Week #38 – 2023

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In this edition: Caerus Logistics – Suriname | TIBA Group – Madrid | Baggio Group – Italy >>>

Week #38 | 21st of September 2023

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 21st of September, 2023, and I am back again this time writing my editorial from the port city of San Antonio, Chile.

I was supposed to travel by cargo ship to Antofagasta courtesy of bbc-chartering.com as they were having a vessel coming from China via Chilean ports passing close by Santiago to discharge and then to Puerto Angamos / Antofagasta. However, I got word from home that mum was rushed to the ER (Emergency Room) due to breathing difficulties. Since she is 80 and father 86 with only me left, I had to visit the vessel briefly, take some pictures, say hello to the captain, and then return to Santiago where I am now booked on the first direct flight via Paris to Billund / Denmark. 

Life can indeed change in an instant. I always remind myself to live life to the fullest and never miss a moment. Somehow, this very fact was confirmed.

Thank God for a solid personal network that enabled me remotely to arrange to have my father looked after and attended to in case of need.  It is in such moments you will find out WHO are your friends and IF they remember the help they once received from you… 😁.

I started to read a book called “Ports of Call”. It is  a very interesting one giving the history of the Danish Seamen’s Mission in ports around the world. Of course, communication ways have vastly improved with the ability to even call home on the high seas using WhatsApp and what not… plus sending emails, etc. So, shall we say “less hardship”.

Nonetheless, loneliness onboard often lurks close to the surface. I’m sure you can relate to this sentiment: when you long for something and finally attain it, suddenly, you start yearning for something else.

Sometimes we need to grab hold of ourselves, shake our own tree and think:  Am I living the life I want OR am I living like someone else prefers that I do? Or am I afraid to take a major step because what would the family or “friends” say?  You are responsible to make sure that the life you have been given is used to the fullest and if you cannot look after that and yourself, then you also cannot take care of others.  This does not mean being arrogant or selfish, but it does mean that instead of blaming others or the society for your own misfortune, you have a responsibility to hang in there because there are always many who are worse off than you and a few who always will be better off!

Income inequality is a dangerous situation and that, coupled with persistent corruption, is a scourge in many countries.  The EU parliament had its share recently. Perhaps the large salary and pension was not enough for the inbreds that were arrested with hundreds of thousands of euros hidden in a baby crib (see here).  How ridiculous are you allowed to be?

The EU parliament is a Mickey Mouse gravy train where some second-rate politicians feather their nests without much in the way of cleaning up, let alone prison sentences coming down on them.  Immigration and an inability to deal with the influx of thousands coming towards Europe is another case in point. Had we followed Australia’s precedent from years ago, thousands could have been spared a tragic drowning fate in the Mediterranean.  Can you imagine the EU president or an EU representative standing UP and making a statement like Australia did in their “No way! You will not make Australia home” video from nearly 10 years ago?

Why are we unable to make any kind of hard decisions?

Don’t get me wrong: we need to help and assist where we can, but it doesn’t mean destroying our own way of life to be seen as politically correct, woke, compliant, etc. From where I am sitting right now in Latin America, there is certainly also a lot to be done. Only let us not always think that we can teach others!  We may start by cleaning up our own stables before we comment on others!

Yet, what you are reading PCW for is certainly not my personal political observations (which as I age become more and more stubborn 😁) but rather I hope for the interesting interviews we always seem to have an abundance of:

1. We visit the beautiful country of Suriname first. A former Dutch colony, I am told the nature, food, and friendliness of the people is next to none. We hear from the newly established local logistics company Caerus Logistics, Paramaribo!

2. Visiting Latin America also got me in touch with the Spanish headquartered company called TIBA. Being part of the Romeu Group, they have got a big presence not only in LATAM but also worldwide.  We speak to their office in Madrid!

3. The romantic city of Venice also comes to mind when we have our final interview of this week, i.e., Baggio Group in Italy. They tell an interesting story!

