Week #16 – 2021

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In this edition: International Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of Australia Ltd., | TSM Project Logistics PVT Ltd. – Mumbai, India | Video Interview – UECC >>>

Week #16 | 22nd April, 2021

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 22nd of April, 2021 and PCW is back again.

This week has been one of the best for me from a shipping man’s point of view. I got a message recently on my LinkedIn profile from the forwarding manager at Valmet Karlstad, and since he told me that he was an avid reader of Project Cargo Weekly (yes, he is one..😃), he told me that if I had an interest to see the loading of a couple of valuable Yankee cylinders for export in the lake-based port city of Karlstad, then I would be welcome.  To this story, of course, I do need to add that I have in my previous freight forwarding career had experience with this shipper and do believe that the manager knew about me not only from the newsletter. Nevertheless, I happily took the invite, and since the weather gods were on my side as well on 19th of April. Here is a photo album of fantastic (in my view of course) pictures from this nice day in port.

And here is a video from the day as well.

Valmet in Karlstad is a world leader in high value, tissue-making machinery, and their projects around the world include heavy lifts and containers for each project. This time, 2 pieces around 133 tons each were to be shipped—one for the US and one for Japan.  An impressive company by all means and a kind gesture allowing a simple freight forwarder turned journalist to visit their shipping arrangement for this project.  

After some pleasant hours in the company of forwarding manager Mr. Henrik Zsigo and his team, I drove the 350 km to the Port of Södertälje where the bulk carrier CS Flourish was about to arrive at around 1700 hrs with a full load of prefabricated housing modules from Malaysia to the Swedish market.  Again, please enjoy this great collection of pictures.

Here is a video from the day as well, filmed from the nature park some 10 km away from the port itself.

PCW has a good relationship with both the Port of Södertälje, Frontlog (the shipper), and TSA Shipping Agency enabling such a visit, so yes, it is as always—not only what you know but also who you know and the way you treat and maintain your relationships. So in life, so also in business!

Bottom line: an awesome day for me, Monday 19th of April, 2021.  One for the memory bank indeed!!

On the political front, I haven’t really had time to follow what’s happened around the world, but much of the noise has been the same. In Sweden where I live, it is of course the usual. The media here is more interested in what is happening in a court case in the US than the country’s own almost weekly shootings taking place.  It may surprise you to learn that, but try taking a look at this sad statistic from 2017-2020. This would indicate that our media should spend more time dealing with our problems first before commenting on issues elsewhere.  Bear in mind that we are a population of ONLY 10 million.

Still, the show must go on, and on the business front today, we start off with a visit to the “lucky country”, and yes, it is, I believe still, the continent of Australia. We speak to the CEO of the International Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of Australia Ltd., and he tells us an interesting story.  

We then proceed to the gateway to India, i.e., the city of MUMBAI, and we interview TSM Project Logistics PVT Ltd., a project freight forwarder that is newly established both in India and in Germany. Although being a relatively new kid on the block, they have amassed considerable experience already. 

Finally, we finally direct your attention to an online interview I had only this morning with UECC, the regional European-based roro carrier headquartered in Oslo, Norway, able to handle rolling as well as high and heavy equipment around most of Europe. The Director of Sales & Marketing has a most interesting background, so do make yourself the proverbial cup of coffee and listen until the end…

We are once again providing you with the usual condiments such as shipping news, trade intel, featured video and picture of the week, and last but not least, wise words!

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


International Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of Australia Ltd.,

PCW Featured Image IFCBAA

Interview with

Mr. Paul Damkjaer

Mr. Paul Damkjaer

First of all Paul, I am Danish, and by the look I had at your surname, I believe so are you. How did you end up in Australia, and how did you get into the logistics business in the first place?

Yes, it is Danish. My father was Danish and my mother Australian. I suppose you could call me a Danish Australian or vice versa.

My father was a seafarer since the age of 14 with a small Danish shipping line called Maersk 😃. He ended up working on the oil tankers between Singapore and Australia where he met my mother, and the rest is history. At the age of 18, I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do, and I was not interested in attending university. I applied to be a junior shipping clerk with a small forwarding/customs brokerage in Sydney. This gave me hands-on experience which is very rare these days for new entrants into our industry, for which I am very grateful, and I am still in the industry 40 years later.

TSM Project Logistics PVT Ltd. – Mumbai, India


Interview with

Mr. Shekhar Chavan
Managing Director


Could you tell us about the history and ownership of TSM?

We are an owner-managed, medium-sized, freight forwarding company which was founded in 2004. We are based in the heart of the Hamburg free port.

TSM Germany GmbH works with a worldwide partner network of agents that has grown from long standing working relationships. Together, we move approximately 5000 containers worldwide today

Video Interview
UECC – Oslo, Norway

UECC video interview

Bjorn O. Gran Svenningsen, Director Sales & Marketing at UECC Oslo, Norway was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Liburnia-Projects & Chartering-SRO-banner
PCW-Shipping News

The Latest News from Logisyn Advisors, Inc.

Editor’s Note:
From time to time, you may, as an owner, wish that you’d sold up and put your feet up for the rest of your life or you might be having a wish to join someone with the same vision in shipping and freight forwarding as your own. Sometimes, you need to speak to professionals about that, and one such company is Logisyn, based in the US. I know that they have people onboard who actually have been working in freight forwarding and have the experience it takes. So see their latest newsletter here for contacts and knowhow if interested.

