Week #02 – 2022

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In this edition: Netz Global – Argentina | Quantum Forwarding Projects & Logistics – Uruguay | Eurotrans Overseas – Chile >>>

Week #02 | 13th January 2022

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 13th of January, and we are starting the year of 2022 in Project Cargo Weekly with our first issue of many to come for this year

It is always a struggle to start again after the holidays, any holiday really. It sometimes feels like you need a holiday after the holiday to rest up—in particular if you have smaller kids and since I have 3 of them in my final production during this life, I am reminded about their energy level at almost all hours…

I left for Denmark on December 16 and the rest of the family arrived on the 26th, so that we spent the New Year celebration together, shooting off a few rockets and listening to the Queen’s speech which is a tradition for many Danes on the 31st of December. She knows what Denmark is about and always gives us an injection of common sense and a feeling of togetherness in our being from Denmark. 

My father, although terminally ill, is still with us, and we spent as much time as we ever could together. I have now accomplished having all 6 kids pass by his house to say their formal “goodbye”, and as he is ready to depart this world, we have said what we should and have done the best we could in the situation facing us.  Quality time and doing something when people ARE here (not when they no longer are) is what counts.

It seems that the wretched coronavirus is still with us and that the new variant Omikron is causing havoc around the world. Without any clear plan between many countries on how to combat this, we are facing yet another year of difficult planning, rules being made on the go, and no one being certain whether a conference, meeting or trip can actually be made or not.  

Shipping is still doing very well and seems to be continuing on a strong note income-wise also in the beginning of 2022—although I do sense that there are risks around the corner, not least with rising interest rates and inflated property bubbles that are bound to explode at some point.  Let us see what triggers it. The fact is that there is too much cheap money floating around looking for a quick fix, so there is bound to be a “correction” at some point as I believe they say in the financial industry.

Further on the shipping front, I received an interesting statistic from one of the major canal agencies, LETH in Copenhagen, Denmark. They compiled statistics about the traffic via the Suez Canal and Panama Canal which you might find interesting.

Before I introduce you to what we have in store for you this week interview-wise, I did a “reverse” interview in order to understand how it really is to be in the HOT seat. Thus my colleague Cody interviewed me about my background in shipping.  Hope you are not bored to death by it but find it interesting as it spans a career starting in 1980 in shipping.

Interview with Bo Drewsen

Taking a soft start this year I have chosen to re-publish 3 interviews, and here I focus on the countries of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.  You will find the 3 interviews further below. They are still interesting and valid for those of you interested in this southern continent.

We, of course, finish our newsletter with shipping news and trade intel. Also, I wish to point out the following important information which you are kindly requested to take note of:

1. Our Project Cargo Weekly Yearbook 2021 will be published on the 20th of January in this newsletter. It is an online version and everything is clickable.

Yearbook cover

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With featured picture and video of the week, including wise words, we bid you “au revoir” for this time and until next Thursday,

I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Netz Global – Argentina

Netz Global Ft Image

Interview with

Mr. Francisco Rugilo
Managing Director

Tell us about NETZ Global and its history? How did you come by that name? Who are the owners of the company?

Netz Global was founded at the end of 2013. After spending 18 uninterrupted years working for large multinationals in the world of freight forwarding: Emery, DHL Danzas, Eagle and UTi, there came a time when I thought that it would be best to stop being an employee in earnings and partner in losses… Ha ha!… That was the moment I decided to get out of the corporate world and put my experience to the test. I founded the company together with a great friend and colleague from the industry.

The name came up on a trip to Austria. I was looking for a name for the company. I looked at the word “Netz” on the map of the Austrian subway stations, and I said, “That’s the name I want.” Remembering Bax Global, I reinforced my choice with Global, creating Netz Global. It would be the name of my new adventure.

During the last months of 2015 and in mid-2016, the former partners of the company withdrew, and Claudio Polito (great logistics professional and friend) joined the team. Claudio is co-owner and brand new Chief Operating Officer of Netz Global. I knew Claudio in the years when I was a salesperson at Emery Worldwide, and Claudio was a foreign trade manager at Emerson Process Management. A great team was formed to continue the journey.

Quantum Forwarding Projects & Logistics – Uruguay

Quantum Wind Turbine

Interview with

Mr. Santiago Rodriguez & Mr. Sebastian Agostini

Tell us about yourself (Sebastian & Santiago) what is your background and when did you start your shipping career originally? What made you choose this business?

Santiago Rodriguez answer: I graduated with a degree in International Business and took my first job at the Argentinian Embassy in Uruguay, thanks to which I got my second job for an Argentinian company that was setting up in Uruguay. I was in charge of importations and logistics. In 2005 I entered the freight forwarding world (general cargo) and later, in 2008 I became involved in project freight forwarding where I feel is where I always wanted to be. As I always say, “forwarding is a way of life!”.

Sebastian Agostini answer: After I finished my degree in International Business I got a job in a familiar local company dedicated to international moves and forwarding, that first job helped me realize that forwarding is the perfect fit for me, partly because all my life I have been immersed in the maritime world because my father was a member of the Uruguayan Navy, he passed his love for the sea and vessels on to me!

Eurotrans Overseas – Chile

Euro Ft Img

Interview with

Mr. Italo Lizana

Do you have experience in handling project cargo and, if so, could you provide us with a few examples?

