Week #6 – 2023

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Week #6 | 9th of February, 2023

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 9th of February and PCW is here again.

We start off by sharing our horror as to what transpired only this week with the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Truly heart-wrenching pictures that we can see daily on the news. I hope that the international community will take action and do what’s necessary for this situation. Shipping-wise the port of Iskenderun was also affected although the toll there “only” seems to be in containers and infrastructure, and not in irreplaceable human life.   See here (although in Turkish) from local CNN.

I will depart soon for the breakbulk Expo in Dubai which takes place on the 13-14 of February. It would be great to see readers or other interested parties to the newsletter at Booth H44 (ART Logistics) on February 13 from 12 noon to 1 pm where I shall be making myself available—unless I shall be roaming the conference floor wearing the Project Cargo Weekly polo, meeting with as many exhibitors, owners, participants, etc. as I possibly can.  That is the whole idea of an expo, right? Meeting as many as you can and not clinging to the ones you already know.

In more personal news, I keep on doing daily exercises for my broken right wrist. It is something that I, as chief editor and chairman, can NOT delegate. It’s a good lesson for the undersigned that I simply need to put in the effort 100% or face the consequences.  Perhaps some managers who have come to a certain level, including myself, have forgotten what brought us here in the first place…yes: hard work, tenacity, and perseverance. 

I was in Hamburg for a day last week to meet with MACS & COLI Shipping (see here).

They are both reputable companies, but it was a long day. For those of you who have not flown in aircraft that need deicing before take off, see here how it’s done.

Preceding that, however, I had a nice dinner with a representative of the large Finnish company Rauanheimo, part of the KWH Logistics Group. They are the largest company that handles transit by rail from Russia for export to the world via a Finnish port, and they have indeed seen a huge reduction in activity.   

So overall last week was busy and with an upcoming trip to the Middle East shortly followed by a flight into Malta for the celebration of my 60th (years not kilos I am afraid), my plate is fully booked.  Hell, what we don’t do for the frequent flyer points, right?

The situation in Ukraine is still horrendous. The aggressors pound the country on a daily basis with, of course, scant regard for civilian life. What’s next is in the air as are the balloons coming from China to look down on the US for whatever reason, further freezing their relationship even though they do depend on each other. Time will tell us all what else is in store for 2023.
On the shipping front, it is now official that the divorce between two equal sized “arrogiants” in shipping is a fact. One is freight forwarder UN-FRIENDLY, and one seems to be a bit less so. Again time will show who has the right strategy. However, PCW, being strictly freight forwarder friendly, welcomes the initiative launched by www.clcprojects.com to brand their vendors with this logo –

Freight Forwarder Friendly CLC Projects Group Stamp

– to show members who to book with and ask for rates first, and whom to ask last. Now, when the market is turning sour that will mean something for sure. 

On the interview front, I had the pleasure of interviewing a reliable freight forwarding company in India called FEI CARGO in MUMBAI. Knowing them and having visited them on occasion in the Gateway to India, Mumbai, I am happy to share the interview with you here…

Video Interview
FEI Cargo – Mumbai, India

FEI Cargo Interview

Abhijeet Nair – CEO – FEI Cargo was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

In other interviews today, we have the following menu for you:

1. Interview with Qiik – Software solutions for shipping agencies, Asia
2. Interview (from the archives) with FATS – South Africa – It ain’t over till the fat lady sings (see their logo)

These are, of course, followed by shipping news, trade intel, wise words, and featured video and picture of the week.

Finally an important message:  Our regular PCW newsletter is back as usual in 2 weeks’ time on February 23. However, we will have a special issue on February 16th: The PCW YEARBOOK 2022 which will be published directly as an online book clickable for you all.  So watch out for this front page on February 16th!!

PCW Yearbook Cover 2022

I remain, with best regards,

And until February 23rd (and February 16th)

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
Qiik – Digital Agency

Qiik Interview with PCW

Romain Martimort, CEO at Qiik was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

FATS (Forwarding African Transport Services) – Durban, South Africa


Interview with

Ms. Caron Harris

First of all Caron – your logo is certainly distinct and reminds me that things ain’t over til’ the fat lady sings. Tell us the story about your logo and how/why you decided on using this?

