Week #44 – 2020


In this edition: World Shipping Council | ADEKO Enterprises S.A – Haiti | ACE 54 – Africa Project Cargo Management – Dubai, U.A.E. >>>

Week #44 | 29th October 2020

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 29th of October and the final issue of the month is here.

I am writing this editorial from Denmark where I am paying a visit to my parents in the port city of Grenaa.  I took the car along with my 12 year old son and drove via Gothenburg to Grenaa.  Between Gothenburg and the port city of Frederikshavn, where I was actually born in 1963, there is a RORO ferry service available from Stena Line. In spite of COVID-19 restrictions as a Danish citizen I was allowed to visit my native country, irrespective of purpose.  Passengers were few and most of the people in the restaurant were truck drivers of Eastern European descent, which I could tell from the languages they spoke. As you know, in the EU like other places, companies are generally using drivers that are “cheaper” than local drivers and right now there are discussions in the EU about enforcing a minimum wage across the board. All told the trip took 8 hrs of driving and 3 hours of ferry ride a long but pleasant trip in a Skoda Kodiaq. Here is a link to a video that I took as we departed Gothenburg.

Here in Grenaa this week I had a discussion with my parents about a topic that i think most of us prefer to seldom or never talk about. The issue of what happens when we leave this world, who is left behind, did you “clean up your house” and your matters before leaving?  A wise man once said nothing is certain except death and taxes.  Death for sure is certain for us all, whilst it seems taxes can be avoided by some. I applaud my parents attitude to actually discussing this matter with me openly and without hesitation. Too often someone passes away and the family is left bickering about who is entitled to this and that. Lawyers around the world have a field day with this because some people DIDN’T get their house in order timely and made things clear for those left behind.  Deciding who gets what is fine but DO decide in order to eradicate problems, conflicts, huge lawyer fees and longterm hostility between family members.

I have a clear cut example in my own family where a couple of my uncles visited the house of my late grandfather with a minivan and hurriedly took some items that “they felt they were entitled to”.  I know many friends who can tell a similar story.  Therefore, clear up the jurisdictions BEFOREHAND and make the passing clear so that you don’t leave a mess behind.  Bear, also, in mind that inheritance rules may differ from country to country and for international characters you may need to check your actual legal status in case of your untimely demise.  Finally, you will also find that the friendliest face will almost always change when there is the sight of money or possessions ahead – scary, but nonetheless very true.

The corona pandemic has got Europe firmly in its grip now and restrictions are abound almost everywhere.  The jury is still out when all this will end and if it is simply a “new normal” that we need to get used to, i.e., wearing masks, keeping distance, less the traveling and changing the lifestyle overall.  It is certainly a wake-up call for many but it is indeed devastating for the most vulnerable worldwide.

Before turning to the shipping business of the week and the interviews I have in store I will first of all tell you that I had an opportunity to interview one of the senior managers of SAL Heavy Lift in Hamburg.  SAL has a very good name in project cargo shipping, engineering and capability in their field.  Thus, it was a pleasure for PCW when SAL agreed to an informal and relaxed interview. Fix yourself a cup of coffee, lean back and enjoy (hopefully) this video interview.

As for the interviews this week we first of all visit a country of beauty, oil and salmon abound, but also a country of extremely high prices and a country where no-one can be reached after 1pm because if there is a flicker of sunshine they left for their cottages in the countryside.  Norway is the place and Oslo is the capital where the World Shipping Council (WSC) organisation has established its a network of liner shipping companies and the woman in charge tells us their story.

We then proceed to the country of Papa Doc, Baby Doc and the warm weather of the Caribbean and here we talk about Haiti.  Besides the earthquake years ago the country also has a strategic location for shipping.  We speak to ADEKO Enterprises, a versatile shipping and logistics agency there.  We finally visit Dubai and talk to a person with years of experience in the Africa trade.  The company is called ACE 54 and it refers to the African continent and the owner tell us an interesting story about his experience in the region in what many call the last place to find project cargoes.

We finally keep you updated with a selection of shipping news, trade intelligence about contracts entered into, a featured video, picture of the week and wise words. We wish you all the best until we meet again in November!

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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World Shipping Council


Interview with

Ms. Anna Larsson
Communications Director


Who is the World Shipping Council (WSC), and when did you start this organisation?

World Shipping Council is an organisation that represents liner shipping in dialogues with governments, the IMO and other stakeholders to find actionable solutions for some of the world’s most challenging transportation problems. WSC was formed in 2000, and our members are container, roro and ro-pax carriers from all over the world, representing over 90 percent of the global liner vessel capacity.

Our staff are experts in maritime environmental, safety, security and trade matters, and we have offices in Washington, Brussels and Singapore.

ADEKO Enterprises S.A – Haiti

Haiti Map

Interview with

Mr. Jean Marc Antoine


Can you tell us about the ports of Haiti? Which ports are primarily used for the handling of project cargo?