Yes, we have experience in project cargo, mainly for the piping industry and also transporting minerals like lithium and barite. Transporting oversized iron pieces is another of our…

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PCW-Shipping News

What Lies Ahead – 2022 Maritime Outlook Podcast

Editor’s Note:
The Maritime Podcast has a lot of interesting episodes relating to the shipping and maritime industry. We have, of course, our own podcasts in Project Cargo Weekly but ours are more narrowly focused whilst The Maritime Podcast has a wide range of subjects that might interest you. Here is their latest newsletter including links to their latest podcast.

The Maritime Podcast

Toepfer’s Monthly TMI Briefing

Editor’s Note:
It seems that predictions for 2022 follow the 2nd half of 2021, especially regarding the lack of and the expensive cost of MPP vessels in global trade. See this from well-renowned Toepfer Transport Hamburg.

Toepfer Briefing

Industry Rallies Behind Decision to Postpone Nor-Shipping to April

Editor’s Note:
Many expos are delayed and now Nor-Shipping in Norway is delayed as well. See the latest press release on this subject. It seems we need to plan week by week or even day by day nowadays for our travel also in 2022—or at least until we come to grips with COVID and either eradicate it or understand it’s here to stay and start working in a coordinated way against it.

On the day that Nor-Shipping was due to swing open its doors in Oslo and Lillestrøm, key industry figures are rallying to show support for the decision to delay ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’ until April.

The Nor-Shipping management team, in close consultation with leading stakeholders, chose to move the event from 10-13 January to 4-7 April in mid-December, as concern grew over the omicron coronavirus mutation. The new date was selected to help facilitate a Nor-Shipping with easier international travel, less social distancing, and a more vibrant networking, knowledge sharing and business platform.

UECC Press Release -Launch party: Third Newbuild Dual-fuel LNG Battery Hybrid PCTC Makes New Year Splash

Editor’s Note:
Another “green” launch again in China, although I dare not speculate about how “green” their products used for this vessel have come about. Still impressive on just how China’s shipbuilding industry has evolved over the years. Several newbuilds are now on their way to Europe, including the largest DFDS ferries for the Baltic and Viking Line’s pax ferry Viking Glory for the Stockholm/Turku route. Impressive to say the least.

UECC Newbuild LNG Battery Hybrid

UECC has celebrated the New Year in fitting style with the launch of the third and final newbuild in a series of advanced dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid PCTCs that are being rolled out in rapid succession at China’s Jiangnan Shipyard.

The landmark launch of hull number H2665 on 28 December comes only seven months after the keel-laying ceremony for the vessel and follows the recent final delivery of the first newbuild named Auto Advance, with the second and third vessels set to be delivered in the first half of this year.

Tera Project Banner

Japan’s Shizen inks PPA to set up 2.2 MW of rooftop solar in Malaysia

Shizen Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Shizen Malaysia”), the group company of Shizen Energy Inc. in Southeast Asia has executed a first long-term Power Purchase Agreement for a rooftop-based solar PV plant with Top Glove Corporation Bhd (“Top Glove”), the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves commanding 26% of global market share which owns and operates 48 manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Thailand, China and Vietnam, distributing to 195 countries worldwide.

Statkraft and Foresight Sign 10-Year Power Purchase Agreement in Spain

Statkraft and Foresight Solar Fund Limited, a fund investing in a diversified portfolio of ground-based solar PV and battery storage assets in the UK and internationally, have reactivated the market for long-term renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Spain.

The companies have signed a new agreement for a period of ten years, by which Statkraft, leader in PPAs, will acquire approximately 70% of the annual production of three new solar power plants of Foresight in the province of Granada in Andalusia, Southern Spain. The three plants, which add up to an installed capacity of 98.5 megawatts (MW) were acquired by the UK fund in 2020 and are expected to come into operation in June 2022.

Asante Gold Announces Mining Contractor For Bibiani Gold Mine

Open Pit Mining Operations will start in February, to include development of satellite pits and provide feed material to the Process Plant from Q2 2022. Main pit development, to its planned ultimate +350 metres depth in 2029, includes a 4-stage cut back program. Total material movement will be up to 75 million tonnes/year. PW Mining will mobilize up to 125 units of heavy equipment, including drills, excavators, haulage trucks, bulldozers, and ancillary equipment. Site establishment includes construction of a heavy equipment maintenance facility, offices, and a training center.

Trigon Metals Produces First Concentrate at Namibian Copper Mine

Canadian mining exploration and development company Trigon Metals has produced the first copper concentrates at the Kombat Mine in Namibia.

Closed in 2008 due to underground flooding, the copper mine restarted production following 14 years of closure. Once full commercial production starts at the expected time of March 2022, the Kombat Mine will have a 4,000t copper in concentrate production capacity.

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PCW-Featured Video

Chipolbrok Vessel MV Wladyslaw Orkan in Copenhagen to Load Project Cargoes for China

Editor’s Note:
I paid a visit to the CP 2003 built MPP vessel mv W. Orkan which was seen in Copenhagen to load project cargoes for China. It is not everyday that a project cargo vessel is seen in Copenhagen for export loading, but yes, a great day on 20th of Dec, 2021.

Ft Video - Chipolbrok Vessel Wladyslaw Orkan in Copenhagen to Load Project Cargoes for China
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
On a beautiful yet cold day late December, I took this picture from the local Grenaa to Aarhus train in Denmark. A couple of vessels waiting outside the Port of Aarhus and what describes shipping more beautifully than this?