Week #12 – 2022

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In this edition: DKT / Naxco Group Belgium | Multicont Ltd – Hungary | Milaha – Qatar >>>

Week #12 | 24th March 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 24th of March, and after 2 weeks of R&R (well, more or less), I am ready to start publishing again with this week’s edition of the highly acclaimed Project Cargo Weekly (PCW).

It is, however, on a sad background that I restart publishing because the war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing with hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent victims. First and foremost, it is the civilian population who pays the ultimate price, but also soldiers who might have been lured into this war under a “false” pretext. I guess we will never know, but there can be no doubt that attacking another country in the year 2022 using inflammatory rhetoric and under the guise of “protecting” someone reminds us all about a war less than a century ago that cost millions their lives.

If there is a “positive side” to any of this, for lack of a better phrase, it is that the attack has made others stand more firmly together in an alliance that hopefully is unbreakable by any means. Somehow publishing, travelling, and going about one’s normal business has a downside when thinking of the war as it does influence us all.

The war should be stopped, and the negotiation room should be put to good use. As far as I can see, they certainly have big enough and sufficiently long tables, at least in Russia, to host proper negotiations with lots of attendees and hopefully not only people who automatically says “Yes, sir” and “Yes, Mr. President”. As the saying goes, “none are so blind as those who will NOT see”. So from us, GO UKRAINE!

This week, I am in Dubai after a short visit to Qatar. Both countries here in the Middle East are more or less open for travel, and it’s indeed a pleasure to visit abroad again (abroad meaning outside Europe). I had many meetings with shipping people in both places, and with excellent food, positive moods, and lots of business happening, it is truly great to be back on the “road” again.

Soon though, I am sure we will start complaining about long lines, queues in the airport, traffic jams and stress – memory easily erases what we don’t like to remember, right? It reminds me about doing one’s military duty years (or rather kilos) ago. You hardly remember the many dull days digging holes but only remember the very few times when you were drunk with your mates – again memory playing the movie you prefer to see or listen to.

So without further ado let us dig into what we have in the way of interviews in store for you today. We start off in the country of the best French food (or so I am told ? ) but also of great ports, diamonds, chocolate, and wine, .ie., Belgium. DKT-NAXCO tells us an interesting story from their inception more than 100 years ago.

We then visit another European country — landlocked but also with a proud history and someone told me that it is actually the cradle of the best red wine (from where the French learned their craft), i.e., Hungary. MULTICONT in Budapest tells us about what they can do in their landlocked position in the very centre of Europe.

Besides these 2 fresh interviews we finally remind you of an interview we had with MILAHA, a versatile, state-owned logistics company based in Qatar.

We naturally provide you with shipping news, trade intelligence, wise words and, last but not least, DO download our App here or read our recently published 2021 Yearbook.

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

WOF Innovative Logistics Congress Vienna

Video Interview
DKT / Naxco Group Belgium

DKT / Naxco Group Belgium - Interview with PCW

Els De Saegher, Business Development Manager at DKT / Naxco Belgium interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Video Interview
Multicont – Hungary


István Huszti, Head of Sales and Business Development at Multicont Ltd – Budapest, Hungary was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Milaha – Doha, Qatar

Milaha Boiler Movement

Interview with

Mr. Elias Abou Jawdeh
Senior Manager – Commercial


Qatar has many projects ongoing and coming up, kindly elaborate on the services that you can provide, shall we say, overseas project freight forwarders and customers in Qatar.

Qatar is well known in the region for its Oil and Gas project expertise. Milaha has played a major role in many industrial projects with global logistics requirements. With extensive project experience and diversified capabilities obtained throughout the years of operation in changing environments, Milaha is able to offer a complete solution for project cargo – be it onshore, offshore or both. From air and sea-freight forwarding, to land transport and warehousing, we give our clients engineered door-to-door, logistics solutions, as well as offering specialized equipment and skilled labor for managing warehousing & distribution and oil & gas facility yards of major upstream and downstream energy companies. Milaha is THE Qatar project forwarder; when it comes to project cargo and tailor made logistics solutions for the oil & gas industry, we are the preferred forwarder that every EPC can count on.

PCW-Shipping News

Swire Shipping Turns 150

Editor’s Note:
The well-renowned tycoon company, Swire Shipping has their celebration this year. More about this special event congratulating a conservative but reliable shipping group active in liner, bulk, and projects.

Swire Shipping, the oldest operating entity of the British conglomerate, the Swire Group, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

The Company began as The China Navigation Company in 1872 on the banks of the Yangtze River where it operated a modest fleet of Mississippi-style paddle steamers. Last October it rebranded to Swire Shipping as part of its strategy to streamline its brands, and present customers and stakeholders with a consistent and unified experience across its product offerings.

A Wave of War Propaganda is Gushing Over Russian Youth

Editor’s Note:
In these sad times with the Russian invasion of an independent country in Europe, it is good to read more from different kinds of media outlets. Here’s the latest from the Barents Observer – there is no doubt that the Russian public is hearing what the Kremlin wants them to hear, but most likely, they bit off more than they can chew by attacking Ukraine.

“The Russian Army is fighting for the security of Russia and the whole world against Nazism,” a video produced by the Murmansk Government Youth Committee says, and in the Northern Fleet headquarter city of Severomorsk children line up in formation of the “Z.”

Russian Railways on the Sanction List of EU and US

Editor’s Note:
Yes, railway traffic that was supposed to complement the deep sea route from Asia is also facing, if not outright cancellation, then major disruptions due to the war. So it seems that the major challenges for the supply chain from Asia to Europe, in particular, will continue

The sanctions imposed on Russian people and companies are fluid, and the relevant lists are frequently updated, mentions the website of the European Council. The same applies to the US Treasury, which is responsible for the sanctions from the US side. In one of the latest updates, both institutions included Russian Railways in their sanctioned companies list.

The sanctions imposed are financial. The EU text reads: “It shall be prohibited to directly or indirectly purchase, sell, provide investment services for or assistance in the issuance of, or otherwise deal with transferable securities and money-market instruments, issued after 12 April 2022, with..”, followed by a detailed description of all those this applies to. On page 135 of the document, it clarifies that this applies to Russian Railways too.

Denmark to Fund Major Hydropower Projects in Greenland

Editor’s Note:
Another newsletter here, called Arctic Today, which, of course, also includes news about the overall impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, etc. If nothing else, the invasion has made the West pull closer together, and it will NOT be easy to carry a Russian passport and travel to enjoy the luxuries of the west in the future. Perhaps better for them to enjoy the holidays at home – there is space enough.

Greenland and Denmark announced a new funding agreement for two major hydroelectric power plants in Greenland on Tuesday.

Múte B. Egede, prime minister of Greenland, and Mette Frederiksen, prime minister of Denmark, signed a declaration of intent for Denmark to lend funds during Frederiksen’s visit to Greenland’s capital, Nuuk.

In November, Greenland’s legislature approved the projects, which will upgrade an existing facility in Nuuk and create the country’s sixth hydroelectric plant to supply the towns of Qasigiannguit and Aasiaat.


Atinkou Power Plant Project (Ciprel 5) Update

The Atinkou power plant otherwse known as Ciprel 5 has taken delivery of reactors, electrical transformers, and various electrical equipment.

The materials that were delivered include:
– 3 autotransformers of 175 tons.
– 2 transformers of 80 tons.
– 2 reactors of 53 tons.

The materials are for the building of 2 transformer stations for the transport of electrical energy that will be produced in the CIPREL 5 Power Plant in Côte d’Ivoire.

Egypt Signs Crude Oil Supply Agreement with Aramco Trading for Petrochemicals Complex

Egypt’s Red Sea National Petrochemicals Co. has signed an agreement with Aramco Trading Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco), to supply raw materials to the Red Sea Petrochemicals Complex at the Suez Canal Economic Zone.

Under the agreement, Aramco Trading will provide Red Sea National Petrochemicals with Arabian light crude oil for the Petrochemicals Complex, according to a press release on Wednesday.

During the fifth edition of the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS 2022), Egypt’s oil sector has signed a number of joint agreements with Saudi Aramco as part of the measures taken to complete the complex’s construction.

Vanadium at Tiris: In-Demand Resource Adds Magic to Aura’s Mauritanian Uranium Project

Aura has defined a vanadium resource at its Tiris project in Mauritania that could significantly reduce the effective cost of producing uranium.

The company has defined a 18.4 million pound resource after confirming a consistent vanadium (V2O5) to uranium (U3O8) ratio exists within carnotite minerals, the primary host of uranium mineralisation at Tiris.

Adding further excitement – 34% of the resource is classified under the high-confidence Measured and Indicated categories.

Metito and Partners in Talks with Egypt’s Sovereign Fund for Mega Desalination Project

The Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE) is discussing a $1.5 billion desalination project powered by green energy with UAE-based Metito Holdings, Norway’s Scatec, and Egypt’s Orascom Construction.

“The project is expected to be procured under build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) model, and reflects government efforts to address the looming challenge of water shortage,” Metito’s managing director for Africa, Karim Madwar, told Zawya Projects.

He said the scope of the project being discussed with the sovereign fund includes a 400-megawatt solar power plant and a desalination plant with a capacity of 1 to 2 million cubic metres per day (m3/day).

Madwar said Egypt had allocated $2.5 billion to construct over a dozen green energy-powered desalination plants by 2025.

Qingdao-Ba-Shi-Yuexin-Logistics banner
PCW-Featured Video

Australian Built Superfast Ferry Between Aarhus and Sjaellands Odde, Denmark

Editor’s Note:
Visiting Denmark recently I had the pleasure of taking the Australian-built, superfast ferry between Aarhus and Sjaellands Odde. I hereby share with you the nice experience: fast, comfortable, clean – but certainly as everything in Denmark – never cheap!

Australian Built Superfast Ferry Between Aarhus and Sjaellands Odde, Denmark
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Nice steel Cargo project loaded to the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the US out of the U.A.E.

Featured Photo

Asian Tiger Shipping part chartered a vessel MV HAKE to load 16000MT of Galvanized Steel Coils and Pipes from local shippers / forwarders in the U.A.E. plus another 3000MT via other channels by owners totaling about 19000MT of steel cargoes.

The Cargoes booked by ATS were loaded in 04 Cargo Holds of the vessel. ATS services to the customers included receiving the cargo at the port yard / covered shed, segregating the cargo at the time of offloading from trucks as per customer, weight, size, color codes at Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi to loading from port yard to vessel with LSD inside the vessel.

In fact, this meticulous planning and receiving of the cargoes at the port yard made the overall loading operations successful and facilitated the preloading meeting with Port Operations, Supercargo, Vessel Master, Port Captain to increase the loading rate per hook / shift with no idling of vessel hook during the whole loading operations.

Based on their previous experience and relationship with the vessel owners ATS were also appointed as the vessel agents which gave them full control of the loading operations and allowed ATS to leverage their relationship with Abu Dhabi ports for a smooth and an overall successful loading operation.

Asian Tiger Shipping website:

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