We, of course, provide you with shipping news, trade intelligence, plus a featured photo and video (focusing on Valparaiso, Chile). Naturally, don’t forget to read the wise words which we also seem to have enough of, if only one could live and abide by them…

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
Caerus Logistics – Suriname

Caerus Logistics - Wanica, Suriname

Ayan Jhinkoe, CEO at Caerus Logistics – Wanica, Suriname was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

TIBA Group – Madrid, Spain


Interview with

Mr. Ignacio Leira
Projects Global Vertical Manager


First of all Ignacio, can you tell our readers a little about the history and background of TIBA Group? Does the name TIBA have a meaning or is it an abbreviation?

TIBA is part of the ROMEU Group, a family-owned company (4th and even 5th generation) founded in 1860. The ROMEU Group started in the Ship Agency business. Within its strategy of diversification, the ROMEU Group founded TIBA in 1975 to cover the Freight Forwarding business.

TIBA is present in 4 continents and has more than 50 offices and 1400 employees around the World.

TIBA’s name has an interesting origin. When the ROMEU Group had the idea to expand to the business, they  requested a telex line under the company “Cargas y Estibas SA”. The answerback code received by the telephone company was “TIBA”, so this was the start of our name.

Baggio Group – Baggio Srl Italy


Interview with

Mr. Giovanni Baggio
Managing Partner

First and foremost Giovanni, could you elaborate a bit on the history of the Baggio Company. Who are the owners?

The Company originated 3 generations ago in the Northeast region of Italy, Veneto, and the Baggio family has been in the cargo transportation business since before the Second World War.

Starting from simple local road transport trucking services, the company has through the years of the Italian Industrial Economic boom developed into a reliable project freight forwarding organization with deep knowledge for Project Cargo Transportation services in North Africa (Libya and Algeria) and Middle East Countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran). In the last decade, we have been developing a very strong presence also in the Americas (namely the United States, Brazil and Peru). Also, a strong network of agents in most countries around the world enables us to arrange and coordinate cargo movements from anywhere to anywhere on a door-to-door basis.

We also have a fully-owned sister company (TB Port Srl) which specializes and operates multiple trucks and mult-iaxle trailers for moving rail cars and industrial heavy lift cargoes up to 150 metric tons from Italian factories to port and vice versa. This is all based in a 25.000 sq. meter yard with covered area, 2 km from Porto Marghera which we use as well for cargo storage/transhipment and container stuffing services.

The group of companies is today fully privately owned by Giovanni & Gherardo Baggio, Pedro Arruda, Bruno Moreira and continues to keep the structure and dynamism of a family company with quick decisions and fast actions.  We have our own offices in 5 different countries and employ a workforce of 60 people throughout our offices.

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PCW-Shipping News

Global Logistics M&A Recap • August 2023

Editor’s Note:
Logisyn Advisors are specialists in finding buyers and/or sellers and linking them up here is their latest newsletter. If you wish to sell up or have a wish to buy and expand why not speak to Logisyn…?

In August, the most prevalent acquisitions occurred within the freight forwarding sector. North America and Europe jointly dominated the acquisition landscape in August, representing an impressive 71.7% of all acquisitions.

Inside the World’s Largest Cargo Shipping Bottleneck Today | WSJ

Editor’s Note:
Panama Canal was a marvel of engineering and still is of course. However due to water level it seems that it is now more of a traffic jam than a flow of vessels…see latest here on the current Panama Canal transit situation.

Video - dInside the World’s Largest Cargo Shipping Bottleneck Today | WSJ

Blank Sailing Trends Will Persist Due to Oversupply & Import Demand Uncertainty

Editor’s Note:
This article sheds light on how strategic ‘blank sailings’ can impact freight rates and market dynamics in a volatile global trade environment.

Shipping firms cancel or exclude planned journeys for various reasons, including seasonal demand shifts, trade imbalances, port congestion, labor disputes, adverse weather, or unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021-2022, carriers added extra voyages to meet rising demand, but supply chain issues caused ships to get stuck in port queues, resulting in numerous cancellations despite increased capacity. Nevertheless, blank sailings have been crucial in preventing further drops in spot rates and keeping freight rates above carriers’ break-even point. Although they are more organized than last year’s sporadic cancellations, blank sailings are still used to stabilize market rates and exert upward pressure on specific trade routes, fueled by surging market demand and carrier actions.

