Week #35 – 2022

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In this edition: MBM Logistics – Dubai | Marine Chartering Services – Monaco | Abnormal Load Services – UK >>>

Week #35 | 1st of September 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 1st of September. I am writing this editorial from Copenhagen where I have stopped for a few hours enroute to pay my parents a visit in Grenaa, Denmark. Father is terminally ill with cancer but is still going as “strong” as can be. Although he is more or less bedridden since November last year, I take all the opportunities I can to enjoy a shot of whisky with him. For him now very small shots, but I, of course, help him out all I can.

We need to spend time with our loved ones when we can whilst at the same time look after ourselves, too. Not always an easy task – juggling logistics both at home and abroad.  I have found that having logistics meetings with the wife every morning helps as we need to sort out the day’s activities with 3 kids going in different directions, especially after school: sport, Taekwondo or piano.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of receiving a reciprocal visit by Mr. Marin Skufca, (partner in Liburnia Maritime of Croatia) and his family, and treating them to a trip aboard the Viking Cinderella (as I don’t own a boat and can not boast of the Adriatic Sea). Still it was just what the “doctor ordered” for them. According to what I was told, they had a great time. Stockholm needs no real introduction to its archipelago. Its enough to say that it’s the most accessible, wonderful cruise around, leaving several times daily and with duty-free shopping, 5-star dining and thousands of islands to view. What can be better?

I continue to keep on reading when I can.  There are 2 books that I would like to point your direction to.  One is the recent book about logistics written by certainly one of the experts in the field, Mr. Marco Poisler, you can find the link here.

Another one I am reading currently to take my mind off shipping is “Lucifer’s Banker”.  It is well-written by an outspoken American who helped open up the vault of secrets in Swiss banking and UBS, one of the banking giants.  You will find it both scary and entertaining at the same time.  What is it with you people hiding too much money – how much is enough, how much you can eat, drink and travel?  Anyway, for the vast majority of people, do read this one and find perhaps someone you know by name in there…

Project-logistics-Universal-Transportation-Course Book CoverLucifers Banker Book Cover

Finally, on a happy note before I tell you about the interviews this week that I have chosen to republish, I am (or rather we are) the happy owners of a new SKODA Kodiaq SUV with 7 seats.  We have been so happy with the old one, now 3 years, and since second hand car prices are through the roof at the moment, it was prudent to get a new one and pay less in exchange. Interesting to see how Skoda (30 years ago we joked that you could double the value of your car just by filling up the gas tank) has evolved into VW-owned and being one of the best and most sold family cars here. In this video about Skoda people are hardly visible in their modern Czech factory.  Although I am not a car buff, still sitting in a new one with a nice leather smell is something!

As mentioned, today I have chosen to republish 3 solid interviews that we had before.


I think you will still find all these interviews very interesting and by reading them, you also let me off the hook this week as I have got a few fresh interviews that were delayed for various reasons.

I remind you that we also have shipping news, trade intel, featured photo and video, wise words, and last but not least, DO download our PROJECT CARGO WEEKLY APP here for good measure. 

Until next week when I shall  be writing to you from Hamburg!

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


MBM Logistics LLC – Dubai U.A.E


Interview with

Mr. Haridas Kondath
Managing Director

Haridas first off tell us a bit about yourself, your background and how you ended up in shipping & freight forwarding? When did you first arrive in Dubai and how long have you worked there?

I am from Kerala India, I arrived in Dubai in 1993 after being shortlisted by Swift Freight Intl, which was brought over by Barlow World.

I started as a sales executive and was initially handling sales for Clipper Lines, eventually, I went on to do sales for the forwarding division.

I left Swift after a few years and worked as a freight manager in a start-up company called Modernline. I introduced Rohlig to them and together we grew in the market. By the year 2000, we had established a good project and general forwarding based business. Together with Rohlig, I did some of the major projects and charters to and from Dubai.

Marine Chartering Services – Monaco


Interview with

Mr. Fulvio Carlini


First, Fulvio, please tell us how you ended up living in Monaco. I believe you are Italian, correct? Could you please elaborate on your career in shipping and how you acquired skills in chartering?

I am indeed Italian, and I spent all my life-based in Italy, in between Savona, my hometown, and Genoa. I have always been travelling a lot, visiting places and meeting people, and most of my activities are based on personal knowledge.

Five years ago, I had an opportunity to move to Monaco, which is a good shipping place, very international which I like. I also enjoy the advantage of being close to Italy, where I still have relatives, and this gave me another important opportunity, i.e. to leave my Italian company, Multi Marine Services in Genoa, to the full management of my son Simone, which gave him the possibility to grow on his own and out of my shadow. It worked well. After all this time, I can say I enjoy working and living here in Monaco, even if not all that shines is gold, and that’s something we must always remember! This move has also given me the chance to meet new contacts and work in a different environment, meeting with different people in the business, and developing my career in shipping.

