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Interview with

Mr. Ignacio Leira
Projects Global Vertical Manager

Ignacio Leira Portrait

First of all Ignacio, can you tell our readers a little about the history and background of TIBA Group?  Does the name TIBA have a meaning or is it an abbreviation?

TIBA is part of the ROMEU Group, a family-owned company (4th and even 5th generation) founded in 1860. The ROMEU Group started in the Ship Agency business. Within its strategy of diversification, the ROMEU Group founded TIBA in 1975 to cover the Freight Forwarding business.

TIBA is present in 4 continents and has more than 50 offices and 1400 employees around the World.

TIBA’s name has an interesting origin. When the ROMEU Group had the idea to expand to the business, they  requested a telex line under the company “Cargas y Estibas SA”. The answerback code received by the telephone company was “TIBA”, so this was the start of our name.

4 RORO and Breakbulk Shipments of Buses
TIBA Projects Chile / TIBA China

You have a worldwide presence.  Where do you currently run TIBA offices?

TIBA’s headquarters is based in Spain. Our management aimed to be the Spanish forwarder with more presence in LATAM.  We currently have our own offices in:

Spain & Portugal
Angola & Cape Verde and Mozambique
The Dominican Republic
El Salvador

Breakbulk Shipment of Mining Machinery
TIBA Projects Spain / TIBA Projects Chile

Does TIBA have experience in handling project and oversized cargoes?

Yes, TIBA has its own Project Cargo Department, specialized in handling Project and OOG cargo worldwide.  We can handle anything from small spot shipments to large turnkey projects in any country of the world.

Being a Spanish headquartered company, I take it that you have a big interest in Latin America. 

This is correct; We have a very strong set up in Latin America. Our first office in LATAM was opened in Mexico back in 1997. Since then, TIBA has been growing in this key region, not only to give support to all the Spanish clients that have expanded to this market, but also to attend to local clients in each country.

4 Breakbulk and Container Shipments of Rail Tracks and Concrete Sleepers
TIBA Projects Spain / TIBA Projects Mexico

What are the main problems currently for project shipping and logistics in your view?  Do you see as a problem the fact that some of the shipowners wish to CUT out the freight forwarders from the supply chain?

Freight forwarders are necessary in the supply chain as well as shipowners. We have different roles, but we need to work together. In my opinion, the market needs to equilibrate after these last years of imbalance, so shipowners can optimize their ships and clients can get rate stability to forecast costs for long term projects.

Our main challenges are to overcome a global scenario affected by international conflicts, plus the downward trend in consumption and inflation.

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Jorge Chavez Airport Expansion Lima, Perú
TIBA Projects Perú / TIBA Projects Spain

In your opinion, what is the main strength of TIBA group?

TIBA is a family-owned company (5th generation). In addition, we are financially stable and well diversified. TIBA has very strong sales and operations teams with high knowledge of the industry. Our company is results-oriented with the aim of customer service excellence. Management & decisions makers are always accessible.

TIBA is always looking to market evolutions and tendencies to offer new solutions. Digitalization is one of the pillars of our strategy.

37 Trucks RORO Shipment
TIBA Projects Colombia

How did you personally get into a career in shipping & logistics?  What do you like about it?

My father was a Merchant Marine captain and my eldest brother is a shipbroker, so in my house, I have always listened to stories related to ships and shipping.  I decided to study International Trade, and I did an internship in a Ship Agency. I liked the experience and decided to focus my professional career in the logistics field. I have worked as a Ship Agent, in Logistics Departments, and now as a Freight Forwarder, so I have a very good view of the complete supply chain.

It is a very dynamic industry in which you always learn new things, and you can see the results of your job. You work in an international environment,  and get to know many people, as well as different cultures and countries.

Breakbulk Shipment of 6 Spare Blades for Wind Turbines
TIBA Projects Argentina / TIBA Projects Spain

How is it best for our readers to get in touch with the TIBA Group and whom should they speak to in the relevant countries?

Please note our contact details below:

lcardenas@tibagroup.com – Luis Cardenas
crgama@tibagroup.com – Cristian Gama
Colombia: tibaproject-co@tibagroup.com – Ximena Quintero
Chile: tibaproject-cl@tibagroup.com – Leonel Calderon

Project Division: tibapojectses@tibagroup.com
Iberia Project Manager: Gonzalo Puerta gpuerta@tibagroup.com

FAK Cargo
Sea Freight: sea-networkpricing-es@tibagroup.com
Air freight: air-networkpricing-es@tibagroup.com
P&N Manager Spain: Fernando Remon fremon@tibagroup.com

Canary Island Pricing: pricingcanaryislands@tibagroup.com – Laurence

Corporate Network Department:
Willy Boers wboers@tibagroup.com
Maria Jose Bort mbort@tibagroup.com