Week #38 – 2022

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Week #38 | 22nd of September 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is week 38, Thursday the 22nd of September, and PCW is back again.

I decided against flying to the US to meet my son in New York and attend breakbulk in Houston this week. Instead, I re-routed myself, flying to Denmark.  Father is still hanging on, and thus better that I try to spend as much time with him as I can before he takes his final voyage.  We have, in fact, said goodbye already, and we are clear with each other about the facts of life & death. I do appreciate my parents immensely for never being afraid to discuss things like that with me.  A wise man once said that the only certain thing in life is death and taxes. About taxes I am not so sure as many jurisdictions around the world offer just that –NO taxes, but death for sure is coming to us all. 

To enjoy even to this day a small whisky on the rocks with my father for as long and as many times as is possible is a blessing. That time will never return, but breakbulk Houston will return next year!  Luckily, my American partner, Mr. Cody Abram is taking my place as mentioned last week, and you can find him at booth M42 (Atlas Heavy), so do try to reach him there. 

Last week, I visited the port of Härnösand, North Sweden, where a smaller MPP vessel arrived with tower sections.  It took me some 5 hrs to drive there. I spent 2 hrs in port, and then I drove back again. Although it is possible and even pleasant in my Skoda Kodiaq (listening to podcasts on the way), I must admit that I was knackered after 10 hrs of driving.  I managed to arrive just in time to see the tugboat depart to welcome mv Oslo Wave3 to Sweden.

Here are a few pictures from Härnösand which is located on the Swedish “high coast” and here is a short video of the arrival.

I am very pleased to have an arrangement with the well renowned shipping agent TSA ( here in Sweden, enabling me to pay a visit to ports around Sweden and Finland whenever suitable ships/project cargoes are arriving.  This was particularly relevant during the COVID-19 days. I saw more of Sweden in those 2 years than in the last 30, and what better than to drive with a purpose.

Inequality is a major problem in the world.  More and more people can not pay their bills even though they are working. Western Europe is also getting its share of poverty just around your own corner.  Speaking of having enough money, during my recent port tour in Hamburg, I noticed one of the oligarch yachts impounded in the shipyard due to the war in Ukraine.  Selling that or using it as a refugee home could be a solution–talk about 5-star accommodation!  Here is a picture of the yacht.

Talking about inequality around the world, it seems that the 1% who own as much as the 90% have found a new way to invest their millions. Take a look at this interesting video from New York City about billionaires row – pretty amazing really.

I for one am totally PRO earning as much as you can in life, but you need to pay your dues fairly and so should  the major corporations of the world. To them I say: ”Stop crying when you are asked to pay a few % more than the few you already pay” and that goes for high tech as well as for shipping.

Now turning to what we have got in store for you today, kindly note:

1. Interview with NAVI MERCHANTS and a person that actually was one of the first trainees we employed when starting Martin Bencher Group 1997!  He has come far as have many others that have been through the Martin Bencher learning “station” in the last (now final) 25 years.

2. We remind you about KWH LOGISTICS Finland an interview we had recently, also a very strong group in Finland involved in shipping agency, terminals etc etc and more over they have their big anniversary taking place in Helsinki on October 5th this year as they celebrate being in business for more than 140 years!!

3. We remind you about an interview we had with ACCESS WORLD in Singapore, very strong in the mining industry and related logistics.  Also well worth watching or listening to again.

We of course provide you with the usual shipping news, trade intel, featured picture and video as well as wise words.

If you have not done so already, please remember to DOWNLOAD OUR APP.Just a quick note that I will take the following week off, so the next issue of PROJECT CARGO WEEKLY will be THURSDAY 6th of October!

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Video Interview
Navi Merchants

Navi Merchants Interview

Morten Peder Jensen, Team Leader at Navi Merchants part of Copenhagen Merchants, Denmark was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Video Interview
KWH Logistics

KWH Logistics

Joakim Laxåback, Head of Division KWH Logistics, CEO Oy Backman-Trummer Ab was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW.

