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Week #42 – 2023

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In this edition: DMI Project Global Logistics – Chile | Centrimex – France | GAC – Spain >>>

Week #42 | 19th of October, 2023

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 19th of October, and Project Cargo Week 42 edition editorial is here.

As I referred to last time, I had my right hand operated on for Dupuytren’s contracture. I got the stitches removed yesterday, so now the focus is on training up the hand again. It means, of course, that I am unable to do any kind of kitchen work for the next 6 months, and naturally I got a doctors certificate to prove it…  😁 

Joke aside, my hand operation pales in comparison to what other hardships people around the world are facing. Besides the everyday hardships of many, we now also have seen an atrocious terrorist attack on Israel with the expected counter attack. In both instances, civilians bear the consequences in full.  Human beings are indeed able to destroy more than build. As for media coverage, it is a daily fight to get objective and unbiased reports from “either side”, so whom to trust remains to be seen.  

One thing that does make me wonder: given the continual amount of humanitarian aid provided not only by countries in Scandinavia but also in the EU, one would have thought that the area would have been more developed in terms of infrastructure, etc. by now.  The fear is that as is so often with “humanitarian aid”, funds partly disappear enroute to the rightful receivers,  keeping a lot of people in business and in admin.  

The do-gooders also have a lot to answer for in the Mediterranean where more often than not,  they partly feed the people smugglers who just have to send the rickety boats across the territorial boundary in the ocean… Again an issue on which the EU president Useless von der Leyen lamented recently in Lampedusa that the EU will decide who comes to the EU and who doesn’t.  Strangely enough, almost to the day in October 2013 (in other words 10 years ago), the president back then (Barroso) and commissioner for refugees (Swedish Ms. Malmström) spoke similar words wringing hands… words indeed but words without action are futile as we all know!   Just click and read this article from 10 years ago… nothing has changed.

The phrase ‘paper tiger’ comes to mind, doesn’t it?

Freight rates are lower than ever in the container market, and it seems that some of the newbuildings are placed straight into anchorage after delivery. However, as we commented before, some of the owners can afford it. It was rumored that MSC alone made some 60 billion USD in profit during the heydays of Corona, so they for one will be able to take some lay-ups I should think. 

However, “good on ya”  as the Australians say. I recall how MSC started with second hand ships. They grew from nowhere and are today a behemoth and the largest in the world. Well done indeed for a family-run company. It shows that professional apparatchiks are not better than family-run businesses provided, of course, that the following generations keep the “genes” for business. 

As for the MPP sector, I am told that some renewable projects are deferred due to high interests and perhaps finally a wake up call to discuss GREEN for what it is (without the hype and hysteria) and ensure that even GREEN has to be viable.  Regarding the hysteria in developing EV i.e., electrical vehicles, here too it seems that we are in need of a proper discussion on the metals and minerals that must be harvested in order to produce these batteries. With particularly Chinese companies around the world looking for lithium in Chile and Argentina, you may expect havoc and disaster on the environment, much the same as where the Chinese fishing fleets go about their business. They leave nothing behind let alone nothing for the locals….so we can only hope that regulators worldwide have the balls to stand up to the lure of cash infusions or “big investments” which often turn out less than the rosy promises.

Before I return to our interviews of the week, one thing that actually saddened me was that I was unable to attend the GALLIMARKT in Leer. This is a yearly event where shipping people meet and greet in Germany, of course with lots of partying, etc. going on. I was invited by the EMS-FEHN group in Germany but due to medical issues with myself and parents, I was unable to attend.  Here is a bit about a recent event the EMS-FEHN Group held.

Now finally to what we have in store for you today. We offer 3 exclusive interviews consisting of:

1.  DMI GLOBAL PROJECT LOGISTICS IN CHILE, very strong in the mining industry logistics
2.  CENTRIMEX IN FRANCE, a versatile and service-minded French forwarder
3.  GULF AGENCY IN SPAIN, highlighting their operations also in GIBRALTAR

As always, we, of course, provide you with trade intelligence, shipping news and wise words. On top of that we also have our featured video and photo of the week. Don’t forget to download the Project Cargo Weekly (PCW) APP which you will find handy if you, like myself, are on the go, want to go, or just want to move and cannot sit still.

Until Nov 2nd, I remain

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

WISTA AGM & Conference 2023

DMI Project Global Logistics Ltda – Calama, Chile

PCW Featured Image DMI

Interview with

Ms. Catalina Orias Barrera
Manager Customer & Operation

Catalina Orias Barrera Interview Portrait

I understand that you are very active in the field of mining logistics. Can you tell us more about the services you offer in this regard?

DMI has as its central base the city of Calama, the Cradle of Mining in Chile, with the support of professionals specializing in mining loading and projects.

DMI has its own equipment moving cargo up to 400T.

Centrimex – France

PCW Featured Image Centrimex

Interview with

Mr. Eric Cassandri
Project Department Manager

Eric Cassandri Centrimex France Interview Portrait

Who are Centrimex? What is the history of the company?

Since 1948, Centrimex has been a freight forwarder expert in international trade and specializes in France-Africa, Europe-Africa, Europe-Asia and Asia-Africa flows for the transport of goods. Centrimex can also manage any other type of destination, regardless of the country of departure.

Our specialized teams support you in organizing your international transport flows around the world.