Abnormal Load Services UK International Limited (ALS) – UK


Interview with

Mrs. Jillian Peacock
Group Marketing Manager


First, Jillian, can you please tell us who the owners of ALS are? Elaborate a bit on the history of the company and explain to our readers, if you will, what the abbreviation ALS stands for?

ALS stands for Abnormal Load Services.

In 2000, René van de Vin, who is still ALS’ managing director and one of the shareholders, brought together an international development opportunity for ALS. In 2012, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) required a majority stake in ALS to help support and develop WW’s break bulk and project cargo specialism. ALS celebrates her fortieth birthday in January 2020.

UTC Overseas
PCW-Shipping News

Next Steps on the Path Towards Shipping Decarbonisation – Webinar on Thursday September 8, 2022

Editor’s Note:
Everything is about green and decarbonisation nowadays. That will open the floodgates to a whole new range of businesses so watch out… but the below webinar might be something for you to follow.

Having concluded on short-term climate measures at IMO MEPC 78, member nations and organisations have turned their full attention to developing the mid-term measures necessary to progress the decarbonisation of shipping. Several proposals are on the table heading into the key debates at ISWG-GHG 13 and MEPC 79. But what are these proposals, and how can the process move forward? Join our webinar to learn more about the next steps on the path to decarbonising shipping.

WHEN: Thursday September 8, 2022 at 13:00 CET/19:00 SST/07:00 EST. 
WHERE: Register here to receive your webinar login link

HongFa Shipping Sailing Schedule East and West Coast South America and Australia – Week 35

Editor’s Note:
The less known shipowner, HongFa (at least here in Europe), runs a regular service in Australia and WCSA – check their current sailings below…

HongFa sailing schedule

Lidl’s Ship-Shopping Pays Off as it Completes Maiden China-Europe Voyage

Editor’s Note:
I normally go shopping at LIDL, it is “cheap” compared to other supermarkets and they consistently keep a reasonable level of quality. Now they are getting into shipping as well, who could have expected that? As the supply chain is out of whack somehow it makes one think, “why not?”

Lidl supermarket-sponsored, Tailwind Shipping-operated 4,957 teu Wiking last week completed its maiden westbound voyage. The box ship, on the newly launched China-Europe Panda service, discharging its first containers, Tailwind-liveried, at ECT, Rotterdam.

World Container Index

Editor’s Note:
Latest Here from One of the Major “Forecasters” of the World, DREWRY…..on the World Container Index. Interesting Reading for Sure.

25 Aug 2022: Drewry’s World Container Index decreased by 4% to $5,985.53 per 40ft container this week.

Tschudi Logistics

Canfor Southern Pine Plans Mobile, Alabama, Sawmill Complex

Canfor Southern Pine Inc. will construct a state-of-the-art sawmill complex for manufacturing and processing wood products in the Axis community near Mobile, Alabama. The $210 million project is expected to retain 130 jobs.

VinFast To Invest “Tens Of Millions Of US Dollars” In ProLogium

After setting up a joint venture with ProLogium in 2021, Vietnam’s VinFast has announced an investment “in the tens of millions of US dollars” in the Taiwanese manufacturer of next-generation solid-state battery cells.

VinFast also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ProLogium laying out strategic cooperation arrangements to secure next-generation solid-state battery supplies and support the goal of expanding its smart mobility solutions worldwide.

CoorsTek to Make Capacity Investments in Japan

CoorsTek, Inc.’s board of directors has approved a capital expenditure plan to expand CoorsTek KK’s semiconductor ceramics business in response to “strong market demand”. The company will invest to add additional semiconductor ceramics manufacturing capabilities at existing facilities, mainly in Oguni town, Yamagata prefecture and Kawatana town, Nagasaki prefecture in Japan, a press release reads.

Total Eren Plans 2-GW Solar Farm with Huge Green H2 Hub in Australia

French renewable power producer Total Eren has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of a 2-GW-plus solar park that will be powering a 1-GW green hydrogen production complex in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The Paris-based company is proposing to install the capacity near Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory. The pact with the local government, which outlines Total Eren’s collaboration with authorities, was signed on Monday.

PCW-Featured Video

A Wind Turbine Transport by TIBA

Editor’s Note:
TIBA, the Spanish owned project freight forwarding group, was involved in this impressive project between Spain and Japan.

Featured Video
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Editors note: A bulker mv Emily Oldendorff in the Swedish port of Oskarshamn proving that if you are innovative enough you can use SOC flatracks and ship them on a bulker, you don’t need to be humble to the container carriers and be at their beck and call…

Featured Photo
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