Week #50 – 2021

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Week #50 | 16th December 2021

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 16th of December, 2021 and we are here with the final issue of our newsletter for this year.

Today has a special meaning for me in a very sad way actually, because it was today around 4pm afternoon Swedish time that I (in 2020) spoke for the last time ever with my brother Jonas.  3 days later he was found dead in his Copenhagen residence where he was supposed to enjoy Christmas with his family.  I remember vividly getting his call on the 16th and then on the morning of the 19th, the call from my parents that my brother was found deceased.  So the memory bank holds both positives and negatives, and it is all part of life.  It has, however, somehow dawned on me, finally some may add, that we need to:

1. Live your life when you have it.

2. Keep in contact with family and close friends when you can.

3. Do as the NIKE ad tells you: “Just do it.”

4. If you have a plan such as “I would like to try the Trans-Siberian Railway or climb Kilimanjaro”,  then DO it.

5. Save money for a rainy day, keeping in mind that it will NOT rain for 3 months. This means oversaving will benefit lawyers, the taxation authorities, and perhaps others who never contributed much and that, if anything, is unfair.

Regretting later on what you cannot do when you had the chance is the worst kind of regret you will have.  And to this day, I blame myself in part for not having spent more time with my brother. Of course it takes 2 to tango, but I could have done more, and frankly speaking, couldn’t we all?

The month of December coming to a close also reminds me how fast the year has actually gone by. In spite of COVID-19, business in logistics seems to have thrived well, and from my global contact network, so far I hear no complaints about the level of income for many. In some ways it’s been the best year ever.  

I say again (as in my editorial last week) that if anyone deserves a bonus, it is the seafarers of the world. If there is something good that has come out of this COVID-19 pandemic, then it is recognition from the world community finally that those of us in the logistics business are a VITAL part of making the world go around.

Next year, I shall turn 59, slowly approaching 60. Retirement is something that I never thought about. I believe a slower descent is the way to go, because if you suddenly stop, then your mind and body may suddenly stop, too. 

I did, by the way, put into effect a couple of plans that I have for 2022: taking a cargo ship from Europe to South Africa and doing the same from Northern Europe north of Russia (summertime) to Asia.  It remains to be seen whether I will have a wife still waiting for me after those trips, but hey, I do have a seaman’s book, so I need to use it!

On the political front nothing much to remark. The EU is still muddling along whilst Joe and Vladimir met each other online, so perhaps there is hope for the world yet.  In Germany “wir schaffen dass” [translation: we can do this] has retired, so perhaps finally some fresh air can be smelled in Germany as the country had become stagnant in many ways—at least that is what they tell me when visiting.  Still, on balance, Europe is not a bad place to live, and as long as we can come to grips with things and actually DECIDE on something, then there is hope.  Our politicians generally have a problem getting their message across, but how do we do in logistics?  Well, we make a video about what we do, and sometimes pictures and a short video tells more than a thousand words.  Here is a link to one of the best project cargo videos that I have seen for a while provided by Martin Bencher Group in cooperation with BBC Chartering. Take a look at this!

Martin Bencher and BBC Video

We in Project Cargo Weekly also can promote ourselves, so for those of you with money to spend in 2022 do look at our media kit and introduction here.

PCW Media Kit Video

So what do we have for you in this final issue of the year?   Well, we start off in the country of 100,000 + lakes and with the longest EU border with Russia and a people that are frank, friendly and generally hard-working. They are also famous for design, vodka, and dark winters, and we are talking about Finland. KWH Logistics is a Finland-wide logistics provider with very strong links to Russia and with representation in many ports. Their MD tells us an interesting story.

We then visit a country famous for political divide, disastrous interventions in foreign countries, but also a beacon of light in many ways, and it is the US.  A project freight forwarder with a global presence originates there, and we are talking to their representative sitting in Houston. Logistics Plus Inc tells us their success story in detail.

We finally visit a place of beauty, friendly people, and famous for an ex-president’s wife’s shoes, and yes you guessed it, it’s the Philippines. The Rigging Co Ltd in Manila tells us about what they can do in trucking, rigging, inland delivery, and project cargo logistics in this island-rich nation of 100 million people.

We, of course, provide you with the usual shipping news where you may find another new building from UHL, a project handled by SAL/Jumbo, and news about Chipolbrok’s new and much enlarged tonnage entering the market at just the right time.  Trade intel is there to give you an idea of what’s happening, and finally we do provide you with wise words, featured video, and picture of the week.

Ona final note, let me add that the Project Cargo Weekly yearbook will be published around 20th of January, so watch this space!   Don’t forget to download our PCW app here.  It may come in handy when you need to take a breather from the family during the holidays!  

See you again on 13th of January, 2022!

Wishing you all the best, and from myself and the whole team at PCW: a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of 2022!

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
KWH Logistics

KWH Logistics

Joakim Laxåback, Head of Division KWH Logistics, CEO Oy Backman-Trummer Ab was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW.

Video Interview
Logistics Plus Inc.

Logistics Plus Inc Interview

Bahadir Erdil, Global Projects Director – USA & Managing Director – Turkey at Logistics Plus Inc. was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW.

The Rigging Co. Ltd. – Manila, Philippines


Interview with

Mr. Jed G. Dulay


When did you start the company, and who are the owners?