Haha, I have never considered our beloved lady that way and I assure you I won’t be singing for you. Actually, when FATS was founded in 1992 by myself and my sister we were two ladies entering a male-dominated industry and we needed a logo that would define us as ladies in the industry. Everybody knows that there is no greater caregiver in life than a mother. So ultimately our logo sets out to invoke the following ideas:

First, we are a female lead organisation.

Second, she’s carrying a container (your cargo) and, as a mother would, she will look after and care for your cargo as only a mother can.

Third, she is a fat (large) lady to tie up with our company name, FATS, and because as we always had the intention of being a dominant force within our industry.

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PCW-Shipping News

India Growth News

Editor’s Note:
After the great interview with FEI Cargo, Mumbai I hereby share with you an interesting newsletter on India from Samsara Group. India is indeed growing and with a hugely young population might well be the engine of the future

India Growth News

Overcapacity Could Spark New Rates War Among Liners, Warns Evergreen Chief

Editor’s Note:
Dear Shipowners, I am afraid most in the global shipping community are NOT feeling sorry for some of you facing a rate war. What goes up must come down including the arrogance when the going is and indeed has been way too good…

Evergreen chairman Chang Yen-i has warned that, with the large number of newbuild mega-box ship deliveries beginning this year, liner operators could see a return of pre-pandemic rates wars, if consumption fails to keep up with the capacity growth.

CakeBoxx Technologies Launches Danish Operating Company – Expanding Sustainable Supply Chain Platform Business in EMEA

Editor’s Note:
Cakeboxx of the UK has an interesting product – here the latest from them also with a new base in my native country of Denmark

After four record years of revenue growth supporting the world’s leading energy and power systems companies, CakeBoxx Technologies announces the establishment of its new Danish operating company, CakeBoxx Technologies, ApS, launching in Aarhus, Denmark this month. This expansion builds on the company’s success in the United Kingdom and Europe and will further enhance its ability to develop sustainable, modular, high-performance supply chain systems for EMEA headquartered customers.

The Port Authority of Bilbao Calls for Tenders for a Container Terminal on the Central Quay

Editor’s Note:
Latest from the Spanish port of Bilbao. With the recent news that Spain is contemplating to work 4 days a week PCW just wonders when did they work that hard in Spain deserving a 4 day work week??

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Bilbao has unanimously approved the call for a public tender for the award of a concession for the construction and operation of a maritime container terminal on the Central Quay of the port of Bilbao.

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China’s Haitian to Open a 250,000sqm Production Complex in Ruma

The complex will span 250,000 m2, and the production of a total of 250 machines a year is planned, as shown in the project’s draft, prepared by the Belgrade-based company Masinoprojekt Kopring.

Over 700 Auto Parts Manufacturing Jobs Coming to Georgia

The new facility is slated to open at the Savannah Chatham Manufacturing Center, producing automotive interior parts as early as October 2024. This is Georgia’s second Seoyon facility. The first location in LaGrange
is expected to continue supporting 630 full time jobs there.

Plug Power Partners with Johnson Matthey to Accelerate Hydrogen Economy

JM will become an important strategic supplier of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) components, providing a substantial portion of Plug’s demand for catalysts, membranes, and catalyst coated membranes (CCM). Importantly, JM brings security of supply of precious metals, and unique recycling capabilities, Plug added

Elkem to Expand Pitch Capacity in Brazil

The investment is based on well-known technology and constitutes an expansion of a running Elkem facility, thereby further improving productivity and profitability. The increased production of high-quality products will be supplied to a major customer on a long-term contract.

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PCW-Featured Video

Flying out of Singapore to Australia at Night

Editor’s Note:
Flying out of Singapore to Australia at night, especially when its a clear night is always an awesome experience also for a shipping-man with a window seat. Enjoy this video!

Flying out of Singapore to Australia at Night Video
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PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
I was on hand at the newly opened expansion of the Panama Canal in 2016. We were even lucky enough to see one of the largest ever container vessels able to pass through arriving just on that day.

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