Week #24 – 2024

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In this edition: Jodphur – Nigeria | Bright Ocean – Taiwan | IC Forwarding – Spain >>>

Week #24 | 13th of June, 2024

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 13th of June (luckily not Friday the 13th ☺,) and we are here with the latest issue of PCW.

Last week I visited a region of the world for the first time ever, i.e., West Africa and the country of Ghana. Passing the area a few times onboard a vessel en route to South Africa is one thing, but actually arriving and visiting one of the many countries that constitute part of West Africa is another.  

I flew with Emirates via Dubai to Accra which was the stopover en route for the flight with final destination Abidjan. The flight was completely full both to and from, and there is indeed big business going on in the region, particularly with minerals, oil and other kinds of wealth that both seem a blessing and a curse.  The Chinese are there with big investments and, as usual, leaving just a few breadcrumbs behind,  if any, often destroying the environment, not seldom in cohorts with some local corrupted leaders. However, there is also hope and a spirit that has long since left the part of the world where I come from (the EU) which is over regulated, politically correct, and unable to decide anything substantial.  This was what was commented to me on the flights both by locals coming from Africa and by people visiting for business that I met. I went because I was covering a network conference with participants from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso. 

Africa is indeed the world’s most interesting continent at the moment and an area where the global powers and economic interests fight it out in the quest for influence. I hope Africa, its people, and its leaders will stand up for themselves and demand fair treatment. Ghana is also “infamous” in shipping as it was from Fort Christiansborg (now OSU Castle, see here) with Danish ownership that a certain trade in people apparently originated at least in part.  I haven’t read much of the history, and I suppose we cannot be blamed endlessly for what happened centuries ago but still, many greedy  fingers in many pies seem to be the story of this continent in many places even to this day.

One shipping highlight of the trip was visiting the Port of Tema.  PIL, the Singaporean-based shipping line, had a newbuilding mv Kota Tema calling the port on the 5th of June, and I was invited along with port authorities and other dignitaries to witness its arrival and also to board the vessel.  Here is a video from this grand event:

Drone Video of Kota Temu by PIL_resized
watch the video (photo/video credit: Pacific International Lines)

See also the collage of pictures from the event further below in this newsletter.

On the shipping front, rates are apparently now skyrocketing again. D & D [detention and demurrage, ed.] fees are implemented either fairly or unfairly, and I noticed that Samsung apparently made a claim with FMC [U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, -ed. regarding roughly 90,000 alleged such unfairly debited fees if the claim turns out to be correct.  Where is one to turn in the EU if there are claims of shipping malpractice?  Seems that we need a body like the FMC to at least pretend to protect the customers. I am confident that the EU will debate that well until the middle of this century.  After all, hard hitting results are hardly the hallmark of Brussels. Still, there has been a kind of wake up call for the leaders of France and Germany after the “election” in the EU has provoked Macron to call for a new election. He could also just resign and face the fact that he is like several other politicians–simply NOT in tune with the average voter nowadays ☺.

We now turn to the most important of the newsletter this week, and that is, of course, our interviews:

1.  From Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, we interview JODPHUR Business Ventures about what they can do in shipping & logistics in this VIP country.

2. From Taiwan, a country with a strategic location, here we find BRIGHT OCEAN, a local logistics provider who also acts as the agent of Formosa Plastics Marine Corp.

3. From Spain, a country in the South of Europe, we find IC FORWARDING part of Ibercondor Group.

We got shipping news, trade intelligence and wise words and featured photo collage and video of the week.

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We are back again on the 27th of June with the final issue of PCW before the summer holidays. We shall be return on the 8th of August.

Hope you will enjoy this newsletter and we remain,

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Jodphur Business Ventures Ltd. (JBV) – Nigeria


Interview with

Mr. John Odunewu
Managing Director / CEO

John, first of all, great to have met you in Ghana last week!  Now for our readers, what can you tell us about the history of Jodphur Business Ventures Ltd. (JBV)?

Thank you for having me, and it was indeed a pleasure meeting you in Ghana last week. To give some background on JBV, our company has a rich history rooted in the Logistics and Maritime sector of the Nigerian market. Having initially joined Maersk as a MISE trainee in 2005, I worked (and attended multiple trainings) with Maersk in various countries (Nigeria, India, South Africa, Denmark, UAE, Ghana, etc.). These international experiences opened my eyes to what was missing in the Nigerian market and the value that a medium sized logistics company like JBV can provide ensuring our customers and partners enjoy as close to international standards as possible in the logistics and maritime sector of the Nigeria market. Hence JBV was founded by my humble self with a vision to revolutionize logistics in Nigeria, becoming the premier provider of seamless, all round logistics solutions that enhance efficiency for our customers and help grow their business. JBV has steadily grown and evolved into a leading player in the logistics sector in Nigeria.

Bright Ocean Maritime Transport – Taiwan


Interview with

Ms. Fion Ko
General Manager

First of all Fion, what can you tell us about the history of Bright Ocean?

