world and the role they play even in modern day life facilitating what dictators (guess who for example) are doing in foreign countries.  It’s a good read, the book is called MONEYLAND.

There is never a holiday for me without business. I guess I am simply incapable of totally switching off, but as a wise man said: “if you like what you do, you are not working a day in your life”. For me, networking is exactly that.  Many contacts from overseas were home in Denmark on vacation just like me, so managed to meet with people from the US and Taiwan as well as local contacts such as Eimskip, Aarhus,  Tschudi Project Transport Aarhus, Martin Bencher Aarhus, Port of Grenaa, DSV Billund etc.

Now back in Stockholm, no good deed goes unpunished, so I am off today to Croatia to meet a good contact of mine, Mr. Marin Skufca, the partner in Liburnia Maritime. We haven’t met for a long time, and I never before had the time to really visit the country outside the main cities. So will be spending 3 days on the island of KRK and also visiting Opatija and Rijeka.  In fact, we had an interview with Marin a couple of years ago in PCW – you may, if you wish, re-visit the interview with Liburnia Maritime here.

The best thing about the shipping business is meeting with people on a global scale. If you are humble and open-minded and not least of all friendly, you will find that most reciprocate because ultimately the last jacket has NO pockets, and we are not bringing anything with us are we?  So best do when you can, spend when you have, and remember that it is always good to save for a rainy day, but has it ever rained for 3 months?

As you know, I always have some political observations. However, since the month of July is ‘weak’ from that standpoint, I do not have that much input to give. The war in the Ukraine is still raging, and life goes on in the rest of Europe. Yet, there is no doubt that after this warm summer may come a cold winter with either very expensive or unavailable gas for heating. 

All this is a result of green hysteria and incompetent politicians selling out too fast for their own “silver”.  Sweden, for example, has closed very well-functioning nuclear power plants already, but I guess the Green Party can heat up their cafe lattes and power up their electrical bicycles without using energy. Believe me – I am all for a green and sustainable environment, but not blindly – just like I believe we still need to be able to pay in cash and not only by card. Why can’t both co-exist? Why must it be one or the other?  The wind turbines keep on coming to our part of the world – of course produced elsewhere where it is cheaper and perhaps NOT very green and then transported around the world. This is good for shipping but for the environment? I doubt it.  Question is: “Are we and the “talking classes” ready to pay the price? “ We shall see. Sometimes the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine…

Right, it is time to turn to business again and really get into gear.   

We start off today with a visit to a country famous for cars, middle-sized business with high quality (or at least they used to be) and heavy but still tasty food, and of course we are talking about Germany. We speak to TRADELINK GMBH who can sort out any transportation problem including chartering that you may have!  

We then have a video interview with ISS GLOBAL FORWARDING, a company that has grown immensely in the recent months and are becoming global.  We speak to them from a “hotspot” and a place that was famous for being invaded by a big neighbour years ago, i.e., KUWAIT.  

We finally talk to a company based in a country known for “the bridge between Asia/Europe” and “the place of delights” , and here we are not talking about the leadership but rather the sweets (i.e., Turkish delights). KITA LOGISTICS in Istanbul is a strong and competent player, not only to/from Turkey but also to/from Central Asia.

We, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intel, wise words and last but not least featured photo and video of the week.

Do enjoy this first issue after the summer of 2022, and remember that we are here repeatedly every Thursday until early December when we take a break again.

Comments, input and suggestions are always welcome. Do feel free to write to me at any time: bo.drewsen@projectcargo-weekly.com. We play no favourites, and we are willing to interview and publish news about anyone having a contribution to make to shipping worldwide!

Until next Thursday,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

Brasil Projects

TradeLink & Associates GmbH
Breakbulk & Projects


Interview with

TradeLink & Associates GmbH Interview Portraits

Are you a shipowner or are you finding the tonnage in the market for inquiries, and how do you differentiate yourself from others?

We do not own tonnage, and thus are looking in the market to connect the cargoes of our clients with the right vessel at the right time.

Having said that, due to our good connection and network/partnerships established, we have partly an exclusive access to some particular tonnage and are able to always find a good solution.

Video Interview
ISS Global Forwarding – Kuwait

Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) Global Forwarding - Kuwait - Interview with Project Cargo Weekly

Fatma Alshemmary, Country Manager, Kuwait at ISS Global Forwarding was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Video Interview
Kita Logistics – Istanbul, Turkey

Kita Logistics - Istanbul, Turkey Interview with PCW

Emre Eldener, CEO of Kita Logistics was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

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PCW-Shipping News

Swire Projects Expands MPP fleet

Editor’s Note:
Renowned Swire Group is expanding their MPP fleet and it seems they will become more active in the Asia/Europe trade where, so far only AAL and CP regularly call with bigger tonnage.

