Week #04 – 2024

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In this edition: ISL Trinidad | Wangfoong – Hong Kong | Afrikan Logistics – South Africa >>>

Week #04 | 25th of January 2024

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday January the 25th, and it is time for Project Cargo Weekly again.

I must admit that jet-lag really got to me big time after this latest trip. It was my own foolish planning that made me think that I could fly Stockholm via Qatar – Perth – Melbourne to Santiago in a week and still be “normal” on arrival… including meetings, etc. I now know what it means to be in a zombie state of mind. I slept for a solid 2 days and was still groggy. In fact, it was only a week later that I kind of felt normal. Well, that should teach me a lesson – I am no longer 20 but going on 61 in less than a month!

On a positive note… You may remember that the first newsletter of the year (published on Jan 11) had a link in the editorial to a verbal confrontation between renowned writer Douglas Murray and a Swiss activist. That link actually received 8000+ clicks (see a shorter version here if you like).

PCW Doublas Murray video

As you know, whenever you click something it is recorded somewhere, so yes, we are all monitored one way or the other… more so in China I suppose with cameras everywhere and social scores being kept on its population. Control and monitoring is good as long as there are checks and balances in place and not misused by unscrupulous dictators whomever they may be. I also read the book that Edward Snowden published about the NSA in the US. So don’t believe that we are necessarily that much better in the West. It is only that there is the possibility of replacing the government, something that doesn’t exist in some other countries.

I am off to Uruguay visiting Montevideo this week. Then after 3 days of meetings there, I shall fly into Dubai where I will spend 10 days attending the www.clcprojects.com and www.cross-ocean.com global membership conference. Following that I will attend the Breakbulk Middle East event. If you want to meet me in person, come to stand J45 on either of the expo days, and we can have a talk or schedule an interview.  I have already agreed to meet with DHL for an interview and more are likely to come.

The shipping world is now again on the up and up.  First during COVID19 the golden spoon was available. Then it was replaced by a normal IKEA spoon as COVID19 abated. Now the golden spoon is back again thanks to some rocket savvy rebels in Yemen who seem to know how to fire rockets indiscriminately at any vessel and also being able to hi-jack on occasion. This is a serious threat to free global trade. One can only hope that the Arab nations including Saudi Arabia and Egypt (who also stand to lose enormously from both Suez Canal transit income and from port developments such as NEOM in Saudi if this continues) will get involved.  On the back of crises, rogue states often thrive, and regrettably, one of the most profitable industries worldwide is the weapons trade. I suppose many have a finger in the pie there and no one is 100% clean. 

Not good for the environment either, ships need to sail the “long road” south of Africa towards Europe – perhaps some of our “green activists” could meet up with the rebels in Yemen and discuss the green agenda with them and the effect on climate change… 😁.

It was interesting to note that Maersk and Hapag are joining forces in 2025.  One is known to be freight forwarder friendly the other one known NOT to be… I wonder what kind of policy will be in place for 2025 — perhaps every 2nd vessel will be friendly / unfriendly 😁.

On the shipping front today, we really have some interesting interviews in store:

1. We visit the country of Trinidad.  Who knew that they are a major methanol exporter and also have an asphalt lake?  Incredible as I always thought it was just tourism there… We speak to the owner of ISL TRINIDAD, a major logistics company.

2. We then interview WANGFOONG in Hong Kong, a very respected and a long-standing historical company with an HQ in Asia’s world city. They have done and can execute many projects particularly in South China, Macau and Hong Kong.

3. Finally, we visit a beautiful country that will now be able to see many more ships on the horizon… i.e., South Africa.  We speak to AFRIKAN LOGISTICS in the wonderful and favourite city of mine, CAPE TOWN.  A good choice for logistics solutions in South Africa.

We, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intel, featured photo and video and wise words.

Finally, before rounding out this editorial, please make a note that the next regular issue on the 8th of February is cancelled. It will be replaced by the PCW Yearbook on the 15th of February.

Then we are back in gear with a “normal issue” on the 22nd of February and then again every 2nd Thursday as usual…

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Wishing you well and hope that you are lucky, healthy and prosperous in 2024!

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
ISL – Trinidad

Video Interview with ISL Trinidad

Christian Laughlin, Group Director of Projects at International Shipping Limited (ISL) is interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Wangfoong – Hong Kong


Interview with

Ms. Teresa Szeto

First of all Teresa, what can you tell our readers about the history and ownership of Wangfoong?

