Week #36 – 2023

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In this edition: Clover Trade & Logistics | UPF Group | Clemenger Bertling Projects – Perth, Western Australia >>>

Week #36 | 7th of September, 2023

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 7th of September, and I am currently writing to you from Santiago, Chile. I joined a regional conference of clcprojects.com & cross-ocean.com network for Latin America here in Chile.

Regional Meeting for CLC Projects and Cross Ocean Networks

I say again as I have done endlessly over the years: no amount of phone calls, Zoom meetings, Teams chats , Tik Tok videos, or ‘ding dong’ (or whatever it is all called) apps can replace the real thing of meeting people face to face, shaking their hands and seeing their body language close up. And thank God for that because it means that fake people will often be called out, and that good sales and clever marketing people will come to the fore ….as they should be. 

The conference went well, and besides logistics talks, I also asked a lot about the current situation socially and politically in some of the countries. For some, such as Argentina, it is indeed a sad story. Inflation of 100+ %; a poverty rate of 50%; and so on—hard to believe with such a rich country as Argentina. I saw it also when I lived in Indonesia. Suharto and his cronies were called Mr. 20% because they took a minimum of that on anything relating to Indonesia and God only knows the amount of funds these greedies have stashed away in accounts worldwide. Corruption and incompetence is indeed the scourge of many countries nowadays, so no wonder that uprisings will take place with regularity. See this interesting video aired a couple of years ago regarding corruption.

One of the speakers Volans told an interesting story, and they seem to be the only regular line calling at fixed ports in Northern Europe with South America and the West Coast. I knew about CCNI before, but it was only after my visit to Breakbulk Rotterdam that I got a tip about Volans. This just goes to show that you never know it all even if you might think you do.  

Speaking of which, when I travel around the world, sometimes I bump into people (also logistics people) who never say:  “Hey, I didn’t know that”. As the saying goes: “none are so blind as those just will NOT see”.  Humble and not arrogant are key in logistics and elsewhere, and you never know it all. If you think you do, then it’s time to retire.

The shipping front is scary at the moment — lots of blank sailings, not enough cargo in the market, and I heard from a source of mine that there was a rate in the market of USD 5!  I repeat USD 5 for a 40′ continent EU to the Far East. So when this carrier offered USD 250, they were told that they were USD 245 too high.. incredible indeed.  Compare that to Corona rates of USD 10,000 or similar. As mentioned before, most owners DO have a buffer, so feeling sorry for them is not right either.  Someone said that when the shipowner invites you for lunch then you know that they have time and attention for you again… ?

Friday I shall be visiting Valparaiso. I will be sending some footage back to my old man who is still around and with whom I discussed last that he was in Valpo (as they call it here in Chile) sailing to/from during 1957-1958. I am eager to do so before he departs this world ,and although we have formally said farewell and see you in a better place, I do what I can to revive his memory bank.  The bank that you know is more important than any other bank in the world….and unlike normal banks this is open 24/7  ?.

Interview-wise, today we do have some interesting ones in store:

1.  Clover Group –headquartered in the UK – we interview their US office; they are strong in both aerospace and defense logistics
2.  UPF Group, Mozambique – a relative newcomer  (shipowner-related) but with an interesting concept of marketing; focusing on a lot of various African countries relating to oil/gas/mining etc.
3.   Clemenger/Bertling – a new joint venture in Australia to focus on the “lucky country”, and logistics there tells us a compelling and interesting story.

Do enjoy.

We, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intelligence, featured photo and video of the week, as well as wise words.

I remind you all that I shall be present at Breakbulk Houston September 26-28 and can be found at booth M35 where my good friends at Atlas Heavy (see interview with them here offered me a place to “hang out”…

Until the 21st of September, I remain

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
Clover Trade & Logistics

Clover Trade & Logistics Interview still iimage

Mr. Vernon Tydings, Vice President and Ms. Marisa Echevarria, Business Development Manager at Clover Trade & Logistics Inc., interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW.

Video Interview
UPF Group

UPF Group Interview still image

Thomas Vestergaard, CEO and Founding Partner – UPF Group interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW.

Clemenger Bertling Projects – Perth, Western Australia


Interview with

Mr. Chris Nicholson
General Manager

PCW-Interviewee-Photo-Clemenger-Mr. Chris Nicholson

It has escaped no one interested in logistics that you have made a jv [joint venture] with Bertling. Tell us about your plan for this interesting joint venture, including which logistics markets you are particularly interested in.

Yes, we have recently entered into our JV agreement with Bertling. This was a natural progression for our project division as we have been Berting’s Australian agent for many years. Also, being a former Bertling employee, we shared very similar synergies.

We have recently seen the development of many new and interesting opportunities up throughout Asia & Oceania. Ideally, we have set up the JV to focus our efforts in the major energy industry sectors  (Oil & Gas / Mining & Construction / Power Generation / Renewables / Petrochemicals and to assist valued clients with end-to-end Project Management.

We are also now able to offer the transportation of extra-large/over dimensional/heavy-lift cargoes, including heavy-lift engineering and technical & commercial consulting.

