Week #12 – 2021

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In this edition: Bee Logistics Taiwan | Video Interview Chipolbrok – Mr. Radoslaw Chmielinski | Video Interview Hutchison Ports – Mr. Lawrence Yam >>>

Week #12 | 25th March 2021

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is the 25th of March, and there is now only 1 week left until April Fool’s Day, so politicians not doing their job worldwide—be aware.

When I come out that strongly, I am basing it on an article that I read in SCMP last week whilst onboard the train to Gothenburg.  Politicians and authorities who either don’t do their jobs, turn blind eyes, are corrupt, or in some other way thus leaving the problems for the common public to sort out should be removed from office.  

In some way, it has something to do with shipping.  Fishing is, in some parts of the world, a murky trade. This is not so much in the EU with better oversight but on the global oceans where, in particular, Taiwanese and Chinese industrial fishing trawlers are raping the oceans of fish and everything that stands in their way.  And if any sailor stands in the way of the trawler owner’s desire for profit (and in order to satisfy the owner’s greed), that sailor may risk being  bumped off and left for dead in the oceans of the world because who would find out…. read this article from SCMP

If indeed it is true, then PCW would like to know WHO in Taiwan and China is responsible for the oversight of their fishing fleets ? It makes you cringe when you see both countries sign this or that declaration in order to be part of the “world community”, only to blatantly disregard any rules governing both fishing and environment.  So those of you who enjoy eating fish have a thought about it when you see imported from China or imported from Taiwan in your local supermarket.

Fresh off the press relating to the SUEZ Canal, it seems that one giant Evergreen 20,000 teu container vessel has got itself wedged and is blocking traffic in two directions north and southbound causing a massive pile-up.   

See pictures here showing that size DOES matter also in the Suez Canal.


Hopefully, the tugboats can get it free—and soon—so world trade can continue. It is certainly like a major clog in the artery of world trade—as if this COVID-19 hasn’t been enough already with few winners and a huge number of losers.

Spring is slowly coming to Stockholm, and yesterday, we had 13 degrees for a while, although today we are back to normal again. However, it is getting lighter, and if we bet on the fact that vaccines are coming and in plentiful supply, we could hope for the ability to travel freely this summer—or at least before the end of the year. I have online conferences with companies around the globe every Wednesday, and there is a fatigue and tiredness of this situation that is palpable now.

For today’s interviews, we start off by talking with a project freight forwarder with an office in Taiwan by the name of Bee Logistics. They have got several offices in SE Asia, and in Taiwan, they are also seemingly active.  We then have two interesting video interviews for you. The one which is a bit longer is with Chinese Polish Joint Stock Shipping Corporation in Gdynia, Poland. They’ve got a history dating back to the early 1950’s. Then we finish off by serving you with an interview with the Hutchison Port of Stockholm/Norvik who tells us about their deeps sea port facilities and capabilities — also as a hub in the Baltic Sea close to one of the fastest growing regions of Europe.

We naturally provide you with the usual shipping news, trade intel, featured video and picture of the week and last but not least wise words!

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

Saudi Rail Event

Bee Logistics – Taipei, Taiwan


Interview with

Mr. James Yang
Managing Director


First of all, James, please tell our readers about the history of Bee Logistics in Taiwan. Who are the owners today, and what is the main business of your office in Taiwan?

Bee Logistics started in Vietnam in 2004. However, in 2018, after many years of experience and  discussing options, I decided that it was time to develop my own company, and we got together with Bee Vietnam, whom have been friends of mine for a long time, and developed the Taipei office. I am the general manager in Taiwan, and we offer ocean and air services  for everywhere in the world. Although we work independently from the Vietnam and other location offices, we collaborate together, trying to provide many options and best service for our customers. 

Video Interview
Chipolbrok – Mr. Radoslaw Chmielinski

CP Video Interview

Radoslaw Chmielinski, Shipping Director at Chipolbrok Gdynia, Poland interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Video Interview
Hutchison Ports Stockholm – Mr. Lawrence Yam

Hutchison Ports Stockholm

Lawrence Yam, CEO at Hutchison Ports Stockholm interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

PCW-Shipping News

IRU Briefs German Government on Border Chaos

Editor’s Note:
For all the notions of wanting everything to be green, you can never avoid road transport as an effective means of door-to-door transportation. All modes of transport complement each other. IRU also reports major headaches at borders and elsewhere (COVID to blame) so do read up on what’s the latest from them.

