Express Freight Management – Honiara, Solomon Islands

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Interview with

Mr. Cornelio Duano
Branch Manager


First of all Cornelio, can you tell our readers about the history of EFM?  Who are the owners; what is your head count; where have you got offices, for example?

The owner and managing director of Express Freight Management is Robert I. Howden. Here is a graphic about our departments and staffing:

Staff Chart

We have offices in:

  • Papua New Guinea – POM
  • Papua New Guinea – LAE
  • Fiji – Nadi
  • Brisbane Australia
  • Solomon Island

When we think about the trade to the Pacific Islands, its location is a bit “remote”, shall we say. Do you find it difficult to find the right shipping solutions or are there shipowners regularly calling?

In the Solomon Islands, there are 3 major shipowners (shipping lines) calling. Below are the details:

  • PIL(Pacific International Lines)
  • Swire
  • One

Have you handled heavylift and project cargoes before? Could you give us some examples?

We have 3 major projects that we handle for our 3 major clients:

  • CEA Logistics – Gas Tank for Origin Gas Company in Solomon
  • Hyundai Engineering – Tina Hydro Project
  • GPPOL (Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd.)

We have read in the news that China, for example, is a current active investor in the Solomon Islands.  Can you elaborate and tell our readers about the business of your country and the foreign trade–with whom do you trade the most these days?

Almost all the businesses are owned by Chinese companies, especially in the construction and FMCG sectors. Our principal PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINES (PTE) LTD is one of the biggest shipping lines that has been dealing with Chinese companies since day one in Honiara.


Does tourism generate a big income for the Solomon Islands?

Since the border is already open for tourists to visit Solomon, there have been several cruise lines calling in Solomon these past few months. For one of the cruise ships, EFM is the port agent. All in all, tourism is slowly picking back up.


What kind of transportation equipment do you own?

We have our own transport fleet in Honiara, and some of the company is tying up with us for some projects. Our transport equipment is:

  • 1 prime mover with 20’/40’ side-lifter
  • 1 x 20’ Side-Lifter
  • 3 delivery vehicles (1 x 3.5T and 2 x 1T)

How about the Covid19 situation in your country and the other countries where you have got offices– is business back to normal?

Yes, it is business as usual.


How would it be best for our readers to reach you?

Cornelio Duano, Branch Manager
PO Box 1939 | Cross Road, Sun Valley, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Tel: (Direct) +677-22111: Trunk Line: +677-21112
Mobile No.:  +677-883-7909
Email: duanoc@expressfreight.com.sb
Website: www.expressfreight.com 

Branches at: Lae | Port Moresby | Brisbane| FIJI | Honiara-Solomon Islands