Week #20 – 2023

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In this edition: Swire Shipping – PNG | ES Logistics – Brazil | ISS Palumbo – Italy >>>

Week #20 | 18th of May, 2023

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 18th of May, 2023 and I am back with the online newsletter.

Reaching some 42,000 people around the world every other Thursday does make me feel humble and also reminds me to try and understand just how I got there.  PCW was made as a kind of “protest” against some of the established logistics media. So yes, so far so good, and I am now basically doing research and journalism full time when I am not helping out with the 2 networks of project freight forwarders that I look out for. 

This last week I spent a lot of time looking at YouTube. In particular, I looked at the opioid crisis, the Sackler family story on Oxy etc., and also what is happening with designer drugs entering the mainstream.  Here in Scandinavia, it is now possible to get anything you want like a 7/11 [editor’s note: 7/11 is a convenience store open all day every day] even here in my small hometown city of Grenaa, Denmark. The trade in illicit drugs is booming, fuelling lots of heartaches indeed.  

Money is the key, and, of course, without demand there would not be supply.  I am no expert, but it does seem that we are fighting a losing battle with regards to drugs entering in abundance across porous borders and through ports and airports worldwide. See here from the EU about the rising imports. It does seem like there is no end to it.

With 3 small kids at home, I am as concerned as many are I believe…How should we address this?   It must involve teamwork between parents, schools, and local authorities I guess. We need to teach children that it is NOT COOL to aspire or copy older children who seem to have an abundance of money to spread around.

The internet has also made children’s playtime different, enabling them to sit at home, hardly move, whilst playing a game with a friend in the same neighbourhood.  The online gaming industry is huge and the algorithms that decide where you click next are designed so that you (and particularly young minds) are coaxed into continuing to play.  I do hope that responsible industry insiders will do what it takes to clear it up and set obstacles in place, so it becomes more difficult.  But overall, us parents need to spend time with our kids and not just throw them the iPad or mobile (to get peace and quiet), well, easier said than done—believe me I know only too well.

South America is high on the development list for me in the coming years. That continent, along with Africa, are places where I did travel to but never did much in. Before being unable to travel because of age or kilo restrictions ? I have planned to visit Latin America at the end of August.  Unable to speak Spanish and Portuguese for that matter let us see how I solve it. Perhaps I will need help from local assets on the ground –as the CIA said in the Bourne Supremacy movie: ”Let me know when the asset is in the nest…” ?.

First however, it’s off to Asia in a month and for a month. It will be interesting to see Asia again which basically is the first time after the Corona pandemic started.  Particularly, I am looking forward to seeing Hong Kong, one of my favourite cities in the world and where I originally was married many years ago at St. Margaret’s Church, Happy Valley just across from the race track. Some people tell me that the city has changed whilst others say that it’s back to normal. Time (and my visit) will tell.   The Dim Sum lunch as depicted here certainly ensures you a great experience but forget about having a quiet lunch.

Now reverting to what we got in store for you in this issue of Project Cargo Weekly, we start off with a visit to a country that we seldom do hear much about, i.e., Papua New Guinea and we talk to Swire Shipping—a well-known brand for decades in Asia in both trade, shipping and so on.  We then visit the great country of Brazil, famous for sambas, steak and carnivals but also shipping-wise it is an interesting country indeed.  ES Logistics Brazil tells a compelling story—visiting Brazil later in August will make me see it first-hand.  We finally talk to another interesting company ISS-Palumbo, and with offices in many countries and regions, we hear from their office in Turkey.   

I do hope you will find the interviews interesting and try and last attention-wise for the time it takes to read them all through…in shipping, it is never ever too late to learn something new.

I, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intel and wise words..and I remain until the next issue of June 1st,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Swire Shipping – Australia & PNG


Interview with

Mr. Andrew Connell
Regional Project Manager, Integrated Logistics


First and foremost, Andrew could you introduce the Integrated Logistics Division of Swire Shipping to our readers and could you also elaborate a bit on Swire Shipping overall?

Swire Shipping is the wholly-owned, deep-sea ship-owning and operating arm of the multinational Swire group.

Headquartered in Singapore, Swire Shipping is dedicated to facilitating and growing trade in regions where we operate. Connecting over 400 ports globally, Swire Shipping provides several high frequency liner shipping services in the Asia Pacific markets; integrated logistics solutions in the Pacific; transpacific services between North Asia and the Pacific Northwest; and specialist shipping services to the global project logistics market under the brand name, Swire Projects. It specializes in providing a wide range of specialist customer solutions for project, heavy lift, refrigerated, breakbulk and mini bulk cargoes. Swire Shipping maintains a worldwide agency network in addition to its own representative offices across the Asia-Pacific, Pacific Islands, North America, and Europe, providing customers with dedicated service and expert market knowledge.

