Week #18 – 2021

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In this edition: Protos Shipping – Canada | Unimasters – Bulgaria & Romania | TSA Agency Sweden >>>

Week #18 | 6th May 2021

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is May 6th, and we are back again here at PCW.

Last week I visited Finland and drove by car to the Port of Umeå/Holmsund where SCA are building what is going to be the largest paper factory in the world, able to produce some 700,000 tons of paper per year. Machinery and parts coming from China and besides being told about that I also saw the port through a port tour with the local agent there before boarding the Wasa Line ferry across the Bay of Bothnia to Vaasa in Finland. The saying is true, you simply need to get OUT OF THE OFFICE. Not only to meet people face to face but also to visit ports and see for yourself what is happening. Thankfully, sitting at your desk searching google will not develop your business – it takes determination and effort. For those of you in sales, thinking that you can do proper sales sitting in the office; sorry, but that is not your job description. So get out and about, you will be rewarded (of course COVID19 permitting). Laziness and being comfortable, of course, also is a hallmark of some sales people, but hopefully the management sees through that.

Here are a some pictures and a video from the Port of Umeå and the ferry approaching Vaasa.

I certainly learn a lot during this trip to both Umeå/Holmsund and seeing, for sure, is believing. Vaasa in Finland which is pretty much a Swedish speaking city famous as the home of Wärtsila, ABB, KWH, etc. While there I attended a vessel arriving from United Heavy Lift (see below featured picture and video of the week), and I also met with local agents and, by coincidence, I met a former shipping manager in Wärtsila that I hadn’t seen in some 20 years, he happened to be in port, still in shipping and now working for himself and part time for Deugro. Shipping and project freight forwarding is, after all, a small world so better not rubbish anyone as that person might one day be your boss.

After Vaasa I paid a visit to the shipping agent Rauanheimo in Port of Kokkola who were nominated by TSA Agency in Sweden (they together with the agent in Vaasa belong to the same group KWH Logistics). Kokkola was a major surprise for me as I never had any clue about the millions of tonnes of cargo that they handle in that port. Iron pellets coming by rail wagons from mines in Russia shipped out via this Finnish port. Other mining companies such as Boliden etc. are also active and it was an impressive port tour that Rauanheimo took me on during my few hours stay before driving through Finland down to Turku for boarding the Viking Line ferry back to Stockholm. Here you can enjoy a few pictures from the Port of Kokkola, Finland.

So basically I drove some 1400 km between Sunday mid-afternoon on the 2nd of May and the 5th of May am plus two ferry trips. But I enjoy the freedom driving, listening to podcasts on the way and, being 58, having the obligatory pit stop mainly to visit the men’s room at the gas station. Speaking of being 58 I was informed yesterday that am scheduled to get my vaccination tomorrow, Friday, against covid19, so unbeknownst to me which vaccine I will get, I am hoping that I will be back with another editorial next week 😁

On the shipping front this week, if above was not enough for you, do listen in on the 2 video interviews we have for you this week. First one is from the land of the Maple Leaf and Maple Syrup, they even got french food there too and the country is Canada. The owner of PROTOS SHIPPING tells us an interesting story about their versatile business model in their country. We then visit a country on the European continent famous for their long history and location by the Black Sea and here we are talking about Bulgaria. The owner of UNIMASTERS active in the Black Sea region tells us more what can be done in and around region. We finally return to the land of ABBA, Volvo cars (didn’t move to China yet) and Ericsson, oh and yes, I almost forgot Minecraft, the game that children around the world play daily and although bought my Microsoft it was a Swedish invention, so naturally I am talking about Sweden. I remind you of an interview we had with TSA AGENCY, a most active and competent shipping agent looking after many a vessel in the Scandinavian ports that we have. So do FINISH listening to the interviews which are now also available as podcasts on our website and learn whilst enjoying your coffee or fiddling with your paperwork.

We, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intel, wise words and featured video and picture of the week. Do also remember to download our APP into your smart phone enabling you to listen to or read interviews whilst on the go!

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
Protos Shipping – Canada

Video Interview with Protos Shipping

Andre Neuendorff, Director, Owner & President at Protos Shipping Ltd. was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Video Interview
Unimasters – Bulgaria and Romania

Video Interview - Unimasters - Bulgaria and Romania

Nikolai Bozhilov, Executive Chairman at Unimasters was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

TSA Agency Sweden AB – Gavle, Sweden


Interview with

Mr. Marcus Larsson
Senior Port Agent and Project Specialist


First of all Marcus, could you explain to us a little about the history of TSA Agency? The name implies that you are a shipping agency, but if I understand correctly, you are also shipowners? Who are the owners of TSA?

TSA Agency Sweden was established in 1992 by a group of experienced brokers in order to provide professional, international, shipbroking services in the Swedish market. We are a local actor with global experience and can manage all of your routine (or not so routine) tasks, for all kinds of vessels, wet and dry, from coasters to VLCC’s, for all Swedish ports. We will ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation, and declarations are forwarded and arranged with the relevant port authorities in a timely and efficient manner, that customs duties and dues are paid and discharged correctly, or that whatever unusual situation which may arise is handled in the best possible fashion.

TSA is the commercial leg for the Swedish ship owner, Tarbit Shipping AB and Tarbit Tankers BV with 13 Bitumen tankers and 3 product tankers. TSA Tanker Shipping is a specialist in tanker transportation services covering chartering and operation of bitumen, pitch, coal-tar, vegetable oil as well as chemical and petroleum products all over the world. 