How Much Money do Shipping CEOs Make? Here’s their 2022 pay info

Editor’s Note:
Average CEO compensation rose as ocean shipping company earnings increased, fueled in many cases by share-based compensation.

How much do ocean shipping executives make per year? The answer depends on whether you’re talking about professional CEOs or shipowners who are the final decision-maker behind the scenes, whether they are the CEOs or not.

Earnings in the latter category are from ownership, not salaries. That’s how the big shipping fortunes are made. German shipowner Klaus-Michael Kuehn ranked 39th on Forbes’ “Richest in 2023” list, with total estimated net worth of $39.1 billion. MSC owner Gianluigi Aponte was 43rd, with $31.2 billion. Israel’s Idan Ofer was at No. 127 ($14 billion). Shipping tycoon John Fredriksen was No. 130 ($13.7 billion).


Photon Taiwan Fund invests in 120MW Solar Power Plant in Taiwan

Photon, with cooperation with Ark, is set to own a 120 MW solar power plant in Tainan, Taiwan and supply green electricity from renewable energy sources through an off-site Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) to a semiconductor manufacturer. The Solar Fishery Symbiosis project started construction from August this year and is scheduled to supply renewable energy at the end of 2024.

Furthermore, Photon and Ark have plans to construct and supply an additional 360 MW project bringing the total supply capacity of renewable energy to 480 MW.  

EdgeConneX Expands into Malaysia, Plans 200MW Campus in Cyberjaya

EQT Infrastructure-owned EdgeConnex said the Cyberjaya campus will span 200,000 sqm (2.1 million sq ft) across nine buildings and include an on-site substation. The site will initially offer 22.4MW, growing to 200MW.

Dubai firm NAFFCO to Set up Facility in India

NAFFCO, a Dubai-based fire safety equipment manufacturer, has announced an investment of ₹700 crore to set up a manufacturing facility in India. The company’s CEO Khalid Al Khatib signed an agreement with the Telangana Government on Tuesday during an official visit by a State government team led by its IT and Industries Minister K T Rama Rao. “There is a huge scope for fire safety equipment and services in India in the coming years. The upcoming plant will meet the demand in the domestic market in India,” a top company official said. Additionally, the company will collaborate with the National Academy of Construction, Hyderabad(NAC) to establish a fire safety training academy in Hyderabad.

Hungarian Factory Wins Another Overseas Big Order

Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yunnan Energy New Material Co., Ltd., signed a “Capacity Locking Agreement” with a well-known large lithium battery manufacturer. To ensure the normal production of its overseas projects, the Hungarian factory of Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. will supply it with lithium battery separator materials of no less than 960 million square meters from 2025 to 2033, subject to the purchase order agreement.

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PCW-Featured Video

Valparaiso Chile – Pilot Boat Tour – September 8th, 2023

Editor’s Note:
As a tribute to my father who was in Valparaiso 1957-1958 regularly on a vessel chartered to Lauritzen I took a pilot tour boat trip around Valparaiso. It is 20 years ago since i was here so indeed lots of memories but decades apart. Enjoy this short video footage from the tour on a beautiful day at the Pacific Ocean…

Video - Valparaiso Chile - Pilot Boat Tour - September 8th, 2023
World Freight Summit
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
After 20 years since I was last there I visited Valparaiso and I stayed at a great hotel called WINEBOX VALPARAISO solely made up of 2nd hand NYK containers. Very impressive just see the reception desk! Nice also to have taken a long walk by the beach and looking over towards the Pacific – impressive.

Valparaiso cityscape collage
Map showing Chile and Valparaiso

Editor’s Note:
Lanka Shipping & Logistics share photos of a recent re-export project movement.

Lanka Shipping & Logistics movement collage
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