The Rigging Co., Ltd. started with a humble beginning by the founder (Mr. Jed Dulay). It all started by moving small- to average-sized machines on both import and export, providing packing, crating, rigging-in or rigging-out, and positioning of the machines to its final placement. We did this until such time that the company joined some of the industry’s individual players, having extensive experiences, knowledge and great attitudes in the various fields of specialized heavylift transport, rigging, heavylift. Having the various industrial partners which are our employees, The Rigging Co.,Ltd had started the expansion and programmed the procurement of specialized and new generation equipment to muscle up our expansion, to where our company became one among the leading specialized transporters, rigging, lifting, and alternative service companies. According to our company’s slogan “THE RIGGING NEVER STOPS”, here we are, and we have the prestige of conversing with the great and honored president of CLC, and being interviewed on our newly muscled services, as a new NVOCC – INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING company.

PCW-Shipping News

F900 Newbuilding MV UHL Fighter Delivered to United Heavy Lift

F900 Newbuilding MV UHL Fighter Delivered to United Heavy Lift

Editor’s Note:
Successfull project cargo carrier UHL – United Heavy Lift has received yet another new building in their rather modern fleet of F900 Eco-lifters from a yard in China. With enough cargo in the market the timing couldn’t have been better and the investment will no-doubt be recovered soon.

MV UHL Fighter (H1705A), vessel number 16 in a series of 17 state-of-the-art F900 Eco-Lifters newbuildings, was delivered to United Heavy Lift (UHL) on December 11, 2021. UHL is taking delivery of the newbuilding MV UHL Fighter at the Hudong shipyard in Shanghai, China. “We affirm our company’s commitment to contributing to an eco-friendly shipping industry by investing in fuel-efficient tonnage. We took delivery of seven identical F900 newbuildings in 2021 and are looking forward to complementing our fleet with a final F900 newbuilding in early 2022.” says Mr. Lars Bonnesen, managing director of UHL

Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Finalised Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm Project

Jumbo-SAL-Alliance finalised Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm Project

Editor’s Note:
Another solid name in the field of heavylift and project cargo shipping is SAL and their alliance with Dutch Jumbo. I am sure they don’t “go Dutch” price-wise but one has to be impressed by a recent renewable offshore project that they just completed!

With several thousand kilometres of coastline along the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the French market is one of the world’s most important growth markets for energy production from offshore wind. SAL has provided logistics support to specialised offshore contractor DEME Offshore for years now. Therefore, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance assigned SAL’s MV Svenja to handle the complex transport of the heavy foundations for the construction of one of France’s first four offshore wind farms: the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm.

Interview with Logisyn Advisors

Editor’s Note:
You want to sell your company or buy into a new one? There are companies who specialise in that very thing, one of them, named Logisyn, seems to know their business in this field, particularly because they actually have people who have experience in the logistics field as partners. We had an interview recently with Logisyn and one of the partners, Mr. Ron Lentz. Make a coffee and enjoy it here:

Logisyn Advisors Interviewed by PCW

Chipolbrok – Always on the Move

Chipolbrok - Always on the Move

Editor’s Note:
Chinese Polish is on a roll and they have built very new and much larger vessels for their worldwide trade. It is the first time they enter into this kind of huge tonnage compared to what they have been operating for the last 70 years. Interesting to see how it will play out. The market for sure is good and CP have a reputation for knowing their business in shipping.

Chipolbrok’s m/v TAI XING v.1 on her maiden voyage from Penglai (Chinese province of Shandong) to Puerto Bolivar (Equador). It will be a full load of abt. 90,000cbm windpower components which in mantled condition being good enough for 18 windmills. It is the first of four newbuilt XL MPP vessels in this serial described in Chinese media as the largest in their class in the world.


Ghana’s Investment in Renewable Energy

In recent years, Ghana has resorted to renewable energies to fight against the phenomenon of chronic power cuts it was facing. A policy that seems to be bearing fruit.

In Ghana, investments in the renewable energy sector have soared. According to Eugenia Okyere, head of the research and business unit of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), these investments concern 29 renewable energy projects across the country.

Aya Gold & Silver Increases its Silver Production Target by 29% in 2021

The mining company Aya Gold & Silver produced 338,624 ounces of silver at the Moroccan silver mine Zgounder, on behalf of the third quarter of 2021. It is what it announced on October 14, specifying that it is This is a 198% year-over-year increase.

Orsted Partners with Crystal Steel for Wind Farms Fabrication

Danish multinational power company Orsted has selected Maryland’s Crystal Steel Fabricators for a major offshore wind steel fabrication center in Caroline county in Virginia in US. Maryland Governor Mr Larry Hogan tweeted “Today we celebrated the partnership between Orsted and Crystal Steel to establish Maryland’s first offshore wind-steel fabrication center. Offshore wind presents an opportunity to grow our economy and energy portfolio with significant job creation potential.”

Metalloinvest Orders HBI Plant from Primetals & Midrex

Russian miner & steel maker Metalloinvest has contracted with Primetals Technologies and consortium partner Midrex Technologies Inc to supply the new HBI Plant at Lebedinsky GOK. The plant will be located in Gubkin in Russia, and will be designed to produce 2.08 million tonnes of HBI per year. Its modern design features will ensure reduced energy consumption and environmental impact. Investment in the construction of the plant is estimated at over USD 600 million. The project is expected to become operational in the first half of 2025.

PCW-Featured Video

How Amazon Beat Supply Chain Chaos With Ships, Containers And Planes

Editor’s Note:
Although it is not really project cargo related, one still cannot help being impressed by the sheer size of guys like AMAZON. How do they solve their supply chain problems in these awkward times? Here is an interesting video from youtube on that very thing.

Featured Video
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
A great picture of a PIL MPP vessel in Port of Hong Kong. PIL has been in stormy weather financially but is now on the mend. The Singapore carrier has a proud history so I’m glad that they are still with us.