ES Logistics – Brazil


Interview with

Mr. Dimitri Mattos
Head of Projects

ES Logistics Dimitri Mattos Portrait

For starters Dimitri could you elaborate a bit on the history of ES Logistics?   Who are the owners of the company?

ES Logistics was founded in 2001 by Mr. Lupercio Ardigó, Fabiano Ardigó and Evandro Ardigó. A few years ago, the company included more members, but the biggest part is still owned by the Ardigó Family. Nowadays, ES Logistics has a team of around 230 people and offices only in Brazil, being the 3rd top agent in the export shipment sector from Brazil and the 10th top agent in the import shipment sector to Brazil.

ISS Palumbo – Italy


Interview with

Mr. Ugur Er
Global Network Development Director

First of all Ugur, can you tell our readers about ISS Palumbo as a company established in Italy and also about the ownership of the company?

In 1974, Andrea Palumbo founded the transport company with the same name; over the years the Palumbo company affirms its role in the market, becoming a leader in the field of international shipping, specializing in Oil & Gas, and integrated logistics. 

In 2012, the strategic partnership with Inchcape Shipping Services – a world leader in the maritime field with over 230 offices located in 60 countries around the world – gave birth to the current ISS PALUMBO: a perfect combination of professionalism, experience and global presence. 

PCW-Shipping News

Alliance Rivals Ready to Cash in if 2M Divorce Gets Messy

Editor’s Note:
Divorces are generally never pretty and certainly never cheap as many a famous person could tell you. 2M consisting of MSC/Maersk is coming to an end, strangely enough, considering that the CEO of MSC comes from Maersk, but strategy-wise it is interesting to see what happens between these two giants.

THE Alliance and Ocean Alliance vessel-sharing partners are taking full advantage of the 2M’s potentially messy divorce to beef up their east-west networks and grab market share.

What is it Like to Build in Antarctica?

Editor’s Note:
Shipping to Antarctica and doing construction in adverse conditions indeed is not easy.

Construction contractor BAM Nuttall, engineer Ramboll, and designers Sweco are working with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on a modernisation of BAS buildings in the Antarctic. Currently, the team is working on the construction of the new ‘Discovery Building’ at Rothera, the largest BAS research station, with work expected to complete in 2024.

World First in Antwerp Port Area: Drone Network Officially Launched

Editor’s Note:
Latest here from the progressive port of Antwerp… eyes in the sky indeed.

Six autonomous drones will perform daily flights in the Antwerp port area, a world first that will make an important contribution to overall security of the complex port environment. Launched, today, the ‘D-Hive drone-in-a-box’ network is the result of a partnership between the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, DroneMatrix, SkeyDrone and Proximus.

UECC Boosts its Presence in the Biscay and Connects Pasajes with Cuxhaven

Editor’s Note:
The latest news from “green carrier” UECC a regional RoRo carrier in Europe, also interested in high/heavy and static project cargoes.

UECC will establish a direct link between the Port of Pasajes, Spain and the Port of Cuxhaven, Germany as of the 5th of May 2023. The Autostar (https://uecc.com/fleet/our-vessels/) will be deployed in this new service, which is at the back of a new major car OEM contract secured by UECC.

TOC Europe

Korean JV Aims to Close Polyester Loop in Asia

Loop Industries, which says it can chemically recycle low-grade polyester infinitely, has signed a joint venture with a subsidiary of the Korean chemical giant SK Group to deploy Loop’s technology in Asia through several new manufacturing facilities.

Chinese Company to Build Europe’s Largest Anode Factory in Sweden

Shanghai-listed Putailai is building Europe’s largest factory for manufacturing anodes, a crucial part of the batteries that go into electric vehicles, in Sundsvall in central Sweden where it will take advantage of the country’s abundant green electricity.

SK E&S, Plug Power to Build H2 Gigafactory in Korea

The gigafactory will mass produce hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysis facilities for vehicles and power generation from 2025, with plans to supply to markets in South Korea and Asia. The gigafactory is also likely to supply fuel cells to SK E&S’ planned 250,000 t/yr blue hydrogen plant located in South Chungcheong province’s Boryeong city, and slated to come on line in 2026. Other details, such as the location of the gigafactory, were not disclosed.

PCW-Featured Video

Sailing On the Calm Atlantic Ocean Onboard mv Bright Sky as the Sun Rises Over the Horizon

Editor’s Note:
This was a fantastic day on the high seas with a calm Atlantic during sunrise. I was onboard mv Bright Sky of MACS as passenger from Leixoes to Durban…

Featured Video for PCW - Sailing on mv Bright Sky at Sunrise over the calm Atlantic Ocean
Container Shipping banner
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
The old and the new here depicted in a picture I took whilst visiting Grenaa, Denmark this week. Beautiful, clean and “sustainable”…

Featured Photo
Map of Denmark in Scandinavia
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