Week #33 – 2021

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Week #33 | 19th August 2021

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 19th of August, week 33, and we are here again hopefully in your inbox and NOT your spam folder, but do remember to check your spam folder regularly as you never know what ends up there.

It has escaped no one what has happened in the week past, and what I am talking about is Afghanistan.  The government which was propped up by the Western powers was toppled in less than 2 weeks, and what was supposed to be a 300,000-strong army turned out to be an apparent illusion.  

There are many losers in the 20-year or so engagement with Afghanistan, not least the civil population but also the dead and wounded from the war and many around the world now have to ask themselves: “Was it worth it?”  Bush’s war on terror and “either you are with us or against us” has lead nowhere, and we don’t seem to be much safer now than 20 years ago, frankly. 

However, where there are losers there are also winners. The weapons industry is the big winner, and it remains to be seen where the next conflict will happen in order to feed the military industrial complex animal.  If we look at Libya after the bombing of the country and toppling of Ghaddafi, it seems that country, too, was in dire straits and now has been for years. 

Perhaps in the West, we need to learn in the NOT to impose our so-called values of freedom down other people’s throats or at least, we should be less naive about the values and traditions of other countries.

This newsletter pays its respects to all who lost something during the 20 years of engagement, and time will tell whether or not an inch of difference was achieved when the smoke clears from the Kabul Airport runway.

Here in Sweden where I am located—and with reference to my editorial of last week—we only had shootings in 3 cities in the week past: Stockholm, Linkoping and Gothenburg.   Two were shot dead in Stockholm with others wounded, so from our perspective, it’s been a quiet week here…. let’s see for how long. The prime minister of our country claimed: “We didn’t see it coming.” Along with the chancellor of Germany who said: ”Wir schaffen dass – we will overcome this.”, these two statements have got to be some of the most naive proclamations or confirmations of ignorance by modern day leaders in recent times.

This past week I visited several places in Finland and Sweden (mainly ports). I took 2 ferries, namely from Stockholm to Turku, then drove to Mikkeli to meet my daughter who is studying there.  Next, I drove 7 hrs to Kemi and visited also Raahe, Kokkola before boarding the ferry Vaasa to Umeå across the Baltic. After that, I visited the Port of Umeå and with a stopover in Gävle, arriving in Stockholm 7 days, 6 hotel nights and 1800 km later. See the video, pictures, and a map here of the trip I took along with my 12-year-old son in the passenger seat.

Travel between Sweden and Finland, Map
Travel Report August 2021

Travel Report – August, 2021

Summer is now over, schools are open, business is gradually grinding into gear again, and the rat race to make ends meet, pay the taxes, bring up your children, etc. has started, so I turn now to business this week.

We start off by visiting a country where the main quality is the command of English, and they’ve got a prime minister with wily hair (apparently they didn’t have hair dressing courses at Eton). We are, of course, talking about the UK.  We speak to a company called Danbrit, and they tell us a story about the strong ties between Denmark and Britain.  

We then introduce you to a new colleague of mine (Ms. Nina Bjerg) by asking her to answer some questions about herself.  Being more or less alone in developing this newsletter has meant long hours for myself during the recent couple of years. I thought it was time to get myself a personal assistant trainee.  Nina introduces herself, and you may be contacted by her in the near future either with requests for input to the newsletter and/or enquiries about advertising—although we are still allowing ONLY 4 banner ads in each issue.  

We finally round off this week’s news with a great and very informative video interview with SEA.O.G Offshore in Germany & US, and they tell us about their amazing capability in handling renewable projects, especially through inland waterways and site delivery.  Do take some time with a coffee in hand to listen to this interview!

We of course fulfill our weekly quota with shipping news, trade intel and wise words… and let’s not forget our featured video and picture of the week.

Welcome back I say and until next week I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Danbrit Shipping Limited – UK


Interview with

Mr. Jan Kroll (Director) and Pieter Fourie (Logistics Manager)

Jan Kroll and Pieter Fourie

For starters, would you please explain a bit about the history of Danbrit. The name would imply, I think, that there is a Danish/British connection here, right?

Yes. Danbrit Shipping Limited was founded in 1988 by Peter Aarosin (Danish) as a shipping business mainly concentrating on vessel / cargo chartering and agency business. Jan Kroll (also Danish) joined the business in 1989 as chartering broker. Over the years, the business has developed into a company offering the following services:

  • Vessel and cargo chartering
  • Vessel agency services
  • International freight forwarding services
  • European haulage road services
  • Warehousing
  • Stevedoring services throughout the UK, especially for project and out of gauge cargoes

Nina Bjerg (PCW Intern)


Interview with

Ms. Nina Bjerg
PA to the Editor in Chief


First of all Nina, please tell our readers about yourself: who you are, your background, and how did you land a job as a PA intern with Project Cargo Weekly?

My name is Nina Bjerg, and I am 19 years old. I just recently finished my 3-year education in the higher commercial examination program (HHX) where I studied marketing, international economics, and business economics in English. Other than my education, I was working in a supermarket up until the summer of 2020.

Video Interview
SEA.O.G Offshore – Germany & USA

SEA O.G. Offshore

Dominik Schäfer, Managing Director at SEA.O.G. Offshore GmbH was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen of Project Cargo Weekly.