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PCW-Shipping News

Hansa Meyer Sells Shares in US Companies

Editor’s Note:
Good friends of Project Cargo Weekly are changing identity in Houston. The well renowned inland and specialist haulier in Texas Hansa Meyer changes its identity but NOT the capable staff into Atlas Heavy Projects LLC. More about this subject in their statement below. PCW is looking forward to hear more about their development as a proven and above all RELIABLE inland US haulier. We will publish their new trade mark and logo soon.

Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging USA, LLC will become ATLAS Heavy Transport LLC and Hansa Meyer Global Transport USA LLC will become ATLAS Heavy Projects LLC.

While you will receive the same quality of service that you have always relied upon, the name change and rebranding symbolizes a new era in our company where we can focus on what we do best; heavy transports, rigging, engineering and solutions to move complex cargo anywhere in the world with the support of our network of 260 project-focused partners worldwide.

Sea Cargo Chaos Intensifies In The Summer Of Sold-Out Ships

Editor’s Note:
And the freight rates keeps on rising and there is no let-up in sight. Here are some interesting insights into that from fellow maritime newsletter GCaptain

Container shipping rates are heading higher again, driven to new heights by unrelenting consumer demand and company restocking from Europe to the U.S. that are exhausting the world economy’s capacity to move goods across oceans.

After peaking in late 2020 and not budging much through the first quarter, the rate for a 40-foot container to Los Angeles from Shanghai hit $4,403 last week, the highest in Drewry World Container Index data going back to 2011. Cargo shippers on less-traveled transatlantic routes are feeling the sting, too: Rotterdam to New York surged to a record $3,500.

Sweden’s First Inland Shipping Shuttle Service Introduced between Stockholm Norvik and Port of Västerås

Editor’s Note:
Sweden is developing the green alternative inland and that is certainly good for the environment so PCW welcomes the news about a new shuttle service going in via the capital region to Central Sweden using the lake system. Let us hope it achieves success.

The German shipping company Reederie Deymann is introducing the EU inland waterway classed container barge Emelie Deymann into Lake Mälaren to operate services linking Stockholm Norvik Port to the Port of Västerås. This is the first inland waterway cargo barge shuttle service in Sweden and will reduce congestion on the crowded road network in the region, as well as substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Services are expected to commence before the end of May, with two sailings each week.

China, US Shipping Container Demand to Ensure ‘Exceptionally Strong’ Performance Continues, Maersk Says

Editor’s Note:
Indeed Maersk is right, currently there simply aren’t enough ships in the world to carry the current trade level in the world – if only one would have been a shipowner…. but then, of course, let’s not forget the many years in the past with low rates and excess capacity so….

Denmark’s Maersk said on Wednesday it expected its “exceptionally strong” performance in the first quarter to continue for the rest of the year, driven by high demand for shipping containers from China to the United States.

Maersk, which handles about one in five containers shipped worldwide, said there were not enough ships available in the world to meet a surge in consumer demand, resulting in record-high freight rates.

“The situation today is that our customers are trying to meet a very, very high underlying demand, while at the same time rebuilding stock,” chief executive Soren Skou said.

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Japanese-Indonesian JV Wins Jakarta MRT Metro Contract

MRT Jakarta has awarded a Rupiah 4.6 trillion ($US 317.4m) contract to a joint venture of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction, Japan, and Hutama Karya, Indonesia, to construct part of phase 2A of Jakarta’s first metro line.

Longi to Equip 190 MW of Solar Projects in Malaysia

China’s Longi Solar announced today it has received an order for 190 MW of solar modules for installation as part of projects awarded in Malaysia’s Large Scale Solar (LSS) 3 tender.

The contracts are tied to a 100-MW photovoltaic (PV) project in Kerian, Perak state, and a 90-MW solar scheme in Kuala Muda, Kedah state. Longi will deliver modules from its Hi-MO 5 monofacial and Hi-MO4 bifacial series.

Terex MPS Plant Supplies Aggregates for Laos Dam Project

A joint venture of Italy’s Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti (CMC) di Ravenna, Thai company Ital Thai and Vietnam’s Song Da Corporation is using a 1,500mtph ICM – Terex MPS plant to produce aggregates for a 4 million m3 RCC (rolled compacted concrete) and 5 hundred thousand m3 CVC (conventional concrete) dam at the Nam Theun River, Bolikhamsay Province, Laos.

Chinese Companies Sign MoU to Explore Iron Ore in Algeria

A Chinese consortium on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding with an Algerian state company to exploit an iron deposit in the North African country, Algerian state media reported.

The project will be carried out at Gara Djebilet iron mine, in the southern province of Tindouf, state radio said, citing Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab. “The project cost could exceed $2 billion according to preliminary estimates. It is still an approximative figure,” he added.

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PCW-Featured Video

Port of Vaasa – Discharging of Wind Turbine Towers

Editor’s Note:
I made this footage in the port of Vaasa, Finland on the 4th of May. It was a fantastic project cargo day in port. Full credit goes to DSV, UHL, TSA and Backman & Trummer and last but not least excellent stevedoring work by Blomberg locally. Teamwork at its best with fast, efficient and safe discharge!

PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
In Vaasa I managed, by luck, to get this beautiful shot of the UHL FORTUNE which had arrived from Asia loaded with tower sections for the booming renewable wind power industry. United Heavy Lift ( is a frequent visitor to the Baltic Ports with project cargo and their port agent TSA Shipping Agency ( coordinate in the various and many ports up here.

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