The Port international de Port-au-Prince is the main seaport in the capital of Haiti. It suffered a lot of damage in the 2010 Haiti earthquake but it is still operating. Some of the docks and warehouses are operated by the government’s Autorité Portuaire Nationale, and some are run by private companies. There is also a second international port used for project cargo, called Port of Cap-Haitien.

ACE 54 – Africa Project Cargo Management – Dubai, U.A.E.


Interview with

Mr. Philippe Somers


Are you a freight forwarder? Are you a management company? How would you define your role in the market since it consists of a lot of players each protecting their own role?

We have consciously chosen to be a management company rather than a consultancy.  ACE 54 Project Management (our official name) prides itself on being hands-on by supporting International Project Forwarders (IPF) with pricing and required technical information during the tenders that will decide on winning or losing high value business opportunities.  

We act as the IPF, in-country pricing desk, taking the part of the African/local services from arrival of the vessel at the African port to the site.  Everybody knows that this is the most challenging for the IPF. That is ACE 54’s immediate added value.

PCW-Shipping News

World Shipping Council Urges IMO Member States to Take Concrete Action Towards Decarbonising Shipping

Editor’s Note:
Some news from WSC relating to our first interview in today’s newsletter. Environment and green is everywhere, whilst I do think that people’s minds are on the virus right now more than anything.

Amid the criticism of the results of the IMO intercessional GHG working group, the World Shipping Council urges member states to not lose sight of the ultimate goal of decarbonising shipping. A detailed proposal to get us there lies ready for MEPC 75.

STACKS Africa is Representing VARAMAR Group as their Agent in South Africa and Ghana

Editor’s Note:
VARAMAR Group is spreading their wings into Africa and together with STACKS helping to connect Africa. STACKS specializes in shipping & agency services throughout the African continent, with over 15 years of experience in Logistics. We wish them luck!

With offices in Hamburg, Genoa, Dubai, Odessa and Vancouver, VARAMAR Group is one of the most diversified and digitalized shipping companies, offering semi-liner and tramp services for transportation of cargo by sea since 2009. VARAMAR Group specialises in break-bulk, dry-bulk, heavy and oversized cargo transportation, including shipments of equipment, machinery, and structures to most locations around the world.

Zim Launches Historic Service Linking Haifa and UAE Ports

Editor’s Note:
Now here is some real news: the first ever call of Israeli shipowner, Zim Lines to an Arab country. Shows that in parts of the Arab world, Israel is now being welcomed also in shipping. As we all know, politics and shipping do go hand in hand.

The Israeli Zim Line announced a first with its plans to begin offering direct service to the Jebel Ali port in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the latest demonstration of the peace dividend coming from the historic agreement between the two countries.

United Heavy Lift opens office in Houston, Texas

Editor’s Note:
UHL is on a roll and is active right now in the market with a new office in Houston headed by industry veterans—and being in Houston is paramount to most shipowners involved in project and heavylift cargoes.

United Heavy Lift (UHL), announced the opening of an office in Houston, Texas to meet the needs of customers in the United States.

The new Houston office, located in the Energy Corridor, is expected to commence operations on November 1, 2020 and will be managed by Rene Pedersen. Rene joins United Heavy Lift with close to 18 years of experience in the multi-purpose heavy lift shipping industry, having worked in leading positions for Scan-Trans, Intermarine and Zeamarine.


Prototyping Specialist Set to Open UK Facility

China-based HLH, a global provider of prototyping and bespoke low-volume manufacturing solutions, is set to expand its on-the-ground support to UK customers by opening a new facility in 2021.

NMDC Wins $163m Egypt Contract

The National Marine Dredging Company has announced that it has been awarded an AED600-million ($163.36 million) contract for the expansion of Lake Manzala in northeastern Egypt.

Siemens to Build Hydrogen Production Plant in Bavaria

Siemens is to build one of the largest hydrogen production plants in Germany. It will convert renewable energy in Bavaria from solar PV and wind power into storable hydrogen for mobility and industry.

Geely’s EV Maker Polestar Plans New Plant for Precept Model

Polestar, the performance electric vehicle maker based in Sweden and owned by China’s Geely [GEELY.UL], plans to build its Precept electric sedan in China at a new factory, its CEO said on Saturday.

PCW-Featured Video

ZPMC Breakbulk Vessel Discharging Ship-to-Shore Cranes in Stockholm/Norvik

Editor’s Note:
A quick reminder of how it looks close up when fully erected STS cranes are discharged in port. Here, the ZPMC breakbulk vessel coming from Shanghai to Stockholm/Norvik earlier this year, filmed on location by the editor.

PCW-Featured Photo

ALS Organised the Transportation of 3 Oversized Wooden Cases by Barge via European Inland Waterways from Germany to Belgium and Onward to Kazakhstan

Editor’s Note:
Famous breakbulk logistics provider, ALS in Europe, had a major shipment involving several very big pieces to an inland destination in Kazakhstan.
For more information visit: www.abnormal-loads.com or email: jillian.peacock@als-europe.com