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Interview with

Mr. Besim Tolga Buzluk
Deputy General Manager

Could you, first of all Besim, tell our readers a bit about the history of Elkenz? Who are the owners?

We are a shipowner company located in Istanbul Turkiye [Turkey] with a fleet size of 11 multipurpose tweendecker vessels between 3.000 to 9.000 DWAT. The company was established by an ex-marine captain who can understand the risks and avoids them by taking the necessary precautions. We are providing transportation solutions to our clients with our experienced team and our management who have over 35 years of experience within the sector. Since 2000, we have been operating container line service from Turkey to Algeria and providing worldwide breakbulk and project cargo service. The secret of our exclusive high-quality service is our reliable and experienced business partners, strong agency network and our MPP fleet. Our target is to be the long-term and reliable partners of our clients.

Elkenz-Maritime-Canka 1 and Canka 3 Vessels

I understand that you are running a regular container service into Algeria. Can you tell our readers more about it? Would you be able to accept breakbulk cargo as well onboard, and what ports do you regularly call?

The service we are providing is weekly and being performed by our own vessels and our own container fleet of about 2000 Teus. For the container line, our loading port is at Istanbul/Ambarli, and we discharge full containers at Oran. For breakbulk cargoes, in combination with containers, we can load any port enroute and discharge in all Algerian ports. We have our own offices in Algeria and are providing inland transportation as well.

Breakbulk Carried by an Elkenz Maritime Vessel

In Turkey, there is a lot of competition in shipping and freight forwarding. What makes you stand out in your view? What are the main advantages of using Elkenz?

In terms of container service, our transit time is the shortest. Excluding custom formalities, our clients are reaching the Algerian market within 5-6 days.

We primarily focus on serving local clients. Our commitment revolves around understanding and meeting the specific needs of our local customer base.

Regarding breakbulk and project cargoes, our experienced team provides flexible solutions which are reliable and cost effective.

Breakbulk Carried by an Elkenz Maritime Vessel

Could you elaborate a bit for our readers about the projects or shipments you have handled? Could you give us any examples? Say, for example, that there is a major project coming into Libya and not Algeria, would you be able to solve that as well?

We have been experts in the transportation of steel pipes for more than fifteen years, with a proven track record of efficiently and safely delivering shipments to various destinations. Our dedicated team, state-of-the-art logistics solutions, and commitment to timely deliveries set us apart in the industry. Recently, we completed a project of more than 1 million CBM large diameter steel pipes from Turkiye to Morocco with our own fleet in about a year. Previously, we also completed another steel pipe project which is about 2 million CBM from Turkiye to Algeria (Hassi Messaoud Oil Field which is located in the Ouargla Province) including land transportation and storage at the final destination. The Algerian project, which spanned about 2 years, entailed the coordinated efforts of hundreds of vessels and thousands of trucks for inland transportation.

Truck Fleet

Do you also handle project cargoes domestically in Turkey? In other words, can you arrange inland transport in Turkey and even transhipment to Iraq for example?

We have our own land fleet, depot, and handling equipment in Istanbul/Turkiye which lets us provide inland transportation and storage service as well. Transhipment via land transportation is not in our scope.

Container Depo

How do you view the year we have just started 2024? What is in your crystal ball?

Our hope is, of course, a significant improvement in the market. However, our expectation is different. In 2024, we expect the market to be stable or a little bit higher. Due to new emission rules and for the sake of a better world, our company strategy as a shipowner for the future is to have vessels which are energy efficient supported by renewable energy sources such as wind or solar.

How would it be best for our readers to get in touch with you?Please visit our webpage from www.elkenz.com or send emails to elkenz@elkenz.com.

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