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Interview with
Ms. Teresa Szeto


First of all Teresa, what can you tell our readers about the history and ownership of Wangfoong?

Wangfoong was jointly established by the Wang Tak Group and HSBC in 1980.  In 1987, it became a wholly-owned, private company by the Wang Tak Group.  We are an asset-based company with headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices in mainland China. Wangfoong is an international freight forwarder and a transport specialist. We provide air/sea, project cargo, warehouse and logistics, trucking services and operate daily feeders between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Wangfoong also owns and operates its own fleet of vessels and warehouses and also operates a depot with waterfront.

I visited Hong Kong originally in 1986 and remember your distinct logo on many craned barges so typical for Hong Kong. Was that and is that still a major part of your business?

It is certainly a major part of our business.  In Hong Kong there is no breakbulk terminal. All breakbulk vessels need to berth at anchorage. Hence, our barges are frequently used to collect and deliver breakbulk cargo alongside the mother vessels.  Besides, there are quite a few outlying islands and artificial islands in Hong Kong on which some power plants and government facilities are located. We are experienced in loading and discharging oversize and heavy cargo to/from these islands.

One of our recent projects included a delivery of 6 transformers from Hong Kong anchorage to Macau and positioning the transformers to different transformer bays in the power station. This project involved a heavy lift floating crane, derrick barges, SPMT, jacking and skidding, in addition to all the required tasks for pre-delivery planning such as route planning, method statement, risk assessment, applying all formalities with the relevant government departments, obtaining all required permits and arranging police escorts, etc.  It is a good showcase of our capabilities.

Today in 2024, what is the main focus of Wangfoong?  You are also a major international freight and project freight forwarder, right?   Please tell us more about some of the projects that you have handled if possible.

In 2024, Wangfoong will deploy additional resources to develop more overseas partners to expand both project cargo and international freight business for both import and export.

Some recent project references:

•Breakbulk cargo and containers to CLP Power Plant Station (Jan 2022 – on-going) – midstream receiving by barges from inbound mother vessel, discharged cargo by floating cranes and trucking to unloading area

•Shipping of Rotary Kiln from Singapore to Hong Kong – transhipment of cargo from Europe via Singapore to Hong Kong by RORO vessel

•Tanks delivery and erection for a hospital –  collection of cargo at container terminal, trucking to site, positioning and erection of the tanks by mobile cranes

•CO2 Tanks delivery and erection at Hong Kong Desalination Plant – midstream collection of cargo by barges, discharging of cargo by floating crane, trucking to unloading area, positioning and erection of the tanks by tandem lifting of mobile cranes

•Generator set delivery to rooftop of Macau Ferry Terminal by derrick barge

•Removal of Flight Simulator (Gulfstream G550) at the Hong Kong International Airport – rigging, packing, lifting down of simulator parts by mobile crane, trucking to terminal and export by sea

•RO-rack delivery to Hong Kong Desalination Plant – transport of structure over 9m from Northern China to Hong Kong by deck barge and discharged by floating crane to site

•Delivery of 6 transformers from Hong Kong to Macau power station – midstream receiving of cargo by barges from inbound mother vessels, transport of cargo from Hong Kong to Macau by barges, discharged cargo by floating crane, trucking of cargo to power plant by SPMT and positioning of transformers to bays by jacking and skidding

•Shipping of 28m yacht from Italy to Hong Kong by breakbulk vessel – received the yacht at sea and towed the yacht to berth at a yacht club, assisted with the application for the required licences

•Delivery of rails ranging from 4m to 34m – receiving from RORO vessels, breakbulk vessels and cargo air freighter to inland depots (ongoing since 2017)

Do you belong to any specific overseas networks, and where, if any, do you have offices outside Hong Kong at the moment?

We are a member of WCA Project Network, Worldwide Project Consortium and Project Professionals Group.

We have offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shekou, Zhuhai and Zhongshan. 

Whom should our readers contact at Wangfoong, and how is it best to reach you for information and quotes?

The primary contact for information and quotes is Ms. Cecily Chan, Project Lead and Senior Manager, Corporate Sales and Marketing. 

Her email address is cecily.chan@wangfoong.com.hk and her phone number is (852) 2544-9611.

Of course, you can also contact me at t.szeto@wangfoong.com.hk

Website: https://www.wangfoong.com.hk/

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