Logisyn Advisors was honored to play an integral part in representing Ground Freight Expeditors (GFE) in their sale to Allstates WorldCargo (AWC), which is backed by an investment from Clarendon Capital. GFE is a leading provider of time-sensitive, high-value freight forwarding and logistics services in the United States with headquarters located in the Midwest. Their specialized service offerings give the company an advantage in capitalizin­g on growth in its core markets and expanding into adjacent end markets, making them an ideal partner for increasing AWC’s customer base.

Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Position List

Editor’s Note:
Well, on the subject of mergers/acquisitions, etc., see here the latest merger between Jumbo and SAL – sounds like a sound and strategic clever partnership to this editor.


Shipping bodies call on world leaders to bring forward discussions on global market-based measures

Editor’s Note:
Not a day goes by without news on the green, ecological, and sustainable front. Some might be posturing and grandstanding, and some might be for real. I leave it to our readers to judge, but it does seem that sustainable policies and such like are coming also for our shipping industry. Here, the latest from the World Shipping Council in Oslo.

Shipping bodies BIMCO, CLIA, International Chamber of Shipping, World Shipping Council, along with other industry groups, have submitted a proposal to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), calling for the UN’s regulatory body to bring forward discussions around MBMs by several years. These measures will be critical to incentivise the transition of the global fleet to new fuels and technologies, which will be more expensive than those in use today.

MBMs put a price on CO2 emissions to provide an economic incentive for a sector to reduce its emissions by narrowing the price gap between fossil fuels and zero-carbon fuels. Shipping leaders believe that now is the time for the IMO member states to consider the role of MBMs so that measures can be developed and implemented to facilitate the adoption of zero-carbon technologies and commercially viable zero-carbon ships.

Anger as SCA arrests Ever Given and Submits $916m Compensation Claim

Editor’s Note:
Latest here concerning the Ever Given—or perhaps we should call it Ever Grounded as the ship is still in “house arrest”. The claim from SCA is huge; some might say unreasonably so.

An Egyptian judge granted permission for the SCA to seize the vessel after it lodged a $916m compensation claim against its Japanese vessel owner, Shoe Kisen.

The SCA says it intends to maintain the vessel’s arrest until the claim is paid, a position that has caused fury among the ship’s insurers and ship managers, and led charterer Evergreen to investigate whether it could use a court order to treat vessel and cargo separately.

The SCA claim includes $300m for salvage and $300m for “loss of reputation”, which appears set to be rejected by the vessel’s insurer, the UK P&I Club, which revealed it had already made a compensation offer to the SCA this week.


Europe’s Largest Alumina Refinery ‘Auginish Alumina’ Receives Approval for Extension of an Extraction Facility

The independent, statutory, quasi-judicial body that decides on appeals from planning decisions made by local authorities in the Republic of Ireland, An Bord Pleanála has ruled that the proposal for extension of an extraction facility at one of the most globally technologically advanced and energy-efficient alumina refinery can be considered for strategic infrastructure development. This signifies that the company can apply directly to the board for planning permission without first having to apply to Limerick City and County Council.

Uganda-China collaboration to revive Katwe Salt Project with US$736.5 million

A joint venture between Uganda’s Rwenzori Salt Industries and Chinese company Shining Star Group is seeking to invest Ush. 2.7 trillion (US$736.5 million) to revive the Lake Katwe Salt Project in Kasese District.

According to reports by Business Focus Uganda, the JV known as Rwenzori Shining Stars Limited will utilize the salt brine as a raw material to produce between 50,000-100,000 tons of salt per year.

Rehabilitation and Modernization of Port of Kalemie in DRC to be Undertaken

Rehabilitation and modernisation of Port of Kalemie located on the west shore of Lake Tanganyika, north of Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is to be undertaken by China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC) Limited, a Chinese construction, and engineering company based in Wuhan, Hubei.

North Dakota Mill Taps Ocrim to Build 2 New Milling Plants

Flour producer North Dakota Mill has selected milling technology and services firm Ocrim to construct two new milling plants and renovate an existing plant at its North Forks, ND location.

Ocrim will build one plant for durum wheat processing with a capacity of 360 tn/day and a plant for hard wheat featuring a capacity of 250 tn/day. The existing plant will be converted from durum wheat processing to hard wheat with Ocrim equipment.

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PCW-Featured Video

A Wonderful Day in the Port of Södertälje Stockholm Gateway

Editor’s Note:
The video speaks for itself. Note in particular the wonderful blue sky!

PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
“Below deck” means below deck, and for high value cargo such as this 133.5 ton heavy Yankee Cylinder from the world’s leading tissue machinery supplier, Valmet in Karlstad, Sweden, it is a must. I took this shot after descending down the ladder to the lower hold of a small coaster. Destination for this piece — Japan.

“Below deck” means below deck, and for high value cargo such as this 133,5 ton heavy Yankee Cylinder from the world’s leading supplier of tissue machinery VALMET, KARLSTAD, SWEDEN, it is a must. Took this shot after descending down the ladder to the lower hold of this small coaster this Monday. Destination for this piece—JAPAN.
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