Week #42 – 2020

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In this edition: The Rigging Co Ltd. – Manila, Philippines | Anil Mantra Aviation Pvt. Ltd – New Delhi, India | WLP – Panama City, Panama >>>

Week #42 | 15th October 2020

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 15th of October, and we are back again.

This week a special notice regarding shipping caught my attention. The headline said : Shipping line exceeds expectations and sacks 2000 people. Now granted that 2000 persons in percentage is not much out of the total number of staffs that the owner has on its payroll but somehow that particular headline is a bit of an anticlimax.

In a global world, we also need accountability—in particular from the bigger corporations—and we are talking here about anyone with a global profit print (not footprint). If you want to earn money in a global world and switch between various tax jurisdictions, morality alone should force any company’s board to do what is right, NOT only for themselves and their stockholders but also for the men and women in the street working for them. We have seen a large number of scary examples of outsourcing of jobs, keeping the costs low and giving f…all about the local environment, just to name one such problem with globalisation.

iPhone 12 is soon here, and we will see the CEO standing on stage. I just finished the book, “Dying for an iphone” which can be bought on Amazon. I was thinking about the costs to the environment and people of keeping the production price down in order to maximize profit which leaves a bad taste. I do realise that profit or greed often is good as Mr Gekko famously said in 1984, but when is enough enough? Making a hefty profit is fine but don’t take cover under the umbrella called your sub-suppliers (in Apple’s case for example Foxconn Taiwan) and claiming that you didn’t know. Place demands on your sub-suppliers, and DO YOUR PART to ask for proper working conditions and respect for the environment. We’ve got a minimum wage. Why don’t we also have a maximum wage allowed for corporate executives? I strongly believe that inequality is what will ultimately destroy not only ourselves but also our planet. It will die before our eyes, and for some, it won’t matter that they sit in 1st class or in a soundproof boardroom with everyone saying “yes, yes” all the time!

I listen a lot to music on YouTube when I work, and I came across one of the best songs in my view ever writing this editorial. The song was PURPLE RAIN with Prince. There was a fantastic comment below from one of the listeners that I really found superb: Quote “I played this full volume the other day, and my neighbor called the police on my ass for being disruptive. When the police heard what song it was, they arrested my neighbor.”” Unquote

Here is a link to the song if you would like to hear it.

I spent this last week making a couple of online interviews, and I would like to share both of them with you here. I first tested it with a friend of mine working at the Danish ship operator, Ocean7 Projects, and you may watch the result here. Then, a few days later, I managed to get an interview with one of the capable guys at Hapag Lloyd Global Special Cargo and that result you can watch here. I would be pleased to hear your comments about it, the format, and whether you find it informative.

As with any newsletter that I produce, always feel free to comment to me directly at bo.drewsen@projectcargo-weekly.com. So now that I am in the shipping mood in this editorial, I had better tell you what’s in store this week.

We start off by visiting a country full of islands, a former first lady with the biggest shoe collection in the world and certainly a partner in greed but also a country of beauty, hardworking and friendly people, and we refer of course to the PHILIPPINES. The Rigging Co., Ltd. in Manila tells us more about logistics in their country and also inland throughout their archipelago. We then visit the country known for curry, traffic jams, colours and great music and exercises for stretching also known as yoga, and it is of course INDIA. Anil Mantra Aviation are project forwarders with strengths also in airfreight in this vast country. We finally visit the country famous for a canal linking 2 great oceans, and without saying more, most would have guess that I am talking about PANAMA—a place that apparently is visited also by rockstars, politicians and other notabilities having problems paying tax but for us in shipping, the Panama Canal is vital. WLP is a local logistics provider with expertise to/from and beyond Panama in South America.

We then of course provide you with shipping news, trade intelligence, featured picture, video and wise words of the week.

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

BP Logistics Vietnam

The Rigging Co. Ltd. – Manila, Philippines


Interview with

Mr. Jed G. Dulay


When did you start the company, and who are the owners?

The Rigging Co., Ltd. started with a humble beginning by the founder (Mr. Jed Dulay). It all started by moving small- to average-sized machines on both import and export, providing packing, crating, rigging-in or rigging-out, and positioning of the machines to its final placement. We did this until such time that the company joined some of the industry’s individual players, having extensive experiences, knowledge and great attitudes in the various fields of specialized heavylift transport, rigging, heavylift. Having the various industrial partners which are our employees, The Rigging Co.,Ltd had started the expansion and programmed the procurement of specialized and new generation equipment to muscle up our expansion, to where our company became one among the leading specialized transporters, rigging, lifting, and alternative service companies. According to our company’s slogan “THE RIGGING NEVER STOPS”, here we are, and we have the prestige of conversing with the great and honored president of CLC, and being interviewed on our newly muscled services, as a new NVOCC – INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING company.

Anil Mantra Aviation Pvt. Ltd – New Delhi, India


Interview with

Ms. Sunila Yadav
Managing Director


Tell us about the history of your company?

Anil Mantra was founded in 2007 with Founder Director, Ms. Sunila Yadav. In the year 2009, the company was reconstituted as a private limited company. The Anil Mantra Group with headquarters in Delhi was incorporated with the aim to provide services aiming at long-term relationships with clients in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We take pride in providing tailor-made, quality services for our customers, be it sea freight, airfreight or 3rd country exports. We continue to provide efficient and prompt services in the field of logistics and supply chain under a “SINGLE WINDOW”, while catering to the ever-increasing sophisticated and evolving needs of international trade through customized solutions and seamless integrated information systems.

The Anil Mantra group has completed 13 years of serving tirelessly, with trust being the driving force for the company since inception. We now strive for a global imprint and have recently opened our office in Kazakhstan- Almaty & Atyrau, providing logistics solutions to customers to reach this sector via air, sea, road and rail.

