Prelude to the PCW Freighter Voyage Edition

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Dear Readers,

After careful deliberation here on the high (but calm) seas of the South China Sea I decided to publish to you all what I would call a Prelude to the PCW Freighter Voyage Edition. After completing my voyage I will send proper travel editions on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of May depicting my current epic tour onboard mv ABB Vanessa from Sines, Portugal to Soma, Japan. I will not preempt the May issues but I just wish to show you my current position in the world, due west of Palawan, Philippines.

Originally I traveled as an adult passenger first in 2005 from Malta to Khor Fakkan via Suez and have since done it every 2 years, give or take. Now, prior to the weekend coming tomorrow I hereby repeat 3 travel reports that you may find interesting to read whilst sipping on a drink or a cafe latte.

  1. mv CMA CGM Christoph Colomb:
    From Southampton to Hong Kong in 2015. My daughter joined me to Malta. See here.
CMA CGM Christoph Colomb PDF Cover

2. mv CMA CGM Georgia
From Singapore to Melbourne in 2019. See here.

mv CMA CGM Georgia

And finally;

3. mv Bright Sky of ( from Leixoes to Durban in 2023.

Part 1 see here.

part 1 bright sky

Part 2 see here.

part 2 bright sky

A side note here ie arriving 55 years after the year when I first arrived Durban at the age of 5 as father was 3rd officer onboard mv Thyra Torm.

I hope you will enjoy this PCW travel appetizer and I shall be publishing the current trip travel report in 3 parts:

• 9th of May
• 16th of May
• 23rd of May

Resuming ‘normal’ PCW program on 30/5 with interviews, trade intel, and acclaimed editorials as you have become used to.

Until then I shall continue my onward journey here with landfall in Japan on/about 3rd of May.

Also please kindly note where you have the chance to meet the editor of PCW so if you wish to have an interview or place a banner ad in our sought after publication then contact me:

• 22-23 of May – Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam at Höegh Autoliners Stand 2B24-2C25
• 06-07 of June – CLC Projects & Cross Ocean – Regional Meeting in Accra, Ghana
• 08-10 of October – Antwerp XL
• 15-17 of October – Breakbulk Americas in Houston

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen