Week #33 – 2022

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In this edition: RMS Projects | dteq Transport Engineering Solutions | Plus interviews from the archives >>>

Week #33 | 18th of August 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is week 33, and we are here again with the Thursday edition of Project Cargo Weekly.

This time I am going to make my editorial a bit different. In other words, to try to work it “around” the two featured and fresh interviews that I have in store for you today.

Starting off in Germany & Denmark (two countries that are heavily into shipping globally), we first of all speak to a company called RMS Projects headquartered in Hamburg and with a representative office in Korsør, Denmark.  You can see for yourself in this interview what these industry stalwarts in shipping have to say for themselves. They surely have the skill and know-how in the breakbulk market, so do listen and learn…

RMS Projects interview with PCW

Watch the Interview | Listen to the Interview

After our online stops in Germany and Denmark, we continue online to Phuket, Thailand. We speak to yet another German native settled on the island who, after a long career with Polysius and ThyssenKrupp, ultimately finds himself working as regional director APAC (Asia Pacific) of dteq Transport Engineering Solutions – an independent branch of the well-renowned Deugro.  An interesting story to listen to indeed.

dteq Transport Engineering Solutions   Interview with PCW

Watch the Interview | Listen to the Interview

Moving offline…

My week here in Stockholm has been great. The weather has been impeccable, hovering between 22-28 degrees [72-82 degrees F].

Finally (sigh of relief), the start of the school year can be seen coming. In fact, for us, it is today (Thursday). With three kids at home and a holiday that (for them) spans almost two months, I hear of few parents who are not tired and worn out towards the end of that period, wishing for it to end and for their kids to get back into their daily routines.  Both me and my dragon (aka wife) work from home. Thus, with kids here too, it does mean that it IS difficult to focus on work – even though ipads and so on can be used as babysitting devices for some of the time.  

Make no mistake: for most, two incomes are needed to make ends meet, and it is clear for all to see that fuel, food, and generally all prices are skyrocketing weekly if not daily.  Talking to my colleague in the Philippines I hear it is the same story there, not to mention my kids in London and New York where daylight robbery (meaning price increases and horrendous rents) are taking an ever bigger chunk of whatever salary you are getting.  I think and hope that our politicians will see the light and try to do their best to remedy things. At least they promise a lot here in Sweden, but naturally with elections now in September, no wonder.   Some well-known countries don’t have that kind of problem, with democracy I mean, but on balance, I would rather stay where I am for a proper future without too much corruption and nepotism.  As Churchill famously said “Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.” 

The very latest from the shipping world is that MSC [No. 1 (now) in the world ahead of Maersk] is going into private hospitals. Well if they can go from humble beginnings running 2nd hand ships into operating brand-new tonnage on a worldwide scale, then there is hope for anyone wishing to get good treatment for any illness. However, what that has got to do with shipping I don’t know. Yet, with the world and the lines flush with money, all those profits need to go somewhere, so short of giving it away or eradicating poverty and famine, why not invest in hospitals which, on a private scale, is certainly a lucrative business, too.

We, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intelligence, featured photo and video of the week, and wise words.

With this I wish you all well, and welcome back after the summer. Now with the kids at school, I guess the holiday can begin ?.

Until next week, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

Brasil Projects - We Are Brasil Projects
Interviews from the Archives section header

Looking back at previous interviews, I have chosen 3 solid ones that you may wish to refresh yourself of by either watching or listening.

COSCO Shipping Lines (Germany) GmbH

Editor’s Note:
COSCO Shipping in Hamburg – since I am visiting the CEO of COSCO Shipping in Sweden today for a liquid lunch, it seems prudent to feature this. They are a major carrier, forwarder-friendly, and with a substantial breakbulk fleet.

COSCO Shipping LInes Interview with PCWAn interview with Dennis von Gogh, Deputy Manager, Special Traffic / Project Department – COSCO Shipping Lines (Germany) GmbH
Watch the Interview | Listen to the Interview

Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai, Ltd.

Editor’s Note:
Mitsui OSK Kinkai in Singapore – a most friendly Norwegian looking after this Asian regional breakbulk carrier and with a past in the military including postings to Afghanistan, you are sure to get the quote on time…!

Kristian Korsvik, Singapore representative at Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai, Ltd. interviewed by PCW.
Watch the Interview | Listen to the Interview
Mitsui OSK Lines Interviewed by PCW

Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt

Editor’s Note:
Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt in Rostock – a very nice and friendly guy there. Mr. Steffen Wiegratz is here interviewed and shares, among others, a joke about the longest ship’s name ever (I guess from the now defunct DSR – Deutsche See Reederei)… Enjoy it.

Hugo Stinnes SchiffahrtSteffen Wiegratz, Line Manager SanMex Service and MPP Transatlantic at Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt interviewed by PCW
Watch the Interview | Listen to the Interview
Hitpound China Banner
PCW-Shipping News

Carrier 53′ – Created to Focus on 53 Foot Containers

Editor’s Note:
An interesting new shipping line is seeing the light of day.


CARRIER53’ is a fully independent VOCC with a proven track record, experience, and connections throughout the globe who pride themselves on delivering reliable, unique solutions and personalized boutique-style customer service to their partners.

Saudi Aramco’s Profits Soar Amid High Oil Prices & Demand

Editor’s Note:
This newsletter, Statista, has a lot of interesting statistics which inevitably influences your thinking about shipping, because in prosperous shipping ENERGY is a key thing. It seems oil and gas is still booming irrespective of renewables ALSO booming…
Try read this interesting late edition.

Saudi Aramco's Profits Soar Amid High Oil Prices & Demand

Saudi Aramco announced on Sunday that its net income had jumped 90 percent in comparison to Q2 of last year, hitting an eye watering $48.4 billion. This has broken records for the second quarter in a row since its initial public offering on the Riyadh stock market in December 2019. Find out more about the oil giant’s profits in our first feature. In our second, read up on how droughts in Europe are impacting energy supplies.

Turkish Companies Could Rescue Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 Project

Editor’s Note:
From the North and with Turkey and Russia suddenly becoming more friendly (even one is supposedly a NATO country) and wishing to influence whether Sweden and Finland are allowed to join…

The unprecedented Arctic industrialization that over the past years has unfolded along the shores of Russia’s remote Gulf of Ob faces serious troubles following Russia’s war against Ukraine and the subsequent introduction of western sanctions.

Railfreight Summit 2022 – Moving to a New Reality

Editor’s Note:
Railway is still (in spite of Russia filling up most of the landlocked space possible) avoiding Russian railway tracks (unless they invade more countries) and a conference is taking place in Warsaw ,Poland early September about the current status on that very thing.

Within a few months the role of Poland on the international rail freight market has changed completely. Whereas it used to be the gateway to Europe for traffic from Asia with the most heavily consumed border crossing on the New Silk Road, it needs to reinvent itself today as a result of the war in Ukraine. This new reality is at the heart of the discussion at the RailFreight Summit 2022 in Warsaw, to be held on 7 & 8 September. Join the discussion and meet the international rail freight industry!

PCW Mobile APp

Bonfiglioli to Showcase Customisation and Drives at BULK2022

Bonfiglioli, an Italian provider of geared motor solutions in Australia, will showcase some of its latest innovations that some customers might not yet be familiar with at BULK2022.

The Australian Bulk Handling Expo (BULK 2022) takes place from 24 to 26 August 2022 at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Sunfire to Supply 30-MW Electrolyser to Uniper

Germany energy company Uniper SE has ordered a 30-MW pressurised alkaline electrolyser from the Dresden-based producer Sunfire GmbH, the firms said today.

Due to be delivered in 2024, the electrolyser will be installed at the energy park in Bad Lauchstaedt in the central German region of Saxony-Anhalt, where it will produce green hydrogen using electricity from a nearby wind farm.

CANPACK Group to Invest in Greenfield Aluminium Beverage Can Plant

CANPACK S.A., has announced it will increase its manufacturing capacity of aluminium beverage cans with a new production facility in Poços de Caldas, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Officials from CANPACK along with state and local officials and economic development leaders jointly announced the new facility following the approval of the project, with economic development incentives provided by both the state and local governments.

MOROCCO – AMEA Power breaks ground on 34-MW solar park in Morocco

Dubai-based clean power producer AMEA Power and its partner GPM Holding have begun the construction works on a 34-MW solar plant in Morocco.

NATCO Middle East
PCW-Featured Video

Leaving an Island Near the Port of Rijeka in Croatia

Editor’s Note:
Leaving one island near the port of Rijeka in Croatia. This island was famous as a political prison camp during the 1950’s, 1960’s under the rule of TITO. A harsh place indeed although with this video makes it look ideal, but its a stone island basically, with remnants from the prison buildings – so yes history is sometimes best forgotten. Read more about Goli Otok on Wikipedia.

Leaving an Island Near the Port of Rijeka in Croatia
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Port of Oskarshamn on an incredible day last week with mv Tian Jian of COSCO Shipping alongside – just at the moment when I took this picture. All the way from Phú Mỹ Vietnam to Sweden.

Featured Photo - PCW Week 33
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