ISS Global Forwarding – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Interview with

Mr. An Hoang
General Manager

An Hoang

First of all, can you tell us about the history and background of ISS GF in Vietnam? ISS GF belongs to a strong organization I believe.

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the interview with Project Cargo Weekly.

ISS Global Forwarding was founded in Dubai in 2018 and was powered by The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD). We are a rapidly-growing, leading global forwarding company, with strength in emerging markets. Present across the globe in all continents, we have developed an excellent reputation for delivering creative logistics solutions to companies of all sizes.

We want to build on our current recognition to become your chosen partner for companies seeking comprehensive supply chain solutions.

In Vietnam, ISS Global Forwarding (ISSGF) commenced operations in October 2020 with our head office in Ho Chi Minh City. ISSGF Vietnam offers services in Project Cargo, Heavy Lift & Break Bulk cargoes, General and Containerized shipments โ€“ Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Road Transport, Customs Clearance, and Insurance in both Exports and Imports.

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Vietnam is a big and growing market. What is your main logistics focus in ISS GF, Vietnam? Are you able, for example, to handle project cargo and oversized units?

As a global freight forwarding company, ISS GF Vietnam can offer a portfolio with a wide range of services: Air-Sea Freight/ Project Cargo/ Road Freight and Customs Brokerage Services. 

Like no other global & local competitors in Vietnam, ISS Global Forwarding focuses on different and potential markets such as India, Africa, and the Middle East, where we are growing very fast.

We (ISS GF Vietnam) have been handling many projects such as Solar power, Plant equipment moving, Machinery, Transformers, Yachts-Catamarans.

Please tell our readers about your own background in shipping & logistics. When did you start your career?

I started my career in this industry 13 years ago, beginning with a local company. After that I worked for UPS and then MAERSK. Now I am with ISS GF, a company that is growing very fast.

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Vietnam is a country with a long coastline.  What ports are mainly used for project cargoes and which ports would you recommend our readers to use (if they have a choice)?

With the coastline around 3,444 km (2,140 mi), Vietnam has a huge advantage in seaport operation. We have 17 main container seaports in north, south and central areas which are possible for project cargo. The most important and strategic ports are CMIT (South) and Hai Phong (North).

In my opinion, CMIT should be the most competitive & the best supportive for project cargo due to its modern port operating equipment, ability to receive large tonnage, and general cargo ships with experienced operation workforces. 

ISS Vietnam has successfully handled many OOG shipments/packages from this strategic port to the US & EUROPE.

Is customs clearance in Vietnam difficult? Do you have any rules of thumb or good suggestions for readers if and when they have shipments for Vietnam in order to clear customs without delays?

I believe that each country has its own regulations for import and export goods and Vietnam is no exception. From my experiences, we need to comply with the following conditions to make sure our Customs process can go smoothly:

Be aware of the types of goods imported into or exported out of the country that require a license.

Prepare all documents, invoices and documents related to the shipment and follow the declaration steps according to regulations.

Goods have paid taxes and fees in accordance with the provisions of law.

Finally, you need an experienced company like ISS GF to advise and handle arising problems quickly. It will help to save time and cost.

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Which shipping lines do you feel offer the best service in Vietnam to freight forwarders like you?

This is a difficult question, I think. For me, each shipping company has certain strengths for certain routes. Depending on the specific needs of each project, ISS GF will have a plan to use the appropriate shipping lines to bring the best service to customers.

There are many freight forwarders in Vietnam.  What makes you the best choice in your opinion?

As introduced above, the factors that make ISS GF different in the Vietnamese market will be:

We belong to a strong organization with a presence across the globe in all continents and continuously expanding, especially emerging markets.

Every member of our team, from senior management to our operations staff, is committed to utilizing their intuition, skills, and expertise to deliver the best results for our customers. This is why we are always โ€œeasy to do business withโ€, a mantra we hold true in everything we do.

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Please let our readers know how best to get in touch with you.

I am available via phone/whatsapp on +84 945 501 710 or email an.hoang@iss-gf.com.

If any of your members are traveling through Vietnam, they are more than welcome to visit our offices to meet our teams and tour our operations.

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