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Interview with

Mr. Gabriel Kaklouk


First of all Gabriel, can you tell our readers about the company RSC (RORO Shipping Company)? When was the company established, who are the owners, and where is your head office/branch offices located?

RORO SHIPPING COMPANY (RSC) was founded in 2022. Our head office is in Uruguay and our administrative office is in Panama.

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Can you elaborate to our readers about your route, schedule, and ports of call?

RSC was created with the intention of offering a multipurpose service (mainly ro-ro) to all the Caribbean islands, using as hub ports: Cristobal (Panamá) and Cartagena (Colombia). Our main ports are; Cartagena, Cristobal, Mariel, Santo Tomas de Castilla, Puerto Cortes, Puerto Limon, Kingston, Puerto Cabello, Willemstad, Oranjestad, Port Spain, Georgetown and Paramaribo. We also connect with ports on the East Coast of South America; Santos, Paranagua, Zarate, Montevideo. We have 2 frequencies per month connecting the above mentioned ports.

Are you able to accept static high/heavy cargoes, and can you provide our readers with examples of project cargoes that you have handled?

Our company has its own MAFIs and Tugmasters, in addition to the 150 ton ramp, which allows us to transport all types of multipurpose cargo, high and heavy cargo, and containers. We have transported important project cargoes to Georgetown and Paramaribo.

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What can you tell our readers about the vessels you have in service?

We want to emphasize that our vessels have a small draft and are extremely versatile, which allows us to reach islands with restrictions. As a result, we are able to take oversized cargoes to Caribbean islands as mentioned above.

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If cargo is arriving from Europe, which port would you say is the best one for transhipment in South America for connecting to your Caribbean service? And the same question goes for the other countries that you service such as Colombia, Panama, etc.? Of course if there is a direct service (such as Grimaldi) from Europe to ECSA (East Coast South America) but countries such as Colombia, Panama I believe are not regularly serviced from Europe.

The best port for transshipment in ECSA is Montevideo Port, while for cargoes to the Caribbean from Europe there are several options: Port Spain, Kingston, Panama, and ultimately the Dominican Republic.

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When did you start your career in shipping & logistics, Gabriel?

I started in 1990 in Logistics and in 2010 as an Owner.

How would it be best for our readers to reach you?

You can reach our Team through the following mails: (Mr. Nicolás Correa) (Mr. Emmanuel Kaklouk) (Mr. Gabriel Kaklouk)


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