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Interview with

Ms. Fion Ko
General Manager

First of all Fion, what can you tell us about the history of Bright Ocean?

Part of the Bright Ocean staff comes from the Yi-tong Shipping company which had vessels crossing in South China, Middle China, Haiphong, and Manila. After the company closed, we created Bright Ocean. That’s why we still have some equipment (f/r, o/t, gp).

Around 1990 in Taiwan, many project cargoes from Taiwan moved to China. That’s why we are professionals with regards to special cargo.

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Taiwan is an island and has many freight forwarding companies. What makes you the right choice and what is your speciality in logistics?

According to our history in Taiwan’s market we are well known and have strength in the shipping sector. Many of our staff have 20-30 years experience in the Taiwan market.

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Which ports are mainly used in Taiwan for import and export?

The main ports are Keelung , Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Taipei.

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Do you see that some of the shipowners also now act as freight forwarders in Taiwan, thus making them competitors to you?  What is your opinion on this?

Many shipowners have their own forwarder. We trust that’s a different market and different service for the client.

This is the open market. A logistic company‘s life depends on the service, all-round strengths. It does not depend on the other companies’ weaknesses.

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Could you provide our readers with some examples of projects you have carried or handled in recent times?

1.  At the end of April, we had 76 tons of heavy cargo from Taiwan to Czech via the Port of Hamburg. We arranged the shipment via Evergreen’s service.

Difficulties :

  • EVE arranged by bb cargo.. and at the end of April, the rate is already rising higher and higher. We faced lots of pressure due to the changeable rate.
  • Right now, this cargo still hasn’t arrived at the Port of Hamburg due to the port congestion at Singapore.
  • After the procedure.. We are waiting for the road permission / customs clearance / truck to the factory.

2. 6/2 Just onboard from Shanghai to Brazil 108 tons. By break bulk vessel.. ex-works term from the shipper’s factory. The problem is on the MBL it must show on o/f, but, shipper’s request they must show on higher o/t.. we consider to issue the HBL…

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Is customs clearance in Taiwan a difficult task?

It’s easy. We still must do the clearance via a customs clearance agency. But the charge is not expense

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How would it be best for our readers to get in touch with you?

By email:
line: fion-ko; Wechat: fion-ko
When you get in touch, please also cc your communication for Mr. Ray
Wu Cheng Rui (Mr. Ray)

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