Week #46 – 2022

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Week #46 | 17th of November, 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 17th of November and we are here again.

We are right now in the process of compiling our Project Cargo Weekly Yearbook 2022. It will be a “must have” issue where you find all the major interviews, both written and video, and all clickable in an online format that you perhaps remember from last year.  

As usual, we will NOT allow too many ads in the yearbook. However, there will be some, and for those of you who might be interested, do contact me directly at bo.drewsen@projectcargo-weekly.com for a discussion about availability and cost.  

As we all know, there is no free lunch in this world, and it costs money to earn money. Although I have met some people in life who always thought that they could get away without spending anything and who, for lack of a better word, perhaps jealously guarded what they had and never shared.  I have learnt that if you share information, skill, and knowhow, you in fact get MORE power. If, at the same time, you are not too selfish of a person, you stand a good chance of winning shall we say.  

Speaking of the fact that it costs money to earn money, by the same kind of measure one might say relationships need to be nurtured too, and none more so than the ones you have at home. And since the doctor always told me to stretch ? I killed two birds with one stone and ordered a stretch limousine for the transport to dinner last night where I had invited the dragon (aka wife) along.  It was a great event and although the dinner didn’t live up to the usual standards for lack of staff apparently, it was a cozy evening with live jazz, red wine and so on.  The best part was seeing the neighbour’s face when this DALLAS style limo pulled up in front of our entrance (see here).

I think it was well deserved. It has been years since we let the kids be kids and took time for a few hours dining out.  The moral of this is, of course, to be kind and thoughtful to others but you also gotta treat yourself once in a while. Whilst some people, particularly many well off, seem to think that the last jacket has many pockets, that is indeed not so.  More often than not you leave bitter fights behind if you leave too much. I will never forget my grandfather who told me this quote: “The man is good but the money is better.” When my brother passed away, I saw firsthand how money changes people’s attitudes overall or at least their real character comes to light after all the claims of being NOT greedy… Back then, the undertaker told me if only I could have known how many such episodes of greed, backstabbing, planning ahead and lawyering up follow some people’s passings.  Disgusting really!

We have a minimum wage in many countries, why don’t we have a maximum wage too?  This would ensure that endless greed could be curtailed and a more reasonable distribution system put in place.  Just read the book “Lucifer’s Banker”. You will know what I mean, and no, it is not in Russian ?;  it’s in English!  

Right now I am on the train to Gothenburg for a couple of meetings, and tomorrow I shall be “training” again from Gothenburg to Copenhagen.  I am finding it a real pleasure to take the train. With the high speed travel, high speed wifi, and a pleasant cabin you can stretch out in, the train makes for a solid combination of work and pleasure.  

On November 25, I am off to Asia again for the last time this year, after which I am grounded for repair and refurbishment until February. Then I shall be joining Dubai and Middle East Breakbulk and yes, celebrating my 60th birthday on the island of Malta.

Right! Back to the world of business and for what we have got in store today.

1.  We visit the windy city aka Chicago and speak to LR International – a family-owned, freight forwarder with a couple of interesting niches where they have carved out a good business model, i.e. the transport and storage of IMO cargoes of also the most dangerous nature.

2.  We speak to Wallenius-SOL in Gothenburg – a regional RoRo carrier with pretty big RoRo ships for the Baltic/Continent v.v. trade, and now taking more and more high/heavy and static cargo – sometimes, even on MAFI trailers all the way from Asia!

3.  We re-visit ALS – Abnormal Load Services – in the UK, and they are indeed specialised in abnormality in the UK (currently too in politics  ?), but yes, moving very awkward pieces around and also the same on an international scale.

Reminding you also to take a look at the shipping news today, and the trade intel that we provide. So if you are in the sales division of your company, perhaps it is time to get a move on, even get away from your desk and in fact meet some customers–the world can’t be ruled only from a sofa or a computer. Of course, we provide you with our featured picture/video of the week and wise words.

Finally let us not forget that we have got an excellent PCW APP that you can download here.

Until next week, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Video Interview
LR International – Chicago, Illinois

LRI Video Interview

Paul Jarzombek, President & CEO at LR International was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Wallenius-Sol – Gothenburg, Sweden


Interview with

Mr. Ragnar Johansson


First of all Ragnar, tell our readers a little about your career in shipping leading up to your current position. Why did you enter into a shipping career originally?

I went to sea at the age of 17 and was sailing around for 18 years, mainly in general cargo vessels, container vessels, tankers, and ferries. During that time, I studied to be a Master Mariner and worked as second and chief officer during the last 10 years.

When I met my wife in the mid-eighties, I put one foot ashore and went to Stena Line. During those years as an officer, there was a lot of free time that I spent studying for a masters degree in shipping economics.

Abnormal Load Services UK International Limited (ALS) – UK

ALS Interview

Interview with

Mrs. Jillian Peacock
Group Marketing Manager


First, Jillian, can you please tell us who the owners of ALS are? Elaborate a bit on the history of the company and explain to our readers, if you will, what the abbreviation ALS stands for?

ALS stands for Abnormal Load Services.

In 2000, René van de Vin, who is still ALS’ managing director and one of the shareholders, brought together an international development opportunity for ALS. In 2012, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) required a majority stake in ALS to help support and develop WW’s break bulk and project cargo specialism. ALS celebrates her fortieth birthday in January 2020.

LS Cargo Banner
PCW-Shipping News

Intermarine and WeShip Projects Launch Intermarine Asia

Editor’s Note:
Shipping industry stalwarts and very longterm Nordana colleagues, then WeShip and now together with Intermarine just shows that networking is key. Keep your contacts worldwide and you will do well no matter where you are. PCW wishes Lars and Torben good luck!

Torben Reinhard and Lars Steen Rasmussen, partners in WeShip join Intermarine’s commercial team as part of the deal.

“Intermarine and WeShip have already partnered successfully for over a year now in the Asia-Pacific trade, and we are very excited to combine our organisations to jointly grow the Intermarine presence in Asia and Europe,” said Svend Andersen, CEO of Intermarine

New Container Route Connects Stockholm Directly to Rotterdam and Hull

Editor’s Note:
PCW was present last Friday when the new Sun Line route to Rotterdam / Hull called Hutchison Port of Stockholm. Here you will find the official press release about this nice event. We wish them luck and no doubt a link to the continent from the biggest market in Sweden, Stockholm and surroundings is vital.

In November the shipping company SUN Line Shipping introduced a brand new Rotterdam˗Stockholm˗Hull container service route. This means that Stockholm Norvik Port now has two new destination connections, further strengthening the port’s status as an important logistics hub in the Greater Stockholm area.

Maersk Faces High-profile Shipper Complaint

Editor’s Note:
If what is written here on splash247 is true then you need as a shipper to think twice before you place your booking. Remember how you were treated during the good times the shipowners had… and then consider to take your business elsewhere!

Maersk is the latest carrier to face the ire of American shippers in a high-profile case that will spark greater debate about global carrier dominance in international trade.

OJ Commerce (OJC), a Florida-based furniture importer, has filed a case with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC against the Danish carrier and its subsidiary Hamburg Sud, hitting out at alleged price gouging, collusion and contract breaches, the latest in a series of complaints hitting the FMC’s busy in-tray.

Recorded webinar – The BIMCO ETSA Clause for Time Charter Parties

Editor’s Note:
The EU and other authorities will get involved in controlling / monitoring vessel emissions and ultimately it will mean regulations on shipowners and of course, as always, extra costs for shippers / freight forwarders etc. Green is good but it comes at a cost let’s not forget. BIMCO is a global and highly respected organisation so do see here their latest webinar on this subject.

Watch Stinne Taiger Ivø, Director, Contracts & Support, BIMCO and Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO explain about the content of the BIMCO ETSA Clause, and the regulatory framework provided by the EU revision of the ETS Directive.

Zuhal Shipping Banner

Sulzer Providing Technology and Equipment for Naphthalene Expansion in Indonesia

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. (Winterthur, Switzerland) is providing process engineering and key equipment for the expansion of PT. Dongsuh Indonesia (DSI) naphthalene downstream sector. The delivery of an advanced separation unit to DSI’s plant in Serang, Indonesia, will enable the production of high purity naphthalene that can be used for applications with stringent quality requirements.

KBR and Tractebel to Help Engie Deliver Australia’s First Industrial Scale Green Hydrogen Project

KBR’s (Houston) Infrastructure Solutions business is growing its presence in the Australian renewable hydrogen market. KBR, with Tractebel, have recently been appointed as the Owners Engineer for the YURI Project – a new renewable hydrogen energy facility in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Técnicas Reunidas and Allied Methanol to Develop an Integrated Methanol and Ammonia Plant in Australia

Técnicas Reunidas S.A. and Allied Methanol Pty. Ltd. have signed an agreement to develop an integrated methanol and blue ammonia production plant in Darwin, in the Northern Territory, Australia. The plant configuration will enable carbon emissions to be reduced by half compared to traditional technologies.

Chlorum Solutions Uses Thyssenkrupp Nucera Skid-mounted Plant Technology in Brazil

Chlorum Solutions LLC (São Paulo, Brazil) will use thyssenkrupp nucera wAG & Co. KG (Dortmund, Germany) technology for its next two chlor-alkali wplants in Brazil. The company has ordered two skid mounted plants with wBM2.7 electrolysis technology from the supplier of world-leading wtechnologies for high-efficiency electrolysis plants.

WorldWide Cargo Hungary
PCW-Featured Video

Landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Editor’s Note:
Shipping and Singapore are synonomous – see here during landing at Singapore Changi Airport recently where I arrived from Phuket and just made the connection to Perth, Australia with minutes to spare. But what an inflight view.

Video - Landing at Singapore Changi Airport
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Military shipping is also shipping as seen here with some NATO war ships in the freeport of Stockholm, Sweden recently. Not only was it a beautiful morning but it was also comforting to know that Sweden and Finland soon will be joining the NATO defence alliance.

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