Another main area of expertise is our ability now to offer an all-round logistics solution, tailor-made to our varying clients needs & requirements, as well as our in-house customs advisory division where we can assist Australian importers with advice on duties / tariff concessions and free trade agreements.

The JV combines Bertling’s global logistics strengths and Clemenger’s local transport know-how and onshore services and resources.

Container Terminal Automation Conference
PCW-Shipping News

As Deepsea Rates Dive, Carriers Hunt for Intra-Europe Shortsea Returns

Editor’s Note:
Yes the ocean freight rates on deep sea has plummeted from a high of usd 16000 for 1×40 Shanghai to Gothenburg to around usd 1200 which of course is a huge difference. Still with the profits made from the pandemic owners should be able to withstand some hardship again… and perhaps provide better service overall…

With the major deepsea trades in the doldrums, container lines are looking more closely at niche shortsea markets to support their growth aspirations.

European shortsea services, such as Ellerman City Liners’ North Europe to Iberia routes and WEC Lines’ new Euro-Maroc service, which launches this month, are not only confirmation of demand, but also that sustainable freight rates can be achieved on intra-Europe routes.

Podcast: Maritime in Minutes – August in Review

Editor’s Note:
Seatrade has an interesting podcast which among others discuss the current situation in the Panama Canal. I asked some friends in BBC Chartering today in Chile how long time it would take roughly to go south and around through straits of Magellan if you cannot pass the Panama Canal in time and around 18-20 days… so between a rock and a hard place indeed many ships find themselves in now…

Seatrade Maritime News Editor Marcus Hand takes the listener through August in maritime with his top picks that appeared on Seatrade Maritime News.

Featured in this episode:

  • Shipper and carrier environmental rankings
  • Global slump in container volumes
  • Panama Canal water woes
  • Geopolitics and influence on trade and shipping
  • China overtakes Greece as the world’s largest shipowner
  • Who are CStar Line?
  • HMM stake sale
  • Lifting the lid of Pacific Carriers
  • Maersk Supply Service job cuts

Visualizing the BRICS Expansion in 4 Charts

Editor’s Note:
Politics play a big role in shipping. Just imagine how many countries got a finger in the logistics of their country and who regard shipping as an extension of the countrys influence. BRICS or the rather alliance that is non Western so to speak is growing. See here…let us see the future.

Visualizing the BRICS Expansion in 4 Charts

BRICS is an association of five major countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Distinguished by their emerging economies, the group has sought to improve diplomatic coordination, reform global financial institutions, and ultimately serve as a counterbalance to Western hegemony.

On Aug. 24, 2023, BRICS announced that it would formally accept six new members at the start of 2024: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In this graphic, we provide a data-driven overview of how the BRICS expansion will grow the group’s influence and reach.

The World Economic Forum’s Weekly Strategic Intelligence Update.

Editor’s Note:
A really interesting newsletter here particularly about the need for minerals etc important to know for shipping. Am right now in Chile which together with Argentina has a large export to Lithium – full load vessels enroute to China as we speak for us in the batteries. I just wonder if our “green”craze has gone too far, just how green are EV’s (electrical vehicles) – what else is needed minerals from Congo dug out with child labor?

In this edition:

  • Critical minerals demand has doubled in the past five years
  • What is the H100 GPU chip and why is it so important for AI?
  • A common good? The companies making the AI products we’ll soon all be using
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Austria’s KronoSpan Plans to Build Multipurpose Wooden Slab Factory

CEO of Austria’s KronoSpan Oana Bodea met Sunday with Deputy Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) Amr Nour El Din to discuss the company’s plan to build a factory for the manufacturing of multipurpose wooden slabs.

Korea-Based Daesol Ausys Establishes West Point, Georgia, Manufacturing Operations

Korea-based Daesol Ausys Georgia, a manufacturer of automotive components and a key supplier of luggage boards and luggage covers, plans to establish manufacturing operations in West Point, Georgia.

SSE Renewables Breaks Ground at Ferrybridge BESS

SSE Renewables has broken ground at its 150MW Ferrybridge battery storage project in West Yorkshire, England.

The scheme is due for completion at the end of 2024, supported by construction contractor OCU Services and battery supplier Sungrow Power.

Ramkrishna Forgings Wins Multiple Overseas Contracts in August

Indian supplier of rolled, forged and machined products wins business from European OEM in Brazil, Eurasian farm equipment manufacturer, will supply differential components to existing European customer, and rear axle and transmission parts for Class 5, 6, and 7 vehicles in North America.

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PCW-Featured Video

Departing Maputo Onboard mv Bright Sky as Passenger

Editor’s Note:
Whilst a passenger onboard mv Bright Sky of www.macship.com I spent a lot of time walking on deck wind/weather allowing – like here seen with footage taken just after leaving Maputo for Durban end of March this year. I miss the freedom of the high seas…

Featured Video
Smart Digital Ports of the Future
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Five ships under the agency of Ian Taylor in the port of San Antonio, Chile simultaneously with containers, liquids in bulk and cars.

Photo of Five ships under the agency of Ian Taylor in the port of San Antonio
Map showing the location of Port of San Antonio Chile
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