Video Interview
Access World – Projects

Access World Projects | Interviewed by PCW

Mr. Corne du Toit, Project Forwarding & Freight Commercial Manager at Access World – Singapore interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly. Visit the Access World Website.

PCW-Shipping News

Sweden’s Largest Port Solar Cell System Inaugurated at Stockholm Norvik Port

Editor’s Note:
And Port of Stockholm/Norvik continues its development and in these gas and energy scarce times we need all the renewables we can get…

Ports of Stockholm’s new solar cell system at Stockholm Norvik Port was inaugurated on 22nd September. The solar cell system facility is the company’s fifth and measures a huge 3600 m2. It can supply electricity with a maximum power output of 605 kW and an annual production of 560 MWh, the equivalent of the electricity requirements of 25 average-sized detached houses.

AAL Shipping (AAL) Transporting 45 Yachts on a Single Voyage from the Americas to Asia

Editor’s Note:
AAL are on a roll again this time with 45 yachts in one go…Wonder if all belong to one Russian?

AAL Shipping Transporting 45 Yachts on a Single Voyage

The 31,000 deadweight, heavy lift ‘mega-size’ multipurpose vessel, the AAL Dalian, seen transporting 45 private yachts of various sizes on a single voyage from the Americas to several US, Costa Rican, Mexican and Asian ports. The operation was carried out in partnership with Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

Navi Merchants – Vessel Positions

Editor’s Note:
As you can see from our no. 1 interview this week Navi Merchants is active in shipping. Their latest sailing schedule below in case you got interest!

Navi Merchants - Vessel Positions

Britain Faces Another Wave of Dockworker Strikes

Editor’s Note:
Lots of rumble in the jungle as we said when Muhammad Ali met George Foreman in Kinshasa years ago. Here in todays context it’s about strikes or nearby strikes and walk-outs…

Two of Britain’s largest ports are bracing for overlapping dockworker walkouts in coming weeks, threatening more disruption to the nation’s trade flows in a dispute over pay.

Rail unions are separately poised to revive stoppages on hold since the country began a period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with details likely to be announced next week after her funeral.


XP Power Breaks Ground Its Largest Global Manufacturing Facility To Support Rising Demand

XP Power, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of critical power solutions for the electronics industry, has begun construction on its latest manufacturing facility in Perak, Malaysia. The Asia III site will be the company’s largest facility, representing the biggest investment valued at RM228 million for Phase 1, over the span of 5 years. This expansion is vital in XP Power’s global growth strategy, increasing production capacity to support surging customer demand across regions.

Oman Set to Build Glass Manufacturing Facility

Sur Industrial City, an affiliate of Oman’s Public Establishment for Industrial Estates Madayn, has signed two investment contracts to establish glass and perfume manufacturing projects in the industrial city. The first contract was signed with United Energy Company to set up glass manufacturing project on an area of 20,000 sqm.

Spanish Company Enerside Wins Contracts for 75 MW of PV Projects in Spain, Chile

Spanish integrated solar PV platform Enerside Energy SA (BME: ENRS) stated on Monday that it has actually signed contracts to develop 75 MW of solar projects for third parties in Spain and Chile.

Isagen to Soon Launch Construction of 100-MW Solar Farm in Colombia

Colombian power producer as well as merchant Isagen SA ESP will quickly begin constructing a 100-MW solar farm in Sabanalarga, a community in Colombia’s department of Atlantico, the firm revealed in a press release last week.

PCW-Featured Video

A View of Hamburg from the River Elbe Onboard a Harbour Cruise

Editor’s Note:
The world class port city of Hamburg, Germany as seen from the River Elbe here in this short footage taken during a recent port tour. What a place!

A View of Hamburg from the River Elbe Onboard a Harbour Cruise
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
The area where I live here in Stockholm, Sweden also has downtown shipping, so-to-speak. It is most enjoyable and even 10-15 minutes on the water makes you feel relaxed, and with only a 20 minute walk to the Viking Line ferry terminal for the giant luxury ferries going to Finland, what is there not to like?

ft photo
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