Following an open letter urging Chancellor Angela Merkel to reconsider Germany’s misguided border restrictions on testing commercial vehicle drivers, IRU was today invited by the government to brief key ministries on the impact their measures are having on internal commercial road transport in Europe.

Grand Slam For Stockholm Norvik Port – Overall Winner Of Prestigious Construction Prize

Editor’s Note:
Since I do live in Stockholm, I would be unpatriotic if I didn’t promote the ports around me for the greater good and Stockholm Norvik is no exception. They won a prize, and it would seem from the picture, that the port does look well-built. In Sweden, we have a reputation for being always beyond budget. For example, our largest hospital had a price tag of 3xBurj Khalifa, but for local politicians that doesn’t matter. Their elevators don’t always reach the top floor. Stockholm Norvik in my view, however, is a great investment LONG-TERM.

The most important prize in the Swedish public construction sector, Årets Bygge 2021 (Construction of the year 2021) was awarded on Thursday 18th March by the construction sector magazine, Byggindustrin, for the construction of the year. Stockholm Norvik Port, Ports of Stockholm’s newly built port, won the prize in the Infrastructure category and was also announced the 2021 overall winner.

Turnaround for CMA CGM in 2020 with Demand and Freight Rates Cruising

Editor’s Note:
It is smiles all round and no wonder when looking here at Mr. Rodolphe Saade, son of the founder of CMA CGM. Having known the group for more than 30+ years, one can honestly say that they have come a long way. They have got a reliable and innovative product range and are now able to reduce their debts which should be the right thing to do.

The French carrier stormed to a net profit of $1bn in the final quarter as freight rates soared across the world’s tradelanes, buoyed by consumer demand and supply chain bottlenecks.

Jumbo Tours India: 3 Clients, 5 Ports, 29 Days

Editor’s Note:
As widely reported also elsewhere, Jumbo, the specialist heavylift carrier of Dutch origin has done what we can call “an India sightseeing tour” although tourism likely wasn’t part of their nationwide trip around the coast of India but rather moving some impressive pieces around this giant and booming country. Well done, Jumbo!

Jumbo-Tours Video

Japan Renewable Energy Corp Enters Taiwan by Acquiring 1.8 MW Solar Plant

The solar PV plant was purchased for an undisclosed amount from Taiwanese renewable energy business developer King Sun New Tech Co Ltd. Operational since September 2018, Big Canal consists of four sites on a waterway in Pingtung County. The solar park is capable of generating some 2.15 million kWh per year, enough to meet the annual power demand of 488 local homes.

Tug Order to Support Growing New Zealand Port

Damen Shipyards Group will build the azimuth tractor drive (ATD) tug to Damen’s ATD 2412 design at Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam with 65 tonnes bollard pull.

Jimma-Chida Concrete Asphalt Road Project in Ethiopia Kicks Off

The 80-kilometer road project, whose construction is expected to take place in four years’ time, has been contracted to China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CTCE Group), a large-scale construction enterprise and a model subsidiary of China Railway Engineering Corporation.

Sea Electric Raises Equity to Accelerate Expansion

The Melbourne company manufactures drives in Dandenong and is building a truck assembly operation in the La Trobe Valley, meanwhile assembling trucks in five countries including a major presence in the United States.

PCW-Featured Video

STS Cranes and Straddle Carriers Arrived Onboard mv ZhenHua 32 Being Discharged at Stockholm Norvik Port

Editor’s Note:
As you noticed, we had an interview with Hutchison Ports of Stockholm today. I was, in fact, alongside as the STS cranes and straddle carriers arrived from China, and it seems befitting to show you the short footage I made from this great day about 1 year ago now:

PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Visited Gothenburg last Friday and after arriving 11.30 am, managed to have a total of 5 efficient meetings (3 freight forwarders & 2 shipowner reps) in more or less the same place. Efficiency is key, let’s hope the opening up and speed of vaccinations picks up soon. It’s sorely needed—face-to-face does beat Zoom anytime!

PCW Week 12 2021 ft photo collage
Meeting with COSCO Shipping Sweden, Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics, Tschudi Logistics, Scanlink Transport & Logistics, GAC Sweden