Centrimex is also an experienced customs broker who masters maritime transport, air transport, consolidation logistics (sea and air consolidation) as well as full containers.

We have offices in France, Italy, Belgium, China and West Africa (Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Benin, Senegal, Cameroon, Gabon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Congo) and very soon in Dubai.

GAC – Spain

PCW Featured Image GAC Spain

Interview with

Mr. Sergio de la Torre Delgado
Branch Manager

Sergio de la Torre Delgado Interview Portrait

Please elaborate a bit about your career leading up to your current position in GAC. How many years have you been active in shipping & logistics?

I started my career as a Trade Manager with a Spanish manufacturer, distributor and retailer of ceramic tiles. As I have always had a passion for the maritime sector, I decided to become a port agent in 2014. It was a fulfilling experience that led me to join the GAC Group in 2018. Now, I am the Branch Manager for both GAC Gibraltar and GAC Spain.

My active involvement in both the Gibraltar Port Operators Association and the Algeciras Port Community COMPORT enables my team and I to work closely with local stakeholders, board administration offices, and port authorities to share industry views and improve shipping and logistics operations along the Bay of Gibraltar.

AXL MP Banner x
PCW-Shipping News

 International Road Transport Union Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Editor’s Note:
Road transport is closely linked with seafreight as a matter of course. Therefore this latest newsletter from IRU the international road organisation is indeed interesting!

Together with member AIRCUZ, the IRU gathered industry leaders, development organisations and financial institutions from 30 countries in Uzbekistan for a regional conference on trade and transit developments. Then in Cancun, decarbonisation, border challenges and driver shortages led the discussions at IRU’s North American Transportation Forum, organised by CANACAR together with ATA and CTA. Finally, they outlined key road transport opportunities with ministers and industry leaders at China’s Global Sustainable Transport Forum in Beijing, hosted by China’s Ministry of Transport. Next stops: Riyadh and Istanbul!

Rafeek & Moore and Bertling Logistics Join Forces In Guyana

Editor’s Note:
Bertling establishes itself in Guyana. Country is due to oil/gas booming and soon there is a crowd of logistics providers in Guyana it seems…

Bertling Logistics and Rafeek & Moore are pleased to announce the formation of their joint venture (JV) company, Rafeek & Moore Bertling Logistics (Guyana) Inc. The company will commence operations on 1 October 2023 and will be based at Rafeek & Moore’s established office in the Port of Georgetown.

Russia-China Trade Dynamics in a Post-War Era: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities

Editor’s Note:
Russia is perhaps not an interesting place for many right now for obvious reasons however logisticswise we cannot overlook this gigantic country and its “friends” in BRICS, latest news on the container front here from Container Xchange…

Currently there are around 150,000 surplus containers in Russia, and everybody is looking for an opportunity to return containers back to China. All containers from Russia to China go with a pickup charge. Regarding container trading, many Chinese companies are selling containers below market price to get rid of the boxes since it doesn’t make sense to send them back to China.

Gebrüder Weiss sends a solar-powered truck to the world’s highest volcano

Editor’s Note:
An impressive feat by Gebr Weiss in Austria it seems they are used to the Alps that makes them also capable in the Andes…

The world’s highest volcano, a team trying to reach the summit using a solar-powered e-truck, and an attempt at a world record: these are the essential components of a high-profile project that is about to get started in the Chilean Andes. The three men from Switzerland forming the Peak Evolution Team want to conquer the summit of Ojos del Salado using their solar-powered truck specifically developed for this purpose.

AAPA LATAM Ports event banner

GreenFire announces partnership for geothermal in New Zealand and Canada

GreenFire Energy Inc. (GreenFire) has announced a partnership with Stoic Transitional Resources Inc., a Richwater Group Company, to jointly develop geothermal projects in New Zealand and Western Canada.

Metsä Tissue Chooses Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK for Planned Tissue Mill

Metsä Tissue announced that it has chosen Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire as the site for its planned new state-of-the-art tissue paper mill in the UK. This landmark investment of several hundreds of millions of pounds will deliver the largest tissue mill in the UK and significantly reduce the quantity of tissue products that are currently imported into the UK and Ireland each year.

ProJet to install forming fabric cleaners at Kipas Kagit’s mill in Turkey

ProJet received an order for 2 forming fabric cleaners (ProCleaners) from Kipas Kagit Paper for their paper machine # 1 in Turkey. The value of the order will not be disclosed. Delivery will be in Q2 2024.

French gourmet flavourings company Monin to setup India’s manufacturing facility in Hyderabad

In Phase -1, Monin plan’s is to build a 2,00,000+ sq. ft. build-up area that will house the Monin India Headquarters, the all-inclusive R&D centre and a production unit. This state-of-the-art manufacturing
facility will primarily cater to the India customer base and the neighbouring South Asia markets.

PCW-Featured Video

Approaching Cape Town from the Sea

Editor’s Note:
A marvel to behold is the Table Mountain in Cape Town from the seaside so to speak. Here a bit of footage taken as I was passenger on mv Bright Sky from renowned shipowner www.macship.com – I recall that I was told it can be awfully windy which often delays berthing in Cape Town.

Ft Video PCW Week Approaching Cape Town from the Sea
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Port of Grenaa is a major hub in Denmark which also has regular cargo and passenger ferries. Here is a unique shot showing the two ferries connecting Sweden (Port of Halmstad) and the island of Anholt smack in the middle of the Sea of Kattegat

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