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Interview with

Mr. Alejandro Cubas
RORO and Project Cargo Department

Who owns IC Forwarding, and what can you tell us about the history?

IC FORWARDING is a part of the IBERCONDOR group founded in 1982. Starting with airfreight in 1992, they added the rest of the logistics services, making the group bigger. They were always thinking how to improve themselves to give the best service to their customers.

In 2003, they opened in Valencia City as IC Forwarding, covering this area in order to expand their services and presence in the country of Spain, and expanding the networking as well.

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Do you have experience in moving project cargoes?  Could you provide a few examples for our readers?

Each project requires meticulous planning, custom handling solutions, and adherence to strict safety standards to ensure successful delivery. We can secure that through our dedicated team in charge of this type of cargo. We’re highly specialized on RORO commodities, representing the WRL brand in Spain and Portugal. See many examples of projects we have handled at our Instagram pages (@wrlshipping / @ic.forwarding). Feel free to contact us in case you need more information about our services.

Recently, we have arranged a shipment for a Komatsu PC2000 excavator (around 800 tons) from Spain to Jebel Ali (the 3rd one in 2 years), a Balmill project to Venezuela sailing from Serbia,  and a Bulldozer CAT D10 from Mexico to Spain.

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Spain has many active project forwarders and logistics companies. What makes you the right choice? What are your strengths?

Our company stands out in the dynamic logistics sector in Spain for its personalized approach to each customer, ensuring tailored solutions that perfectly adapt to their specific needs.

We have a worldwide network of international specialized contacts that allow us to offer efficient and competitive services on a global level and with very good rates and services.

In addition, there is our great team which is made up of highly qualified professionals committed to innovation and continuous improvement which allow us to always be at the Forefront of logistics and project management.

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Do you feel you have the same chance in the market in Spain whereby some shipowners try to act as freight forwarders and compete directly with you?

The dynamics of the Spanish freight and logistics market are indeed changing, with shipowners expanding their services to include freight forwarding, directly competing with traditional providers.

This shift reflects a broader trend in the logistics industry, where companies are seeking to offer end-to-end solutions. However, this also poses challenges for independent freight forwarders who must now differentiate themselves through specialized services or superior customer experience to maintain their market share, and this is what we have to look for… Be different and offer the trust to our customers as our first order is to protect them.

What are the main ports used in Spain for RORO and project cargoes that you have experience with?

In Spain, the Ports of Vigo, Santander and Bilbao are key hubs for roll-on/roll-off (RORO) and project cargoes, handling a significant volume of such shipments.

Valencia and Barcelona are also prominent ports for these types of cargoes, offering extensive facilities and services. These ports are well-connected by road and rail, and they link seamlessly to major shipping routes, facilitating efficient transport and logistics operations.

How is it best for our readers to get in touch with you?

It will be our pleasure to respond to everybody who sends me an email to: acubas.vlc@ibercondor.com or contacts me by phone/ WhatsApp on: +34 610 411 765

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