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PCW-Shipping News

Jan De Nul to Install Cables for Vineyard Wind Offshore Farm

Editor’s Note:
With reference to the video interview published today here is more news about the offshore wind farm on the US East Coast. Most interesting!

The developer of the United States’ first commercial-scale offshore wind farm has awarded the cable installation contract to Belgium’s Jan De Nul Group.

The contract was awarded by Vineyard Wind, a joint venture between Avangrid Renewables, a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

Chipolbrok – “PADEREWSKI” on Tour in Europe

Editor’s Note:
Besides turning 70 recently, Chipolbrok remains on the move also with new tonnage soon entering its renowned services now worldwide and not only between Europe and China. Still a government joint venture between Poland and China, it remains to be seen for how long China will feel equal and not superior to the Polish partners given the economic clout and development of the Middle Kingdom. Here is the latest from their press officer Mr. Olaf Proes, also a good friend of mine.

Paderewski called at Dalian, Xingang, Taicang and departed from last load-port Phu My in Vietnam. Space capacity on-board was fully utilized. The voyage guided the vessel with a fully loaded deck of windmill towers first to Raahe in Finland. After almost 4,400cbm had been discharged the next stop was St. Petersburg. A big portion was crane equipment, machinery, shipper’s own containers – all together nearly 13,500cbm plus 2,600 tons of steel. Another 3,000 tons of steels was discharged at Gdansk where the westbound voyage ended.

As Greenland’s COVID Outbreak Shows Signs of Slowing, Officials Warn Against Easing Up

Editor’s Note:
As Greenland’s COVID outbreak shows signs of slowing, officials warn against easing up Came across this interesting newsletter about the Arctic. Besides the Northern Sea Route that is increasingly being used, there are also other things happening in the Arctic business wise. Enjoy reading!

With more than a hundred active cases of COVID-19, Greenland remains in the midst of it most serious outbreak of the illness, but a dip in the infection rate in the current outbreak’s hotspot may signal that the worst is over, health officials say.

As of Sunday, 74 people in Sisimiut were reporting symptoms of COVID-19. In many cases, public health authorities were unable to trace the path of infection, leading to a decision last week to ban sales of alcohol in the town this past weekend, and to postpone the planned start of the school term on August 10.

How the Northern Sea Routes Will Change the World’s Major Traffic Flows

North Sea Route Map

Editor’s Note:
Speaking of the Northern Sea Route, here is a most informative and interesting infographic from Nikkei Asia Review – see it and learn about a fascinating trail.

Since the Age of Discovery, humans have explored the world’s sea routes, but there is still one of the “Seven Seas” that has yet to be conquered: The Arctic Ocean. The Northern Sea Route is gaining prominence because of global warming, and it is the shortest route between East Asia and Europe. It has the potential to rewrite the world’s logistics networks. The Arctic is also rich in natural resources, and the U.S., China and Russia have begun to compete for control of the region. It is also becoming important for Japan’s energy policy.

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DR Congo to Get First Waste Plastic to Energy Pyrolysis Plant

Clean Vision Corporation subsidiary Clean-Seas has signed a letter of intent to build and operate a waste plastic-to-energy pyrolysis plant in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Armour Energy to Recommence Exploration in Uganda

The Company has written to the Minister indicating that it will recommence work on the 2D seismic survey. One effect of the two notices to the Minister declaring Force Majeure, is that the periods of time during which the event of Force Majeure prevented the Company from carrying out the 2D seismic survey will be added to the renewed term of EL 1/2017. Accordingly instead of the renewed term of EL 1/2017 expiring on 13 September 2021, the term of EL 1/2017 will be extended well into calendar year 2022 or 2023.

ECP Invests in Eranove, a Water and Electricity Specialist in Africa

ECP Power & Water Holding has become a shareholder in the Eranove group, whose numerous subsidiaries based in several African countries produce and distribute water and electricity. The new shareholder is a joint venture between several investment companies active on the African continent.

SymEnergy to Co-invest in Another 21-MW Wind Project

Japanese electric utility Electric Power Development Co Ltd (TYO:9513), known as J-Power, said on Tuesday it will accept the entry of compatriot SymEnergy Inc in a 21-MW wind project.

SymEnergy Inc will be in charge of 30% of the investment in Ishikari Green Energy Co Ltd, the vehicle that holds the Ishikari-Hachinosawa Windfarm project in Hokkaido Island. Ishikari Green was established on June 7, 2021, by J-Power’s wholly-owned subsidiary J-Wind Co Ltd.

PCW-Featured Video

Windturbine Tower Being Transported from the Port of Raahe, Finland to the Interior for a Wind Park

Editor’s Note:
Footage up close of a wind turbine tower being transported from the Port of Raahe, Finland to the interior for a wind park. Sizes of the wind turbines have been increasing steadily over the years and now constitute a huge part of the global project cargo industry, although one might consider the cost of production and pollution in China or Vietnam, then transportation around the world, and trucking to final destination. If we could produce closer to home, it would be ideal….from an environmental standpoint.

Featured Video Week 33 2021
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Seen in Stockholm last week, the past and the present following each other into the interior lakes in Stockholm. There ought to be a certain difference in running costs. Strangely enough, the “older version” hasn’t been painted green yet…that is politically incorrect!

PCW Featured Video
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