Swire Projects (the Projects business unit of Swire Shipping Pte. Ltd.) has entered into a long-term agreement with shipowner R. Braren for the charter of three 28,000dwt handysize multipurpose (MPP) vessels. This follows the deal announced in November 2021 for the long-term charter of six MPP heavy lift vessels with Nordic Project and Finance.

Extended Service with a New Major Linkspan at Stockholm Norvik Port

Editor’s Note:
Hutchison Port of Stockholm Norvik keeps expanding now also with a new linkspan for its RORO terminal where the giant Stena Line ROPAX ferries are calling regularly.

Extended Service with a New Major Linkspan at Stockholm Norvik Port

Ports of Stockholm is investing in the RoRo segment and is building a large-sized new linkspan for rolling goods in Stockholm Norvik Port. It will give customers greater flexibility and a significantly improved loading and unloading capacity. Steel parts for the 146-metre long and 10-metre wide linkspan were transported by sea from Rauma in Finland. The linkspan is planned to be operational in July 2022.

AAL Successfully Delivered a Series of 5 Project Cargo Shipments from China to Eastern Australia

Editor’s Note:
AAL is on a roll not only on the high seas when its stormy weather but also in securing major proejct cargo shipments into the Lucky Country, ie Australia. Impressive to say the least!

AAL Shipping’s (AAL) longstanding ‘Asia to Australia East & West Coast Liner Services’ successfully delivered a series of five project cargo shipments from China to Eastern Australia for a major brownfields coal project in Mackay, Queensland). Harnessing several of AAL’s 19,000DWT S-class fleet of heavy lift vessels and commissioned by global logistics provider Geodis Australia, the shipments transported berth components of varying sizes from Shanghai and discharged in Mackay.

World’s Largest Civilian Hospital Ship in Port in Senegal

Editor’s Note:
Stena Line mentioned earlier in this issue has also been involved with the construction of a hospital ship, the worlds largest. A good deed indeed!

On behalf of the charity Mercy Ships, Stena RoRo has been responsible for the construction of the Global Mercy, the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. The ship has now been ceremoniously inaugurated in Dakar, Senegal. While the celebrations were still underway, the crew had already begun with the ship’s first mission in strengthening African healthcare.

LR International

Hisense to Spend EUR 40 million on its New Factory in Valjevo

The new factory will produce Hisense, Gorenje and Asko cooling devices, mainly for export to Europe. The construction work will be completed and the factory opened in February 2023, according to the company announcement. Gorenje has been successfully operating in Valjevo for 16 years and employs more than 1,600 people from Valjevo and the Kolubara district.

Vitesco Sets-up Plant at Talegaon for Electric Drive Systems and More

German-headquartered electric drive system manufacturer, Vitesco Technologies recently inaugurated its new plant at Talegaon, Pune. The firm has invested nearly 30 million euro (Rs 240 crore) in the new facility, spread across 20 acres of land and will employ 900 employees. In a press statement released, it is stated that the plant’s first series of production will be for the two-wheeler market, followed by various powertrain solutions products, such as engine management systems, sensors, and actuators, as well as exhaust management components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Solarvest Orders 93 MW of First Solar Modules for Malaysian Projects

First Solar is to supply clean energy specialist and turnkey engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) service provider in South-East Asia Solarvest Holdings Berhad, with 93 MW of advanced thin film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels for four projects in Malaysia’s Large Scale Solar Program (LSS).

Solvay to Build New Electronic-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Facility in Arizona

Solvay S.A. (Brussels, Belgium) has announced its plans to invest in a new facility to produce electronic grade hydrogen peroxide (eH2O2) in Casa Grande, Arizona, to supply the growing U.S. semiconductor manufacturing market. The facility will convert hydrogen peroxide into an ultra-high purity grade to clean silicon wafers that are needed to manufacture semiconductors, essential components of electronic devices.

Saudi Maritime Congress Banner
PCW-Featured Video

Oldendorff Bulker Being Loaded with Scrap Steel for Chennai at Port of Grenaa, Denmark

Editor’s Note:
The Port of Grenaa, Denmark (www.port-of-grenaa.com is very active both in project cargo and in the demolition of ships and the subsequent export of steel scrap as seen here with this footage from an Oldendorff bulker being loaded for Chennai last week. Good for the circular economy that ships old and new can be used again and again…

Featured Video
Featured Video - Map of Grenaa
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
In the real world both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources should be able to live together! the green parties of the world mainly being hysterical about their cause forget that the wind sometimes doesn’t blow and the sun sometimes doesn’t shine so in case you want to be independent better have a MIX of your energy sources – as shown in this picture from LEGOLAND, Denmark. In PCW’s view this is how it should be.

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