Part of the Bright Ocean staff comes from the Yi-tong Shipping company which had vessels crossing in South China, Middle China, Haiphong, and Manila. After the company closed, we created Bright Ocean. That’s why we still have some equipment (f/r, o/t, gp).

Around 1990 in Taiwan, many project cargoes from Taiwan moved to China. That’s why we are professionals with regards to special cargo.

IC Forwarding – Spain


Interview with

Mr. Alejandro Cubas
RORO and Project Cargo Department

Who owns IC Forwarding, and what can you tell us about the history?

IC FORWARDING is a part of the IBERCONDOR group founded in 1982. Starting with airfreight in 1992, they added the rest of the logistics services, making the group bigger. They were always thinking how to improve themselves to give the best service to their customers.

In 2003, they opened in Valencia City as IC Forwarding, covering this area in order to expand their services and presence in the country of Spain, and expanding the networking as well.

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PCW-Shipping News

Tschudi Logistics Group Expands Presence with New Office in Berlin, Germany: Gunnar Hänel to Lead Operations

Gunnar Hänel
Under the capable leadership of Gunnar Hänel, whose expertise in project cargo logistics is extensive, the Berlin office is positioned to uphold Tschudi’s legacy of excellence in service delivery

Tschudi Logistics Group, proudly announces the opening of its newest office in Berlin, Germany. This strategic expansion marks another milestone in the company’s 140-year history of providing top-tier logistics services worldwide.

Dimerco Asia-Pacific Monthly Freight Report: Surging Demand and Capacity Constraints Reshape Global Supply Chains (May-June 2024)

Editor’s Note:
Latest from Dimerco a well respect freight forwarder with fingers on the pulse as to the outlook overall. See their report here.

Dimerco’s latest freight report unveils how surging demand from sectors like e-commerce and renewables, coupled with persistent supply chain disruptions, are reshaping global logistics networks. As ocean carriers implement significant rate hikes and capacity cuts in response to the Red Sea crisis, shippers are pivoting more volume to air freight, especially on the Transpacific trade. The report details how overstressed supply chains in key Asia-Pacific markets like China and Southeast Asia are straining to meet early peak season volumes, leading

Cargo Integrity Group highlights cargoes that can compromise supply chain safety

Editor’s Note:
World Shipping Council is run by the liners, they are partners in Cargo Integrity Group and they here share something that might be interesting for you.

The industry bodies of the Cargo Integrity Group continue in their mission to improve safety in the global supply chain. The Group has identified a number of cargoes, commonly carried in containers, that under certain conditions can cause dangerous incidents. They urge everyone handling these goods to follow all applicable regulations, the CTU Code and industry best practices.

First train arrival at Stockholm Norvik Port

Editor’s Note:
Great development for the Stockholm port of Norvik!

The first scheduled freight train has rolled into the new freight port, Stockholm Norvik Port, along the new industrial branch line. Ports of Stockholm constructed the railway line to provide greater sustainable transport possibilities and to increase the range of transport alternatives to and from the port.


Spain-Based BRIOLF USA Plans Monroe, North Carolina, Manufacturing Operations

pain-based BRIOLF USA, the U.S. subsidiary of international industrial group Briolf, plans to establish operations in Monroe, North Carolina. The $30.5 million project is expected to create 100 jobs in Union County.

Fluence Awarded US $4.8 Million Contract in Brazil

Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC; the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has secured a US $4.8 million contract to provide a demineralized water treatment system (the “System”) for Eneva in Silves, Amazonas, Brazil. Eneva is the leading private operator of onshore natural gas in Brazil, with a strong presence in Amazonas. Work is expected to commence immediately and be completed by the first quarter of 2026. The System will be part of Eneva’s new US $1.1 billion thermal power complex, Azulão I and II, which will generate 950 MW.h.

Large sized engineered valves for Pluto LNG Train 2

AMPO POYAM VALVES has designed and is supplying around 1,500 cryogenic and non-cryogenic ball, gate, globe, check, and axial flow check valves for Pluto LNG Train 2, among which large sized valves up to 38” and 2500 lbs stand out. This project comprises the construction of a second LNG train at the existing Pluto LNG onshore facility near Karratha in Western Australia, which is run by Woodside, Australia’s leading natural gas producer. This new train will process Scarborough gas and will have an LNG capacity of 5 million tonnes per annum.

AMEA Power reaches financial close on 120 MW Doornhoek photovoltaic project in South Africa

The project was first awarded to a consortium consisting of AMEA Power and local partners through bidding window 6 of the Renewable Energy Independent Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP).

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PCW-Featured Video

MV CP Atlantic of Chipolbrok at Port of Sundsvall, Sweden

Editor’s Note:
3 years ago, in the winter time I took this footage of a CP vessel coming to load a 2nd hand plant from Sundsvall, Sweden to China.

MV CP Atlantic of Chipolbrok at Port of Sundsvall, Sweden
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
A spectacular day on June 5th as PCW was invited to the arrival of brand new building mv KOTA TEMA arriving in yes, TEMA, Ghana. A 7000 teu giant serving the weekly PIL trade between Africa and Asia.

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