Wangfoong was jointly established by the Wang Tak Group and HSBC in 1980. In 1987, it became a wholly-owned, private company by the Wang Tak Group. We are an asset-based company with headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices in mainland China. Wangfoong is an international freight forwarder and a transport specialist. We provide air/sea, project cargo, warehouse and logistics, trucking services and operate daily feeders between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Wangfoong also owns and operates its own fleet of vessels and warehouses and also operates a depot with waterfront.



Interview with

Mrs. Rita Pretorius
General Manager

There are many logistics companies in South Africa. Why would you say that you should be the first one to call?

Afrikan Logistics offers more than just transportation; we provide an end-to-end solution that includes port-to-door logistics, warehousing, and distribution centre functionality. Our road freight network solutions offer services and support as far as the DRC.

This comprehensive service allows us and our clients to focus on core business while we handle the complexities of shipping.

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PCW-Shipping News

Maersk/Hapag Gemini Cooperation takes liner industry by surprise

Editor’s Note:
Yes indeed a surprise move and it remains to be seen how it will play out. With one carrier being freight forwarder friendly and the other being freight forwarder UN-friendly (take a wild guess) perhaps they need to align their policies🙂 in this perhaps small field for them…

Let us see what The Alliance will do when becoming short of a partner.

Ahead of the divorce from 2M Alliance partner MSC, Maersk has turned the head of THE Alliance lead line Hapag-Lloyd to form a new long-term operational collaboration.

The ‘Gemini Cooperation’ will start in February 2025.

The agreement represents a u-turn by Maersk, which had said its integrator strategy “did not fit” with vessel sharing, and will come as a shock to Hapag-Lloyd’s THEA partners, ONE, Yang Ming and HMM.

Artic Business Journal

Editor’s Note:
Latest edition of Arctic Business Journal including reporting on the new Danish King but also interesting overall for the wider shipping community on what is going on in the Arctic waters.

Spot rates from Asia ‘out of control’: pre-CNY quotes of $10,000+ reported

Editor’s Note:
COVID19 gave the shipping lines a golden spoon in the mouth – then it was removed when the pandemic ended and now it seems to be back again thanks to some apparently Iranian backed rebels not able to feed their population but able to fire rockets. What a world we are living in…

Container spot rates from Asia to the US and Europe continued to soar this week as a swift solution to the attacks on shipping in the Red Sea by Houthi rebels looks increasingly unlikely.

Moreover, reports to The Loadstar suggest that some shippers of low-rated contract cargo are seeing their allocations slashed by up to 80% by their carriers, forcing them onto the spot market.

Red Sea crisis drives inflationary trading costs

Editor’s Note:
And more on the Red Sea crisis here from Seatrade which normally is well informed.

Carriers have told shippers and forwarders that rates will rise substantially as shipping heads around the Cape of Good Hope, soaking up excess capacity, and redressing the supply and demand imbalance. One forwarder has been told to expect European rates out of Asia to hit $12,000 per teu after Chinese New Year.

Volans Maritime

Belden Invests $40 Million in Chakan Facility Expansion, Reinforcing Global Manufacturing Presence

Belden Inc., a prominent global provider of network infrastructure and digitization solutions, celebrated a significant milestone in its Indian operations with the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of its
manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune district. This expansion adds a substantial 19,000 square meters to the company’s existing footprint.

Adiabatix’s Breakthrough: A Significant Delivery in the Nuclear Power Business to EDF

Adiabatix has made together with its French partner Altrad an agreement on a significant delivery to one of the largest energy companies in the world, the French EDF. The agreement regards Adiabatix’s RMI (Reflective
Metallic Insulation) insulation solution, which has been designed to improve safety in nuclear power plants.

Epiroc wins large mining equipment order for gold mines in China

Epiroc, a leading productivity and sustainability partner for the mining and construction industries, has won a large order for underground mining equipment from Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd for use at three gold mines in China.

Taiwan/Malaysia – Taiwan’s Kinsus mulls setting up chip substrate plant in Malaysia

Nvidia and AMD supplier Kinsus Interconnect Technology is considering building a substrate manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia, potentially joining a string of companies moving into the country’s resurgent chip supply chain, Nikkei Asia has learned.

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PCW-Featured Video

Crossing the River Between Guaruja and Santos in Brazil

Editor’s Note:
Santos is an impressive port. Guaruja is the place where the Paulistas take their holidays due to the nice beaches, or so I am told…

Crossing the River Between Guaruja and Santos in Brazil
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PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
On the LATAM flight from Melbourne to Santiago I took this shot of the live flight path tracker. Truly a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. However decent my swimming skills are they wouldn’t have helped in this vast open ocean… but we made it safely to Santiago, although the LATAM service could do with a major upgrade even in Y-class.

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