WLP – Panama City, Panama


Interview with

Ms. Rosangela Diaz Malave
Partner & Commercial Manager


First of all, Rosangela, tell us please about the history of WLP Panama?

Thank you Bo. Well, WLP was founded in 2011. Then, we just offered warehousing services like storage, labeling, repacking, repalletizing, inventory control, etc. At that time, Juan Ignacio was the owner of the company. Four years ago, he decided to sell part of the company, so Julio and I took the opportunity. Since then, we are three partners in the company. Through us joining the company, we were able to implement the rest of the services in our portfolio, such as freight forwarding, project management, logistics & distribution, brokerage and cargo insurance. Next year we will celebrate our 10th anniversary as we continue growing every day, thanks to the confidence of our partners and customers.

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PCW-Shipping News

CNCo Launches Swire Projects; New Specialist Division to Provide Shipping Services to Energy Resource & Infrastructure Sector

Editor’s Note:
Swire the famous and well established Asian trading group continues to develop its products to include not only shipping in container and bulk but now also project logistics with establishment of a new division to be headed by Namir Khanbabi who is ex-AAL. Sounds to me like good timing in light of the renewable surge in particular.

The China Navigation Company (CNCo) today announced it is expanding its project cargo business and has launched Swire Projects to provide specialist  shipping services to the energy, resource and infrastructure sector. Swire Projects will be working closely with the various marine service activities of the Swire group to develop an independent global strategy in the MPP & Heavylift segment. The Projects division will be led by Namir Khanbabi, General Manager of Swire Projects, based in Singapore and will have global coverage. Swire Projects has also hired three senior project managers: Matthias Kremser, Global Head of Chartering, and Nicki Schumacher as Head of Europe, both based in Hamburg; and Rufus Frere-Smith, Regional General Manager, who will lead the Americas team that will be based in Vancouver and Houston.

HHLA invests in the Adriatic Port of Trieste

Editor’s Note:
HHLA, the big German terminal operator and logistics service provider, continues to develop outside Germany. Already being active in places such as Azerbaijan and Georgia, they now invest in Trieste which some people say is the best port in North Africa but located in Italy…


The Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is taking a majority stake of 50.01 percent in the multi-function terminal “Piattaforma Logistica Trieste” (PLT) in the Italian seaport of Trieste. An agreement was signed on 28 September. The investment will be allocated contractually and organisationally to HHLA International GmbH. With this investment, HHLA is positioning itself in a growing market on the Adriatic whose strategic position offers great opportunities for development. This will be HHLA’s third participation in a port outside Hamburg after Odessa (Ukraine) and Tallinn (Estonia).

From Abu Dhabi to the World – the Global Oil, Gas and Energy Industry Convenes at ADIPEC 2020 Virtual

Editor’s Note:
Many in shipping are lamenting the downturn in oil & gas but now there is a virtual chance to be updated on the situation. ADIPEC Virtual will be held early November so for those of you deriving income from oil/gas logistics perhaps it is a good chance to hear from the industry leaders in the field.

ADIPEC will retain its position as the premium event partner of choice and market leader within the global energy event industry, with ADIPEC 2021 promising a powerful platform for industry stakeholders and its value chain to display their innovation, launch new products, strike partnerships and conduct business that will fast track their recovery and highlight pathways to a successful future.

Port of Bilbao News

Editor’s Note:
The Spanish port of Bilbao is well known for handling of project cargoes not least the export from Gamesa/Siemens but also other project cargoes both goes to and comes from Bilbao. Latest newsletter from the port might interest you.

Tschudi Logistics

Fibertex Personal Care Announces Dual Investments

Fibertex Personal Care is investing approximately $40 to add new lines at its sites in Malaysia and the U.S. The Malaysian site will be expanded with the addition of a specialty nonwovens line while a printing line will be added to the U.S. site in Asheboro, NC. Both lines are expected to begin operations in the second half of 2021.

Andritz to Supply Logyard Cranes to Metsä Fibre’s Mill in Kemi, Finland

Technology supplier Andritz has signed a preliminary agreement with Metsa Fibre, part of the Metsa Group, to supply two autonomous logyard cranes to its new planned bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland, reports the supplier.

FQM To Pump $650M Into Kansanshi Mine

First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has penciled US$650 million investment that will double copper output and extend the life of Kansanshi Mine to 24 years under the 2023/2024 business calendar.

Draco Boats Seeks to Expand U.S. Dealer Network

Draco Boats, known the world over for ultra-clean, Scandinavian design and cutting-edge innovation, announced that due to increased demand it is seeking to expand its dealer network in the United States together with sole importer and distributor Navic, LLC.

US-Based Georgia-Pacific Announced that it will Build a USD 285 Million Gypsum Wallboard Production Facility Near Sweetwater, Texas

The new plant will be its second gypsum wallboard facility in Nolan County, and will be located adjacent to the company’s existing gypsum plant, incorporating state-of-the-art production processes.

PCW-Featured Video

Imagine You were Born in 1900

Editor’s Note:
Covid-19 has affected us all and, perhaps, sometimes we lose sight or wallow in our own self-pity that we are not able to do this or that. Good times will come again and if we know one thing for sure then it is that history holds lessons for us all. A good friend of mine in Australia of danish descent sent e this interesting video about this very thing. So instead of a “shipping” video this week watch this as food for thought.

PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Onboard mv Thyra Torm where we boarded in San Juan, Puerto Rico and disembarked 4 months later in Durban. This photo was taken in 1968 showing your editor as a full-blown samurai. It is now many kilos ago but it’s proof that I did start my shipping career early. Pictured here with the Norwegian bosun onboard who regrettably is no-longer with us. Beers were in reach then and they have been for many years since…